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Hypocrites Attempt to Ingratiate Themselves with the Irreligious

Hypocrites, in their opinion, consider religion monotonous

During the time hypocrites spend among Muslims, they constantly attend occasions where the believers talk about God, religion, good moral values, and read the Qur'an. And even though hypocrites witness the religion and the good characters of the believers in all their beauty, since they have become callous about religion, none of these have even the slightest effect on them. As hypocrites deeply admire the dark world of satan that is fraught with anarchy and chaos, they regard religion as 'simple and monotonous' - may God forbid. What hypocrites truly find appealing is 'the irreligious way of life predominated by turmoil, self-interest and egoism, lovelessness and mutual deceit where people are in treachery and betrayal against one other, and full of hatred’. They worship this utterly dreadful evil formation and the unbelievers who embrace such way of life as if they worship God -may God forbid- and venture with all their strength to earn a place in the dark world of the irreligious.

Furthermore, hypocrites deem the worldly gains significant rather than the rewards they will enjoy in the Hereafter. Therefore, being the weak-minded evil people they are, hypocrites believe that religion offers them no benefit in this regard. They are of the opinion that, by practicing religion properly, they will neither be able to flaunt nor show off to others. Additionally, they find religion plain and simple. God has created religion as a way of life that is completely befitting of human nature and easy to practice. However, hypocrites feel a deep admiration for 'the abstruse philosophical discourse, the pompous, pseudo-intellectual and obscure verbalism of the unbelievers, and their ceaseless efforts to show themselves as highly learned and sophisticated people.'

And they think that religion does not offer the evil aspects they seek. They consider religion to be rather simple and monotonous (surely Islam is beyond such thoughts). Thus hypocrites believe that the only way to make a reputation for themselves is to adopt and promote the non-religious discourse and philosophies of the unbelievers. So, in almost every platform, hypocrites draw upon 'such philosophical discourse and intellectual arguments of the irreligious' so that they are regarded as one of them. They share in their social media accounts images, sayings and movies that promote such ideas. They give likes to the posts of those who are deemed 'experts' in these subjects amongst the unbelievers and share quotes from such individuals in their social media pages. Thus, they believe they have shed their 'monotonous Muslim' image and by doing so they have 'earned a great prestige’ among the unbelievers.

However, what is actually monotonous is the superstitious philosophies the unbelievers and the hypocrites abide by and the superficial lives they lead. Islam is the true religion that teaches people how to most beautifully experience all the beauties the life has to offer and how to be as happy as possible in this world. When a Muslim lives by the morals of religion, he is perfectly able to make use of the benefits of all the blessings in the world and take utmost delight in everything they do, whereas the cold, dark, dull and unsettled character of the unbelievers only lead them to a path paved with unhappiness, unease and quandaries. This is just the agony the hypocrites and unbelievers go through in their worldly life. But in the Hereafter, they will suffer an eternal, unrelenting torment.

madde, new scientist

ADNAN OKTAR: Hypocrites consider Islam to be monotonous – surely Islam is beyond this. They prefer irreligion over Islam. For example, a book about Islam or the Qur'an bores them. But they like books written by unbelievers and read them with pleasure. They abstain from reading books about God, the Book or religion. And they wouldn't tell people even if they do as they consider it humiliating to do so. But hypocrites like to read books or articles of the unbelievers that are ambiguous and incomprehensible merely for the sake of snobbery and they take credit for themselves from these kinds of books. They consider reading such books to be exalting their arrogance. Almighty God reprimands unbelievers in a verse saying, “Do those who take the unbelievers as protectors, rather than the believers, hope to find power and strength with them?" The hypocrites always hope to find power and honor with the unbelievers. (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, June 23rd, 2016)

Hypocrites consider the unbelievers high-quality, not the Muslims

As God informs us in the Qur'an with the verse, "Do those who take the unbelievers as protectors, rather than the believers hope to find power and strength with them? Power and strength belong entirely to God." (Surat an-Nisa, 139), hypocrites deem the unbelievers powerful, not the believers. Due to such an outlook, hypocrites consider the irreligious superior to Muslims in every aspect of the worldly life. They think that the only way to achieve power and honor, and earn a reputation is to side with the unbelievers. In their own feeble minds, they associate being a member of the irreligious with, supposedly, 'the sign of being high-quality', and being one of the Muslims with 'lacking in quality'.

