The Secret Beyond Matter

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Many live lives far removed from the moral teachings expounded in the Qur’an; though they had been shown the right way, they turn their faces away. However, such heedlessness will prevent them from attaining that superior moral character called for by Allah in the Qur’an, harming them both materially and spiritually. Anxiety, pessimism, selfishness, belligerence, hypocrisy, arrogance, greed, and other such vices now prevailing in modern societies, are the result of this distance from the true religion and the morality it commands.

However, some are not even aware that they are in such a condition, having become so habituated to such vices that they no longer regard them as negative. The reason for them finding themselves in this condition is that they have turned their backs to the true religion of Allah. He refers to this human failing in the Qur’an:


The Messenger says, "My Lord, my people treat this Qur’an as something to be ignored." (Surat al-Furqan, 30)


The notion of "loyalty", which we are aiming to address in this book, is one that those distanced from the moral teaching of the Qur’an completely fail to understand; or worse still, will never understand. As in all matters, a great difference exists between the way believers understand the meaning of loyalty and how non-believers do. In those societies where ignorance of the morality of the Qur'an is the norm, loyalty is understood as maintaining a bond between those who love each other, or who share some common relationship, taking full concern of one another's desires and aspirations. The loyalty of those who adopt ignorance as a way of life has emptied it of its real meaning, misrepresenting it to disguise the true nature of their actions.

Disbelievers, not having faith, for failing to appreciate His mighty power, cannot honor Allah with true loyalty. They mistakenly believe that living a life in faithfulness to Allah will rob them of all their worldly advantages. However, Allah has informed us that those who are sincerely faithful to Him will have all the pleasures they can imagine, in this world and the world to come. Disbelievers, however, are not aware of this truth.

Rather, disbelievers are faithful, but in a different way. They are faithful to their base natures, and, ultimately, to Satan. However, the reward awaiting them in the Hereafter for their devotion to their selfish desires and to Satan is eternal anguish.

On the contrary, believers employ the intelligence that Allah has given them to duly appreciate His power and infinite knowledge. They know that He alone is worthy of praise, and live their lives without compromise in their adherence to the moral teachings He has revealed in the Qur'an. They follow faithfully and without doubt the way shown by the messengers. They are patient through adversity, and always mindful of Allah in everything they do. They continually try to win His favor, not being overcome with fear and anxiety, but persistently seeking His good pleasure. Even in times of extreme duress, they are never unfaithful to Him. On the contrary, their closeness to Allah only becomes greater. Our mighty Lord has promised the believers forgiveness and a great reward in His presence for their deeds:


Men and women who are Muslims, men and women who are believers, men and women who are obedient, men and women who are truthful, men and women who are steadfast, men and women who are humble, men and women who give charity, men and women who fast, men and women who guard their chastity, men and women who remember Allah much: Allah has prepared forgiveness for them and an immense reward. (Surat al-Ahzab, 35)



1 / total 8
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