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The Alliance of Deep States with the Hypocrites

Hypocrites side with the party who they regard as stronger

An important characteristic of hypocrites is that, ‘they do not seek God's favor’, instead ‘they are after personal gain.’ Whenever they wish to plot a route for themselves, first and foremost they always think ‘Who can I side with to increase my personal gain and opportunities?’ And in accordance with their calculations, they always side with the party who they deem as stronger and that has more reputation.

In a verse, God reveals, "They vacillate between the two – not joining these or joining those…" (Surat an-Nisa’, 143) God informs us that whichever side acquires the power, hypocrites side with them. In whatever era, whoever has the power and is an unbeliever is the one that hypocrites want to serve. In the era of Pharaoh, they would serve Pharaoh, and in the era of Nimrod, they would bow to Nimrod. In other words, ‘whoever is the Pharaoh of the era, whichever is the country of Pharaoh, hypocrites believe in his supremacy and side with him.’ Today too, ‘whichever deep states of the world, evil organizations or malevolent groups are in power,’ hypocrites immediately connect with them. Hypocrites, who really have a crude soul and a dishonorable character, ‘believe that these power groups are some kind of a savior for them,’ and they enter into an evil cooperation with these groups.

However, if Muslims achieve success, they gracelessly go ahead and say "Were we not with you?" (Surat Al-Hadid, 14) to get closer to them. For their own benefit, they stealthily continue to act like Muslims for a little longer. And when they think the unbelievers have taken power again, they immediately attempt to form an alliance with them. In another verse God informs, "They say, ‘Do we have any say in the affair at all?'" (Surah Al'Imran, 154) And we understand that hypocrites are always ‘pre-calculating the personal benefits’ they will reap from a friendship or alliance. If they think that their personal interests lie with Muslims, they will side with them, but if they wrongly believe their interests lie with unbelievers, they immediately turn to team up with them.

This particular ‘inconstant characteristic’ of hypocrites and ‘their attitude toward siding with whomever has the power’ is also described in the Qur’an with the following verse: “If the unbelievers have a success they say, ‘Did we not have the upper hand over you and yet in spite of that keep the believers away from you?’” (Surat An-Nisa’, 141) It is also stated in the verse that hypocrites, as compensation for their sinister and treacherous efforts against Muslims, will ask for a share from the power the unbelievers acquired.

In another verse, God teaches with an example from the tribe of the Prophet Jethro (pbuh), and informs us that his people said to him:

They said, ‘Jethro, we do not understand much of what you say. And we see you are weak among us. Were it not for your clan, we would have stoned you. We do not hold you in high esteem!’ (Surah Hud, 91)

The words of those unbelievers in the tribe of the Prophet Jethro (pbuh) are quite explanatory in terms of understanding hypocrites’ approach to the believers.They said that they do not understand much of what the Prophet says’, meaning his words don't interest them, they are only interested with the part that suits them’. Besides, they said that they consider the prophet is ‘weak amongst the unbelievers’ (surely the prophet is beyond this).

The only reason behind this twisted mentality of the hypocrites is their wrong conviction that ‘unbelievers are a separate power independent of God’. Because they can't grasp the infinite power of God, they can only make an assessment based on ‘the conditions they witness’. The systems of unbelievers and deep states seem more powerful to them in terms of their material means, reputation and sphere of influence. And they think that Muslims are only a small group amongst the power elites who actually control the world.

However, unbelievers’ being more in numbers and Muslims’ being fewer in numbers is a situation specially created by God as a rule. And in that group of Muslims that they regard to be small in number, the infinite power of God is manifested. Because God, with His infinite power, supports His messengers and all His believing servants who are the party of God. In essence, God is the Creator of those evil structures of unbelief that look seemingly powerful, and God has command over their every move. God is He Who creates all people, societies, organizations and country leaders, and controls all their actions and the words they say. Throughout history, due to natural laws and orders created by God and in compliance with the test of this world, unbelievers have been numerically more than believers. However, God’s endless power and might has always been on the side of the sincere believers.

Hypocrites, who are ignorant of these facts, show immense effort to make their unbeliever friends, who they deem as powerful, appreciate them and to attract their attention, even slightly. With every opportunity hypocrites get, they try to show how well they have adapted to the worldview, ideologies and ideas of unbelievers, and they try to prove how good of a follower they are of them.

However, as it is known, no intimacy or kinship can be permanent if it is built upon insincerity, and it is doomed to collapse.