And as hypocrites consider Muslims lacking in quality and the unbelievers to be of high-quality, they aspire after the irreligious way of life and define all of their depraved moral values as supposedly 'modern'. They admire the haughty, impious attitudes and discourse of the unbelievers and try to be like them. They aspire after the demeanor of the unbelievers who act as if they are unattainably superior in quality, who bare no respect and love for anyone, who think little of everyone, and cause mischief among society through caustic comments and attitudes. They seek to earn a place among the unbelievers, to be one of them and to live like them.

However, the people God deems ‘superior’ both in this world and the Hereafter are the Muslims. God grants the believers who have sincerely submitted themselves to Him a sense of wisdom and aesthetics that will help them achieve the highest level of quality. The life of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) bears a striking example of this attribute of Muslims. God bestowed the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) with a great splendor and prosperity, and granted him a life of power and quality. Every sincere Muslim who has ever lived enjoyed both a supreme quality in personality, and experienced all the things that are material and spiritual in their highest quality.

Hypocrites feel ashamed of being recognized as Muslims

Hypocrites never want to be seen as Muslims, and feel ashamed of being recognized as Muslims (surely all the Muslims are beyond such thoughts). When they are in places where there are no believers present or they think they are away from believers' sight, hypocrites act as if they are one of the unbelievers. While they loathe to be seen with Muslims, they are filled with joy when they are associated with the unbelievers. They seek to show off with their association with the irreligious. This outlook of theirs is also the reason behind their sharing posts on their social media accounts that reflect the mindset of the unbelievers. They refrain from being identified as Muslims on these platforms, just as they do in their daily lives. At almost every opportunity, hypocrites share posts that reveal their evil side and hint at their sympathy towards the unbelievers. Even though they share several faith-related posts in order not be exposed by Muslims, they make a point of keeping the number of such posts far fewer than the others so that they go unnoticed.

However, there is an important fact hypocrites who employ such methods overlook: The difference between the hypocrites and Muslims can be perceived right away through the signs of disbelief that the hypocrites exhibit. And this is utterly humiliating for them. Muslims bear holy light; they set an example for all humanity with their good moral values, nobility, quality, sharp minds, love and compassion. The holy light of Muslims illuminate everywhere they go. They are people of benevolence for the entire world. Their moral values, words and manners bring benefit and goodness to people wherever they reach. Every person -be it a believer or not- who comes across a message shared by Muslims, cannot help but admire such good moral values and is impressed by it.

It is a great honor for a person to be a Muslim. Hypocrites seeking to emphasize that they are not a sacred people as Muslims, becomes a blessing for the believers. By doing so, hypocrites reveal the evil, the faithlessness, tendency towards irreligion, and the hatred and grudge towards the Muslims they harbor in their hearts.

madde, new scientist

ADNAN OKTAR: “But then when they go apart with their satans, they say, ‘We are really with you." Actually, hypocrites say, ‘I have no association with believers’. Therefore, hypocrites do not want to be associated with Muslims. They abstain from it. They do not want their names to be mentioned with Muslims. Hypocrites say, "We were only mocking." (Surat al-Baqara, 14) In other words, they mean, ‘We are only making fun of them; we take advantage of them to gather intelligence. Otherwise, we have nothing to do with them.’ It is vital for the hypocrites not to be associated with Muslims in any way. Because, they believe that this is the only way they can act freely around the unbelievers. That is of their opinion, of course. (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, January 24th, 2016)

ADNAN OKTAR: For those who want to understand the sickness that plagues hypocrites, God has created a convenient means in the century we are in. Take a look at their Facebook profiles, their Internet pages and you will see their sickness in its entirety, on display like a painting. Who are they associated with, what do they do, what is their outlook on God, on the Qur’an? Hypocrites never mention their love towards God or the prophets. They never want to utter a single word about religious subjects as they feel ashamed, embarrassed to do so. (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, January 25th, 2016)

Hypocrites do not want to be known as people who read religious books

One of the significant characteristics of hypocrites is that they strictly avoid reading religious books. As hypocrites are disposed towards the world of satan in body and soul, in no way do they want to read the verses of the Qur'an, or books about God and religion. The tone of the Qur'an that debunks the perverted mentality of the unbelievers pains them immensely.

On the other hand, hypocrites read books that promote the philosophy of the unbelievers with tremendous enthusiasm. As the evil expressions and irreligious reasoning in these books suit their evil souls perfectly, hypocrites take great pleasure in reading such books. They especially like to be seen holding, carrying, and reading such books everywhere they go, this is crucial to them. Therefore, they buy the books written by the unbeliever-atheist writers that are popular among the nonbelievers, carry these books around with them, and at their homes, keep them in places where they can be easily seen. On social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, they share posts indicating that they have read these books. They upload the photographs, in which they pose holding such books as if they are reading them, or pose in front of a bookshelf holding books from such writers, on their social media accounts.

