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How Hypocrites Utilize Technology and Social Media for Their Evil Plots

Hypocrites take an evil pleasure and excitement from being able to sneakily harness technological means

While, in the era of the Prophet (pbuh), hypocrites 'distributed information and intelligence from tent to tent through documents and hand-written letters'; today, they enjoy vast means that are beyond comparison. Based on the technology and means of today, ‘hypocrites have a broader and more effective activity range’. The existence of the Internet, smart phones, computers, and 'the technologies that allow users to engage in an activity and later eliminate all its evidences’ causes an evil excitement among the hypocrites of today. Therefore, in our century, one of the most effective weapons of the hypocrites is 'the Internet, computer and cell phone technologies'.

Of course, all mentioned technological opportunities are crucial blessings which make life easier and add comfort to people’s lives. However, the difference among the hypocrites is they use these blessings to try and actualize their evil plans and cheat honest people.

For this reason, hypocrites have a vast knowledge about computers, the Internet, and communication technologies that offer them incredible activity possibilities in every area. In a way, they are 'technology experts'. With the support and inspiration of satan, they also 'have an exceptional knack' in all these areas. They are quite capable in acting swiftly and quickly, and eliminating any traces of their activities in no time. Thus, it is not very likely for them to be caught in the act as they sneakily perform such activities.

Taking into consideration the fact that hypocrites are ‘beings that act by means of the intelligence of satan', one can better understand 'how effective hypocrites can be in exploiting' the technological means and the information on the Internet for their insidious plans. Additionally, hypocrites are quite the pundits in seeking out the members of the deep state, providing intelligence to the foul organizations they are affiliated with to the detriment of Muslims, and acting silently and covertly while doing all these. Being 'the avid technophiles' they are, hypocrites take all the technological precautions that will automatically delete all the evidence and perform a memory-wipe just in case that they might get caught.

However, hypocrites never consider the fact that God watches them and every one of their stratagems are recorded in the Sight of God; that they will account for all of these in the Hereafter. Their only concern is to be able to carry out these activities in secrecy. They believe that as long as they are not ensnared, their plans will proceed flawlessly and perfectly. However, if hypocrites devise a plan, God devises a plan through His infinite wisdom and power. One by one, every single one of their hypocritical ruses will be exposed in the Hereafter; one by one, people will come to know about the insidious actions they committed at every stage. Believing that every secret ploy they carried out renders them more superior, hypocrites will be disgraced before everyone and treated with contempt in the Hereafter. Neither technology nor their evil intelligence and nor their proponents consisting of deep state members will save them.

madde, new scientist

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites should be depicted precisely and in great detail with regards to our century. Because now we have computers, the Internet, cell phones. These are the brand new weapons of hypocrites. The weapons at the disposal of hypocrites are nothing like the weapons of the past. In other words, they are equipped with ruthless weapons. For example, at night, they get up from their bed, open their cell phones and with it they can easily communicate with a vile member of the deep state via calling or texting them. And when they are done, they can easily erase any record of their communication. In other words, it is impossible for anyone to obtain this information. Therefore, the hypocrites of our century should be defined thoroughly. (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, February 10th, 2016)

Hypocrites secretly communicate with and provide intelligence to the unbelievers through Internet and smart computer technologies

With the words, "... those who listen to lies, listening to other people who have not come to you." (Surah al-Ma'ida, 41), God informs us in the verse of the Qur'an that one of the most significant characteristics of hypocrites is 'to secretly gather intelligence from Muslims and convey it to their friends among the irreligious'. By mentioning of the ones "who have not come to you", God informs us that hypocrites blend in among the believers in order to ‘gather intelligence on behalf of those who have no connection with, who do not keep in touch with Muslims’.

So, in our century, hypocrites 'convey the information they have gathered regarding Muslims to their friends among the irreligious by means of the Internet, computer technologies and smart phones'. When they are among Muslims, they sneakily and treacherously get in touch with the unbelievers in dark and isolated places to carry out their insidious activities to the detriment of Muslims.

