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Hypocrisy Ends In Absolute Failure

A hypocrite’s life ends in humiliation

A dominant feeling in hypocrites’ character is an ‘inferiority complex’ which is natural because hypocrites have ‘the wickedest character’ in the world. Hypocrites have no true value, no ideals for their lives and no belief. Their moral values depend on the environment they are in. They vary, like a chameleon, from belief to belief, culture to culture and philosophy to philosophy since the biggest dream of hypocrites is to be accepted and appreciated within the group of unbelievers. There is no vileness, dishonor or immorality that they can’t justify with a single “well done” or “a pat on the back”.

But what’s interesting is that even though hypocrites wait day after day to ingratiate themselves with unbelievers, they never succeed. Because it is not just Muslims, but also unbelievers, who are aware of their inferior character. For this reason, the unbelievers never really let hypocrites in their group and never respect and love them. They just use hypocrites to their own benefit. The more the hypocrites play up to them, the more the unbelievers oppress, use and insult them. While hypocrites stare up at unbelievers from below with admiration, unbelievers look down upon them with scorn. This is because no one trusts traitors who stab their friends, fellow members of faith and companions in the back and who repay kindness with evil. Unbelievers who make this observation use hypocrites to their benefit and never truly become friends with them.

Therefore, being humiliated by everyone is one of the biggest torments for hypocrites in the world. Each time hypocrites look in a mirror, they see “dastards”. Although they strive to cover up their misery by their pedant and smart aleck attitudes, deep down this is a strong torment for them. The more hypocrites act behind Muslims’ backs and try to harm them, the more they sink inside the quagmire of humiliation.

Each piece of news hypocrites convey to unbelievers and each plan they make to entrap Muslims may be used by unbelievers but it also increases the repulsion of unbelievers towards hypocrites. Hypocrites wait for Muslims to get into trouble with the plans and traps they have set, but in reality that trouble surrounds them. Every word they say, each association they make with unbelievers against Muslims, pushes them into a dark chasm. They feel much deeper humiliation and pain, which pierces them with every treacherous action they take. In short, each vileness, trap or plan comes back to them like a boomerang.

This is just a small part of the torment for hypocrites in this worldly life. After this, eternal suffering awaits them in the afterlife. God warns of how hypocrites’ trap will surround them in the next world:

When those who disbelieve were plotting against you to imprison you or kill you or expel you: they were plotting and God was plotting, but God is the Best of Plotters. (Surah Al-Anfal, 30)

Hypocrites struggle against Muslims all their lives but this struggle never ends as they expect. Every treacherous act they take against Muslims to make themselves endearing to unbelievers causes them to be insulted time and time again. Behaving like a Muslim among Muslims but drawing a blank, defending a system without believing it, praising God with a heavy heart or performing prayer unwillingly increases his pain ten, a hundred, even a thousand times more. And this causes indefinable anger and hatred. Finally, this spiral of fury brings about their dramatic end. Day by day, the hatred that covers their souls consumes and disorders them and drives them insane. Dying with grudges and anger is the doom of a hypocrite. God tells us that the cause of death for hypocrites is this anger and hatred:

There you are, loving them when they do not love you, even though you believe in all the Books. When they meet you, they say, ‘We believe.’ But when they leave they bite their fingers out of rage against you. Say, Die in your rage.’ God knows what your hearts contain. (Surah Al Imran, 119)

God clearly described the end of hypocrites. Every hypocrite’s destiny is to live the demeaned and despised life that causes this anger, and ultimately drowning and dying in that anger.

But it should not be forgotten that the door of repentance is always wide open for every person. God’s forgiveness expands to hypocrites as well. Even a person who was once a hypocrite can be saved from this dirty swamp after realizing his errors one day and clinging to the religion of God, regardless of the sins he has committed.

But hypocrites who are enemies of religion and God, and who are determined and insistent upon treachery, will face hell with all its fury and hatred and continue living there in a pit, suffering from humiliation and despisement.


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