Of course, one may encounter such attitudes from many people besides hypocrites. However, those people are the ones who honestly reveal their opinions and who clearly express that they are irreligious, atheist or unfaithful. Therefore, actions supporting their disbelief are to be expected. The difference in hypocrites is that they ‘hide their irreligiousness’; they tell people that ‘they have faith’ and they ‘defend Islam’ and then they sneakily ‘try to propagandize irreligiousness’ with their posts.

For this reason, they avoid sharing a photograph in which the Qur'an or books about God or faith can be seen. The reason behind this behavior of theirs is to win the appreciation and favor of the snobs among the unbelievers. This way, hypocrites seek the attention and recognition of the unbelievers, looking for ways to be ingratiated with them.

As they strive hard to curry favor with the unbelievers, they unavoidably reveal their true nature to the Muslims through the irreligious model they display. All their deeds clearly demonstrate that they are not sincere Muslims who love God dearly but, on the contrary, they are people who utterly hold unbelievers in high regard and thus exhibit signs of hypocrisy. Surely, this is a blessing for the Muslims who get the opportunity to realize that there is an insincere person among them. This way, they get to understand that they are dealing with a person that they should be beware and cautious of.

madde, new scientist

ADNAN OKTAR: Look, God reveals in the 66-67th verse of the Surat al-Muminun; "you turned round on your heels, arrogant towards it [My Signs]", in other words, arrogant towards Islam, and the Qur’an. For example, they are ashamed of having their photos taken with the Qur’an. They are embarrassed of carrying a Muslim name. They are repentant of books about Islam. They are ashamed of God (surely God, the Qur’an and religious subjects are beyond such thoughts). However, they want to be in the shadow of those who are pseudo-intellectuals, impious atheists and wish for their names to be associated with such people. God reveals, "… you turned round on your heels, arrogant towards it [My Signs], talking arrant nonsense all night long." Here you see how hypocrites gab and talk nonsense. They display psychopathic behavior as they secretly send texts through Internet on their phones, or they get up in the middle of the night, get dressed and sneak out in order to keep in touch with other hypocrites and provide them information. (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, January 24th, 2016)

ADNAN OKTAR: For example, take a look at the hypocrites of our century; they claim they are Muslims here and there, yet it is impossible to find a single statement in the social media pages of hypocrites indicating that they are Muslims. You cannot come across a verse, an image of the Qur'an, an expression regarding the verses of the Qur'an or the good deeds of Muslims, or narrations from the Qur'an on the social accounts of hypocrites. Now, what do we have at our disposal in our century? The Internet and various social networking sites are available. Hypocrites want their names to be always mentioned with unbelievers on such sites. They do not want to be recognized as Muslims. For example, having verses of the Qur'an on their social media pages bother the hypocrites. They find it -may God forbid- humiliating. Hypocrites despise sharing verses on their Facebook pages, or featuring posts about the Qur'an or Muslims. They would delete all of them if they could. However, as they are aware of the fact that they would be exposed crystal clear if they do so, they share such posts unwillingly and loathingly. Yet, they are always hateful. According to them, the true humanity, the true reputation can only be found among the unbelievers. As hypocrites have a tendency towards the irreligious, they feel quite ashamed to be known as Muslims – surely all religious topics are beyond such thoughts." (Adnan Oktar, A9 TV, January 29th, 2016)

When hypocrites talk about topics on faith, they slyly preach impiety

On some occasions, hypocrites might give speeches about God and religion -that initially seem favorable- in order not to give away the insincerity, grudge and hatred in their hearts. However, they definitely include subtle 'seditious elements' in their speeches. They certainly add evil elements in almost all of their speeches that are seemingly about topics related to faith.

For example, they start making a conversation about the good morality of the believers, but somehow turn it into a speech that disparages the believers. They always add critical statements to the words they supposedly begin with the intention of praising Islam. In short, hypocrites definitely end all their talk that seem to be in favor of religion with 'a non-religious statement, a negative comment' or 'a tone that is easy to be misunderstood and raise doubts.’ And they do not do this openly, but 'sneakily, through covert and insidious methods'. Their purpose behind such ploys is 'both to harm Islam by corrupting it, and preach impiety among believers, as well as to gain the appreciation of the unbelievers’.