In another verse of the Qur'an, God informs us about the connection between the hypocrites and the unbelievers, saying "... The satans inspire their friends to dispute with you..." (Surat al-An'am, 121). So, in our century, hypocrites carry out such ruses via advanced communication devices. This way, as explained in the verse, they 'secretly inspire' their real friends, the unbelievers. They make such attempts at secretly sending for their friends 'by utilizing the technological means of our century, through computer chats over the Internet, a wide range of messaging programs available on smart phones, or social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.' Through the high speed of the Internet, hypocrites can reach their friends among the irreligious and other hypocrites considerably more easily and quickly as well as get in touch with the members of the deep state even at the far end of the world with ease. After that, again in a very quick way, hypocrites can convey the information they gather against Muslims to their friends from unbelievers and discuss with them their plans that they believe can harm the Muslims.

Thinking that they are able to do all these behind Muslims' back without them noticing, hypocrites 'feel an impassioned and evil pleasure'. Secretly communicating with the unbelievers, listening to their philosophies, partaking in their irreligious mentality, giving them the snobbish responses they desire; these are like evil nourishment for the souls of hypocrites, so to speak. In a way, it is an evil craving of hypocrites to carry a message, even if it is insignificant, to another hypocrite or an ally among the irreligious at night. Hypocrites find great excitement in 'texting, having phone calls or video chats with people from among the unbelievers’ through Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, or a similar secret messaging program. Making new friends from among the unbelievers that they can take advantage of and doing all of these without Muslims realizing it gives hypocrites an evil pleasure. On the other hand, not being able to carry out activities behind Muslims' backs and not having the means to live by the irreligious demeanor with unbelievers significantly disturb hypocrites.

Internet, computers or smart phones; each one of these technological means are the instruments hypocrites use to communicate with not only the unbelievers, but actually with satan. For hypocrites, the entirety of technological means is 'virtually a door that opens up to satan'.

However, all these technologies, that are 'a door that opens up to malice' for hypocrites, are 'a vessel of blessing, mercy and benevolence' for Muslims. While Muslims use all this technology as a means for attaining God’s mercy, hypocrites use them for evil purposes.

With the press of a button on their cell phones or computers, hypocrites can virtually get in touch with their satan and they continue this communication with satan for hours. Since there is no one around to see what they do, they are able to keep their irreligious way of life a secret. But they take all manner of necessary precautions in case someone sees what they do or discover their affiliation with the unbelievers. For example, they definitely maintain a system that will allow them to erase the logs of all their conversations and communications on their phones and computers with the touch of a button. Or they enable the features of the Internet applications they use that instantly wipe the application's memory or delete the application altogether. Considering all these steps and possible situations right from the beginning, hypocrites take all the necessary precautions using state-of-the-art means of technology. Thus, they sneakily continue their connection with the unbelievers in a way that is almost improvable.

With the verse "Conferring in secret is from satan, to cause grief to those who have faith..." (Surat al-Mujadala, 10) God draws attention to the secret connections of hypocrites. Hypocrites and the unbelievers 'conferring in secret', as mentioned in the verse, does not always have to be done face to face. In our century, hypocrites do this via the Internet; by means of computers or smart phones.

However, later on in the verse, God reveals, "… but it cannot harm them at all, unless by God’s permission." and reminds of a very important truth to believers. It is solely God Who has created every conversation between hypocrites and the unbelievers. None of them has any power on their own that is independent from God: All strength and power only belongs to God. While the hypocrites are plotting against Muslims in collaboration with the unbelievers, God is plotting against them. Therefore, none of these should be a cause of worry for the Muslims. With the last sentence of the verse, "… So let the believers put their trust in God", God informs Muslims that they should only fear from Him and put their trust only in the power of God. Since, God is the Creator of all the mentioned ruses of hypocrites. Thus, Muslims never regard hypocrites as a force that is independent from God. They never forget the fact that ultimately hypocrites will be vanquished and Muslims will prevail.

Hypocrites try to conceal their secret communications with the unbelievers through advanced technological means and sneaky methods

Hypocrites live with plans of definitely returning back to their previous lives with the unbelievers one day. They spend every waking hour of their time with the Muslims, working towards securing their future years that they hope to spend among the unbelievers. Thus, they ceaselessly make preparations for the day they will leave the Muslims to join the unbelievers. And their most significant activity towards that end is 'to earn the appreciation of the unbelievers, to secure a good position among them and to build up a reputation in their eyes’. So, according to hypocrites, the only way to achieve this is through providing the unbelievers with intelligence regarding the believers. They believe that the more information they convey, the more favor they will earn with their associates among the unbelievers.

