The Secret Beyond Matter

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Life did not come into being by chance

There can be no doubt that nothing in the world is more important than a human being’s knowing our Creator. Knowing God, Who created us, is far more important and urgent than anything else in our lives.

Let us consider the first of those things He has given us that come to mind... We live in a world specially created for life, planned down to the finest detail. But we did nothing to establish that order. We contributed nothing to the subject; we neither determined the distance of the Earth from the Sun nor the way the Earth keeps on revolving … We did not think of the need for the Sun to send rays to the Earth in order to heat it, and neither did we plan the food, water and nitrogen cycles these rays would be instrumental in … We did not arrange for ourselves to be able to breathe continually in order to survive, for our hearts to keep beating or for the way we inhale oxygen at every breath. In the same way that we calculated none of these, so we ourselves set up none of the billions of details essential for us to live. We merely opened our eyes one day and found ourselves in the midst of countless blessings. The Almighty Entity Who creates these blessings and places them at our disposal is God.

That being the case, every human being has a responsibility to know and give thanks to God, Who created him and all things.

The existence of God is manifest, with plentiful evidence. Indeed, it is an obvious truth that the awe-inspiring creation observed in the universe and living things could only emerge as the result of a superior intelligence.

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Anyone of good conscience encountering this reality will immediately realize that it is Almighty God Who created himself and the entire universe, see that he enjoys countless blessings, not by chance, but through His beneficence and turn to Him with all his heart.

Someone holding a book knows that it was written by an author and within the framework of a specific purpose. It will never cross his mind that the book appeared by chance. Alternatively, someone looking at a statue will have no doubt that it was made by a sculptor. Moreover, in addition to nobody’s ever thinking that countless works of art came into being spontaneously, they will never deny that even two or three bricks on top of one another must have been arranged in that way by someone in a deliberate course of action. Therefore, everyone realizes that if there is order somewhere, be it great or small, that order must have an instigator and a maintainer.

Reflection on the basis of this clearly shows that everything that exists, from our own bodies to the furthest points of the inconceivably vast universe, must have a Creator, and this is an undeniable fact. That Creator is Almighty God, Who arranges everything and brings it into being down to the very finest detail, from Whom all things draw their own existence, while His own being is infinite and eternal.

1 / total 15
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