Therefore, the sneaky and seditious way of speaking of hypocrites stands out with its striking difference with the discourse of sincere Muslims. Muslims immediately thwart such malicious, shrewd schemes of the hypocrites that intend to raise doubts and cause hesitance among people towards God and religion, and to perplex them deviating them from the true path. They ensure that the listeners are properly informed by providing proof regarding the truths of the relevant issues based on the verses of the Qur'an and scientific evidences.

Hypocrites spread their own evil philosophies, not Islam

Hypocrites secretly spread their own evil philosophies while giving the impression of spreading Islam. Their aim is to cause mischief, cast doubt on the hearts of the people towards religion, and attract those with weaker faiths in particular to their own deviant ideologies. For example, today, in the events and the TV programs they attend, in the articles and books they write, on the newspapers and their social media profiles, certain 'hypocritical individuals' who introduce themselves as 'Muslim analysts' engage in activities that will give rise to misconceptions about religion among people, alienate them from God, from religion and deviate them from the true path by giving them fallacious information that is not based on the Qur'an. The primary strategy of such individuals is to ‘associate religion with the deviant ideologies and practices that are not in compliance with the Qur'an.’ In their own way, they try to harm religion by distorting the meaning of the verses of the Qur'an. As they do so, they try to spread to as many people as possible their ideologies that are actually in contradiction with the Qur'an by making them look as if they are in accordance with the Qur'an and by giving the impression that they have comprehensive knowledge about religion.

Today, it is fairly common to come across hypocrite groups that operate either in printed, visual or social media in this manner and 'introduce certain deeds that were rendered unlawful in religion to be supposedly lawful’. Such organized groups advocate and legitimize perversions such as 'homosexuality' that is one of the wrongdoings made unlawful in the Qur'an, or 'the philosophy of Rumi' that is a deviancy seeking to establish the reign of disbelief all over the world. As a result of all these, they seek to ultimately alienate people from true Islam and lead them to deviancy.

However, God informs in the Qur'an that He preserves Islam through the following verse, "It is We Who have sent down the Reminder (Qur’an) and We Who will preserve it." (Surat al-Hijr, 9). God will safeguard the religion of truth until the Day of Judgment. And with the verse of the Qur'an saying, "They desire to extinguish God’s Light with their mouths but God will perfect His Light, though the disbelievers hate it" (Surat as-Saff, 8), God forewarns the believers of the attempts of the unbelievers and hypocrites to corrupt and degenerate Islam through their diabolical speeches. And God reminds hypocrites and unbelievers will never succeed in doing so. Despite all the ruses of hypocrites, God will make His religion prevail over all the superstitious beliefs and philosophies and establish the moral values of Islam over the entire world.

Hypocrites remember God not through the Qur’an, but in their own evil ways

One of the issues that galls and pains hypocrites the most is remembering and praising God. On the contrary, praising the name of God is one of the issues that Muslims regard with the utmost care and attention. Therefore, people who are lacking in that sense do not escape the notice of Muslims. So as to not be exposed and revealed, hypocrites have to occasionally attend conversations, albeit unwillingly, where God is praised and remembered. However, they still try to make use of such situations in line with their evil schemes. And, while they act as if they are remembering God, in fact, they subtly promote the beliefs, ideologies and philosophies against God through the evil details they include in their speech. For example, when they begin their speech that is supposedly intended to praise God, instead of depicting God in the way that God depicts His Self in the Qur'an, they depict Him philosophically. They attempt to interpret God not through the Qur'an, but through logic. They emphasize their faith in the power of the unbelievers and science instead of the power of God. For example, they try to explain the Creation of the universe philosophically instead of predicating it on the Qur'an.

Being a 'science snob' in its strictest sense, hypocrites 'ground none of their explanations upon the Qur'an.' In their speeches, they draw upon the snobbish definitions of the scientists who are in denial of God’s Creation, and convoluted assertions of philosophy. Surely, science is a great blessing, which is a guide to comprehend the greatness of God. However, hypocrites speak, surmising that science is -God is above such thoughts- independent from God and is a greater power which is certainly a fallacy.

Furthermore, instead of explaining the existence and oneness of God through the verses of the Qur'an, hypocrites speak with a tone that is completely unrelated to the spirit of the Qur'an induced by satan, and their way of speaking is riddled with evil fallacies. Because of the sickness in their hearts, they cannot convey a genuine enthusiasm when they talk about God, religion and faith. They speak in a style that is nonchalant and far from the teachings of the Qur'an, giving away their belief that they are superior to God –surely God is above such thoughts. They never speak in a manner that shows their submission to God. Their arrogant wording betrays the sense of superiority they harbor to God –may God forbid. This evil arrogance manifests itself in their voice, speech and gestures.