Hypocrites are 'ready to take on any evil venture or danger' to be able to fulfill this ultimate plan. Harnessing all the means they possess, hypocrites virtually harbor 'a furious ambition' so as to maintain these connections with the irreligious. Through the conversations they have with the irreligious sometimes via their computers, and sometimes with their cell phones, they ceaselessly work towards paving the way for this. And while doing so, with the help of their evil intelligence, they take certain precautions against being discovered by the believers. For example, if they are near Muslims, they close the door of the room they are in, put on a loud music and secretly talk to their friends from the unbelievers for hours while giving the impression that they are listening to music. Or they pretend to be asleep in their rooms in order to ensure that no one disturbs them. Then they secretly turn on their computers in the dark and get in touch with the unbeliever friends or other hypocrites. And in the case that someone suddenly enters their rooms, they quickly hide their conversations and act as if they are engaged in some other activity. And sometimes, to be able to get away from an environment where there are Muslims, they plan to make their secret phone calls in the bathroom. And while they are speaking with the unbelievers in the bathroom in whispers, they intend to prevent their voices from being heard by turning on the water or switching on the blow-dryer, in an attempt to hide their sneaky activities. After that, before heading out of the bathroom, they make certain that they have deleted all the records of their conversations with the unbelievers.

If they encounter a problem while communicating with the unbelievers using such technological means, this time, hypocrites try to come up with different ways by exploring other possibilities around them. For example, if their computer is out in the open, or if shutting themselves away in a room with their cell phones will draw a lot of attention, hypocrites try to get in touch with their friends among the irreligious via an Internet-connected TV or music player named 'iPod'. Mastering the technologies many people are not familiar with just for this purpose, hypocrites connect to another fellow hypocrite or a friend among the unbelievers via the cameras installed in smart TV's. Or via these TV's, they establish communications through many programs that allow live broadcasts such as YouTube or Facebook behind Muslims' back.

Hypocrites never find it a nuisance to go through all these troubles in the dark of the night just to make friends with the unbelievers under such hard conditions. On the contrary, this fills them with an evil vitality, excitement and dynamism. Every stealthy scheme they carry out behind Muslims' back boosts their confidence in their intelligence and their foolish conviction of their superiority. Here is where the malicious pleasure hypocrites take from committing such sinister ruses stems from.

For hypocrites, gaining a reputation and enjoying prestige among the unbelievers is a ‘matter of life and death’. Thinking that the unbelievers will hold them in high esteem if they provide as much information as possible, hypocrites seek to make use of every single moment towards that end and they go to great lengths and resort to all kinds of insidious methods to be able to continue gathering intelligence without being exposed.

However while getting into such a difficult and cruddy endeavoring, hypocrites are not aware of this important truth. Muslims are already the ones who live their lives in the glare of publicity, spend life compatible with moral values of the Qur’an and who live their every moment to be means for goodness and beauty. They fear God, therefore they avoid every kind of negative behaviors; they stand against all kinds of persecution, illegal and dark deeds. Therefore, no matter how much hypocrites endeavor for collecting information against Muslims and transferring it to their irreligious friends, they can’t find anything except goodness, beauty and effort for beneficial activities. Thus, all they can do is transferring the information of and trying to prevent beneficial activities that are carried out to spread the good morals of Islam.

As the hypocrites carry out their evil deeds, they never consider the fact that God is All-Aware of all their ploys and watches over Muslims with His infinite power. While Muslims enjoy the support of an infinite wisdom and power that knows of people's every evil intention down to the smallest detail; it is impossible for hypocrites, who are poor creatures that have no individual power independent from God, to succeed with their feeble minds that are under the control of God as well.

Hypocrites use their social media accounts to earn the appreciation of the unbelievers

Today, one of the means those who are inclined towards hypocrisy make most use of to be able to pursue their secret activities is 'the social media platforms'. However, hypocrites loathe introducing themselves on these Internet pages, which allows people to reach almost everyone with ease, as a pious person who loves God, abides by the Qur'an, and is a friend of Muslims. On the contrary, they seek to use these platforms to earn the appreciation of the unbelievers, to attract their attention and form intimate friendships with them to reap personal profits.

Thus, either in the profile information on their pages, in their followers lists, or in the posts they share, they pay particular attention to feature content that will help them earn the appreciation of the unbelievers. As God informs us in this verse of the Qur'an, saying, "You see many of them taking those who are unbelievers as their friends…" (Surat al-Ma'ida, 80), their sole purpose is to be able to 'form close friendships with these people who promote all sorts of deviancies and to win their favor'.

Hypocrites use such Internet platforms to be able to establish close relations with the people from among the irreligious and then take advantage of their positions, status, contacts, businesses and prospects for financial gain as much as possible. To that end, hypocrites try to make acquaintances with the people from among the irreligious who seem reputable and prestigious through messages. And in time, they become close friends with these people and chat with them for hours on end. In the case that their intimacy with the unbelievers draws the attention of the Muslims and they are asked about it, they already have an answer ready for such questions beforehand. When they are asked why they are in touch with such people, they respond with lies such as "I am trying to tell them about Islam, this is why I take my time to talk with them". And when they are asked "Why do you speak with them in an irreligious tone instead of a style that is befitting of a Muslim?" this time they respond with another lie, claiming 'it is more effective to speak with the unbelievers in a tone they are familiar with'.

Whereas their actual aim is to become intimate and fit in with other people who possess dark souls and are inclined towards disbelief, deviancy and hypocrisy. They attempt to ingratiate with them in order to acquire an irreligious prestige amongst them. They believe that, by doing so, they will secure their place among these unbelievers in advance.

Here, we should remember thattoday a great majority of people use social media platforms for purposes such as making friends and expanding job opportunities. And indeed this situation makes many people gain new friendships and various benefits. However, hypocrites who use same methods have a different agenda than all those people. Hypocrites aim to reinforce their alliance with unbelievers and then organize conspiracy for the detriment of immaculate Muslims who approach them honestly and with good moral values.

However, the hypocrites have forgotten that God is the One Who creates all these opportunities and has control over them. No matter how sneakily and disingenuously they act, it is not possible for them to harm Muslims without God’s will. As it is reported with the verse, "My Protector is God Who sent down the Book. He protects those who are upright.’’ (Surat al-A’raf, 196), God ‘is the protector of sincere Muslims’.

Hypocrites despise sharing posts that remind them of religion on their social media accounts

Muslims try to make the most effective use of the means of social media, where they can reach tens of thousands of people with a single post, for spreading Islam. They continuously share on their social media accounts all sorts of articles, images, videos and information that invite people to worship God, abide by the moral values of the Qur'an, and become a sincere Muslim, in a way that will reach the largest masses. And in their profiles, they definitely introduce themselves as who they really are; 'sincere Muslims who love God profoundly'. In their posts, they clearly emphasize how pious they are, how wholeheartedly they love God, and how meticulous and enthusiastic they are in abiding by the moral values of the Qur'an. And they support the activities of other Muslims on every social media platform on the Internet to the best of their capabilities. They give likes to, or share on their own pages all the posts that are beneficial and effective in conveying the verses of the Qur'an and spreading the tenets of Islam.

However, to the contrary of Muslims, hypocrites specifically refrain from sharing such posts. In no way do they want to give place to any information or image on their pages that are to the benefit of Islam, that will make the religion stronger, and convey to people the love of God. They feel contempt for appearing as a pious Muslim or sharing the verses of the Qur'an and they never even attempt to include on their pages materials that criticize the unbelievers, tell the contradictions of irreligious ideologies, or prove the existence of God through scientific evidences. Not only do they not include such materials on their pages, but they also do not give 'likes' to the beneficial posts of Muslims, and not wanting such information to become widespread, they refrain from using the 'share' option to feature these on their own pages.

In addition to these; instead of sharing posts for the benefit of Islam that inspire in people the love of God, and teach them the good moral values of the Qur'an, 'they like and share the posts of the unbelievers, the impious and the atheists who aim to alienate people from Islam, and those who promote devious ideologies'. Even though most of these people advocate perverted ideologies that aim to detach people from Islam such as the philosophy of Rumi, homosexuality, Darwinism deceit, atheism, Marxism, and communism, hypocrites do not shy away from blatantly supporting these deviancies and make friends with their proponents over the Internet.