When Muslims notice this snobbish, arrogant and rebellious tone hypocrites adopt when they remember the name of God, they get to identify another obvious 'sign of hypocrisy' the hypocrites display. Through evidence from the Qur'an and a sincere discourse based on truths, Muslims eliminate the blasphemous influence hypocrites seek to exert on people with weaker faith or lacking in religious knowledge.

With a tone that is in denial of God, in their own feeble minds, hypocrites want to emphasize their superiority to God (surely God is beyond this). However, every word they utter, they can utter because God grants them the ability to do so. God sees each and every one of their evil misdemeanors and if God wishes so, He has almighty power to make hypocrites suffer for their deeds at will. However, on account of the Divine law of the worldly life God creates, He gives hypocrites a certain time and puts them to trial. By spending their time haughtily and deeming themselves superior to God -may God forbid- and trying to insidiously accentuate this only adds to the recompense and the torment they will suffer in the Hereafter in return for their evil-doings.

When hypocrites have to serve in the way of Islam, they insidiously find a way to serve the good of unbelievers instead

Just as hypocrites loathe remembering God and are incredibly unsettled on occasions where God is praised, they also feel 'greatly distressed' when they have to serve in the way of God. Having to make a contribution to the religion of God in spite of their disbelief pains hypocrites immensely. For this reason, they deliberately avoid efforts even if it is a small one that would be to the benefit of Islam.

However, in a community where Muslims ceaselessly serve in the name of God, of course, hypocrites feel the need to occasionally appear to be making an endeavor in order not to draw attention on their own. For example, they might be obliged to write about God and religion, speak about the power, the might, the exalted attributes of God, and share such a writing or speech on their social media pages. However, for hypocrites, having to do so is a cause of great misery; because this would both make them look like a pious person who follows the teachings of the Qur'an, and such writing or speech would have a positive impact on people's hearts with regard to faith. So, hypocrites despise contributing to the good of Islam in such a way, since their purpose is 'not to invite people to religion, on the contrary, estrange them from it'. Hypocrites find personally preparing a work based on the Qur'an that will deal a fatal blow to their own evil philosophy as agonizing as death, so to speak. Therefore, if they have no other choice but to prepare such a work, they certainly include 'hypocritical elements' in the said composition. For example, if they have to write about God or religion, they add 'elements that could lead to mischief' in their writing. Thus, the resulting writing becomes a far cry from an article that is written with a deep love towards God and the Qur’an. They sneakily add subtle statements between the lines that 'could estrange people from God, raise questions about religion and Muslims in people's minds -surely God is beyond such thoughts- cast doubts and misgivings regarding God's justice, wisdom and Creation, and attempt to legitimize deviant ideologies.’ They use a rather distant and technical language that 'is meant to raise suspicions in people's subconscious minds, and does not reflect the warmth and mercy of religion."

Each evil element the hypocrites use in their writings or speeches are at the same time 'a diabolical message they convey to their friends among the irreligious'. This allows hypocrites to clearly get across the message to them that even though they might seem like a Muslim, they actually do not have faith and do not share the same beliefs and views with the Muslims, and 'they do not aim to serve the religion but the unbelievers’. Those who read the writings hypocrites supposedly wrote for the good of Islam clearly realize how they are actually far away from Islam and in opposition to religion.

However, just with all the schemes of the hypocrites, this ruse of theirs fails as well. As Muslims are people with sincere faith in the first place, these insidious efforts of the hypocrites do not have any influence on them. As for the unbelievers, they already share the same mindset with hypocrites, so they are not concerned with this evil discourse of the hypocrites. The only thing the hypocrites achieve through such schemes is 'making insincere friends among the unbelievers. The unbelievers, who seek to make temporary use of hypocrites in line with their interests, get the message hypocrites try to convey through all these methods and take according actions to collaborate with them. However, God willing, this is only a fleeting cooperation based on self-interest. After the friends of the hypocrites among the unbelievers use them for their self-interest as they see fit, they will dispose of the hypocrites, once again leaving them alone in their dark, evil worlds. Just as in this world, the hypocrites will also taste the loneliness in the Hereafter; they will be alone and friendless when they come before God to account for their schemes. In the end, they will pay for all their insidious ploys by suffering an eternal agonizing torment in Hell.


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