Additionally, another topic hypocrites do not want to include in their social media accounts is 'hypocrisy'. Because this is one of the subjects that hypocrites never want to hear about. They do not want to see a verse, material, video or image that mentions this topic anywhere. Thus, they never share on their pages the informative works of Muslims on this topic. And they never want to set their eyes on the social media accounts of Muslims who share posts on these subjects and feature profound information on hypocrisy.

But on the other hand, they are aware of the fact that blatantly doing so will draw the attention of the Muslims around them. Thus, they share some superficial posts, albeit unwillingly, that they know will be ineffective in spreading Islam. However, they employ a sneaky method in doing so as well. If they have shared a post for the good of Muslims, following that, to compensate for it, they share at least four or five posts that will incline people towards disbelief and deviant ideologies.

And on some occasions, to prevent the mandatory postings they have shared for the good of Islam from standing out in their home page, they resort to an evil method of sharing other posts to chronologically push that post down on their profile pages so that no one can see it. After posting this, they share images, articles, or videos on meaningless subjects, thus eliminating in their own way the effect of that material about Islam. As another method, they arrange their ‘sharing settings’ in the way that only their irreligious friends can see; thereby they prevent Muslims from seeing their evil attempts and posts related to such deviancy.

Another tactic hypocrites employ for this purpose is that 'in order not to be exposed, they share a material about Islam on their page first to make sure that Muslims see it; then, in a matter of a few hours, they secretly delete it from their pages'. Even though they realize that everyone sees through their insidious tactic and perceives the purpose behind it, they shamelessly continue to follow this method, thinking they have managed to deceive Muslims.

Hypocrites shy away from following the social media accounts of Muslims

Specifically refraining from introducing themselves as Muslims on social media platform and even feeling great discomfort from it, hypocrites despise coming across any material that is associated with God and the good moral values of the Qur'an when they turn on their computers, connect to the Internet, or look at their social media accounts. However, hypocrites are very well aware of the fact that around Muslims, they have to appear as one of them and introduce themselves as pious. For hypocrites, this obligation is one of the most insufferable and displeasing issues. But despite this, as they consider it mandatory, they are obliged to follow and be followed by the Muslims around them on social media and accept the ‘friendship requests’ they send over the Internet on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, this puts hypocrites in an even more insufferable and complicated position. Because, as it is known, on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, all the posts shared by the people that have been befriended or followed unavoidably appears on the 'home page' of the other party. In that case, the individual has to see the posts shared by everyone on their friend or 'followed' list. And since Muslims 'regularly spread Islam and the moral values of the Qur'an, and tell the abnormal aspects of the unbelievers and hypocrites, the hypocrites are constantly faced with such posts. And this infuriates hypocrites, because, under these circumstances, they cannot escape from the information they try hard to avoid; and they have to reluctantly read about all kinds of religious subjects they loathe to see or hear about.

And the solution hypocrites come up with for this is to 'gradually and slyly unfriend or unfollow the Muslims on their friend list.' Sometimes they are not content with this and due to their anger, they ‘block’ Muslims’ accounts. However, in case what they do is noticed or attracts attention, hypocrites also have evil excuses they have prepared in advance for such situations. They either claim that a glitch in the system of the Internet automatically removed these people from friends without any interference on their part; or they try to defend themselves by striking back claiming it is the other side who has unfriended them. However, although such allegations are lies, since it is technically impossible to refute them, hypocrites manage to fulfill their insidious schemes.

One of the reasons hypocrites do not want any Muslims on their friend lists is that they do not want to give their friends among the unbelievers the impression that they are on Muslims' side. When people take a look at their followers’ lists thinking "I wonder whom does this person follow?" hypocrites want them 'to see the prominent individuals from the unbelievers that they can use to show off to their unbeliever friends.' Hypocrites want to show that, if the number of the Muslims and the unbelievers on their followers’ lists are to be compared, the number of the Muslims is only a handful while the unbelievers are on the majority.

Muslims are surely aware of such schemes of hypocrites and what they try to accomplish through them. However, it should not be forgotten that by not sharing posts about Islam, hypocrites can never prevent Islam from spreading and people from flocking into the good moral values of the Qur'an in multitudes.

This attitude of hypocrites reminds of an ostrich with its head buried in the sand. Through such ploys, hypocrites only succeed in preventing themselves from seeing the spread of Islam. But on the other hand, through genuine efforts of the Muslims and by means of the posts they share, tens of thousands of people see through the schemes of the unbelievers and hypocrites, and begin to abide by the tenets of Islam.

How hypocrites use social media to attract supporters from among the unbelievers

The Internet is one of the greatest blessings that God creates in the End Times. Social media is a very favorable tool for elucidating the beauties of the moral values of the Qur’an, making new friends, spreading Muslim morality to the world. People living in different parts of the world can know each other and make beneficial activities and negotiate by such means. They can praise God while talking with someone they met on Twitter and they can make joint activities with an old friend they come across on Facebook.

While Muslims use all these social media platforms for beneficial purposes, hypocrites are planning to strengthen their ties with unbelievers with these opportunities. Just as they look out for their own interests in their relations with Muslims, similarly, they base their dealings with unbelievers on the same mentality of protecting their interests. They seek to use all their means towards furthering their relations with those they deem powerful among unbelievers. Thinking "How can I strike up a friendship with them, how can I make acquaintance and become close with them, how can I make a place for myself among them? How can I take advantage of the opportunities they offer?" they secretly and sneakily devise their plans and put them into practice.

For example, first they try to 'identify the most popular names worldwide' on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. They seek out the organizations that are leading in economy, have the most extensive connections, the widest associates and the most substantial financial resources, and begin to individually follow their executives. Later, to be able to draw the attention of these individuals, hypocrites write intriguing responses to their posts, 'tagging' them to make sure they see their responses. Clicking the 'like' button under their posts, hypocrites once again express the admiration they feel for these individuals, trying to earn their recognition. Furthermore, hypocrites hope to be able to demonstrate the admiration they feel towards these individuals by featuring their posts on their own social media pages by clicking the 'retweet' button on Twitter or 'share'. At that stage, if they succeed in attracting the attention of the other side just as they planned, they immediately resort to attempts to earn their close association by chatting with them through ‘direct messaging' features.

All these are of course completely normal actions that any ordinary person can frequently do on social media platforms. However, hypocrites hope to reach their evil targets with sneaky and imposter methods by using these details insincerely.

The aim of all of these extensive efforts is to be able to derive the desired personal profits from such individuals. Through the means of such individuals abroad, hypocrites wish to get the opportunity to settle in a foreign country, hoping to either find a well-paid job or make a reputation for themselves by making lucrative connections there. And then, they think that they can make a more effective move against Muslims with the opportunities they have obtained.

People who live in ignorance refer among themselves to such behavior the hypocrites display as 'sycophancy'. This is a common characteristic seen among people who have a tendency towards disbelief and hypocrisy. Thus, both sides treat each other with a mutual 'perspective of self-interest'. While hypocrites seek to derive personal gain from people they deal with through the sneaky tactics they employ; it is quite clear that the unbelievers whom hypocrites try to ingratiate themselves with also formulate their own plans on how they can exploit the hypocrites.

At this point, the only way to deter hypocrites from such hypocritical and sneaky endeavors is to expose their insidious schemes aimed at the interest groups they wish to exploit and demonstrate them how weak the people or the organizations they try to get in touch with actually are next to God’s infinite power. It leaves hypocrites extremely disappointed to think that the groups once they hoped to derive tremendous personal benefits from fall from grace. Seeing the popular and well-known people, the prestigious organizations they once held in high esteem turning into ordinary entities causes hypocrites to back down. Losing any respect they feel towards these people, hypocrites realize that they will not be able to gain any personal benefit from them. Therefore, when they are faced with such a situation, they abandon their endeavor to ingratiate themselves with these individuals or organizations.

However, this is surely a temporary and short-term hesitance. At the first opportunity they get, through the inspiration from satan and their evil intelligence, hypocrites will certainly engage in new insidious activities to find a way to further their relations with unbelievers.


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