It is for this reason that when Muslims foil the schemes of these seemingly powerful organizations, and when they expose their evil system, hypocrites immediately change sides after understanding that their side with the unbelievers has lost its power. If they think it is profitable for them, the hypocrites may even appear to be in serious opposition to unbelievers. And after that, they start looking for other groups who can nourish their personal interests. Because the so-called friendship, intimacy and sincerity of the hypocrites, who only side with those who are powerful, is all nothing but an imitation, and a fake and two-faced trick.

madde, new scientist

ADNAN OKTAR: If their enemies are not powerful enough, they abandon them too, it is stated in the verse. For example, if Muslims intellectually defeat unbelievers, then they abandon them, too. Hypocrites always side with the powerful. Then they shamelessly ask believers; "Were we not with you?" This is the reflection of their insanity in their behaviors. In the 8th verse of Surat al-Munafiqun, God informs: I seek refuge in God from the accursed satan, "If we return to Madina," say the hypocrites. If they are to return to that city, "the mightier," look, do you see whose side they are on? The mightier. For example, deep state of the world, or any another unbeliever group. But the particular feature of that group is they are seemingly powerful and an enemy to Muslims. For example, that could be a terrorist organization. "The mightier", by might, they mean physical and intangible power. They also mean repute, meaning the stature of the ignorant, the unbelievers. That is the unbeliever's vanity. "Will drive out the inferior", this is how they see the Muslims: inferior. And by saying, "will drive out the inferior," hypocrites imagine the mightier will destroy the Muslims. Subconsciously, they always think that Muslims will be attacked and destroyed. Hypocrites are always longing for that. And because of that, they are always in cooperation with unbelievers. (A9 TV, January 22nd, 2016)

Hypocrites regard the deep states of the world and unbeliever power groups -surely God is above such thoughts- as greater than God

Do those who take the unbelievers as protectors, rather than the believers, hope to find power and strength with them? Power and strength belong entirely to God. (Surat an-Nisa', 139)

One of the important characteristics of hypocrites is that, while on the process of hatching secret plans and implementing them, they tend to forget about the fact that ‘God has an infinite power and control over every living thing’. For this reason, they reach a conclusion just by superficially evaluating the circumstances. They make an analysis based on the balance of power in the world, and they make their choice according to the results. If there is a powerful group and they think that power will remain in that group's hand permanently, they side with them. However, in the Qur’an, God reminds us that ‘He created many powerful societies and individuals throughout history; but they all have collapsed with God’s commandment."

Hypocrites can't comprehend this fact due to their worldly desires and passions. They wrongly assume that they can attain their goals by siding with whichever states or secret structures seemingly have the power. In Surat an-Nisa', verse 139, God reveals "...those who take the disbelievers as protectors, rather than the believers." And He points out the fact that hypocrites ‘hope to find power and strength with the unbelievers.’ With the words "power and strength," as mentioned in the verse, God draws attention to the ‘the deep states of the world that attempt to direct the world through their power.’

God says do they “hope to find power and strength", meaning ‘being showy, different and more reputable than everyone else’, as we read in the verse "with them?" Because the Qur’an reminds us that "Power and strength belong entirely to God." Deep states and secret structures, or any other clandestine group, have no power at all in the Presence of God's infinite power. No matter how reputable, flamboyant, or seemingly powerful they look from the outside to people who only have a superficial understanding, every single one of these organizations are in fact ‘helpless groups who can't accomplish anything without God's will.’ The members or the directors of these organizations, just like other ordinary people on the street, are helpless creatures who have all kinds of weaknesses, who will grow old, get sick and one day eventually die. But hypocrites, who do not contemplate and are ignorant of this fact, overestimate these people, and even when they simply utter the names of these groups, they feel immense admiration for them.

The deep states of the antichrist use hypocrites to meet their evil goals

‘The threat the hypocrites are posing’ and ‘the intellectual struggle to render hypocrites ineffective’ are two of the most important matters in the Islamic world. Throughout history, ‘all systems of the antichrist, including deep states, evil groups and illegal organizations’ have used ‘hypocrites’ to carry out their stealthy schemes and to meet their perfidious goals. Since then, hypocrites have played a crucial role in implementing the spiteful plots and treacherous schemes of these evil organizations. Hypocrites are despicable, treacherous, sinister, spiteful, vulgar and psychopathically insane creatures. They wage war on honesty, goodness and the true path of God. And they possess a perfidious courage, which they have acquired through the influence of satan. They subject themselves to no laws in their pursuit of personal interests. They know no spiritual, humane, ethical or moral bounds in achieving their despicable goals. They are blinded by fury. They are ready to perform any kind of villainous and insidious scheme for their own personal benefit.

Due to their evil and despicable nature, hypocrites are the perfect choice for the system of the antichrist, deep states and illegal organizations; hypocrites are the most suitable candidates for performing their dirty work due to how vicious, reckless and immoral they are. For this reason, since the beginning of time, every evil organization has considered hypocrites to be an invaluable asset and has used them to implement their dirty ruses and evil schemes.

However, the demand of these evil structures is not one-sided. Hypocrites, too, look for an ‘unbeliever group’ to take shelter in, which is suitable for their insidious plans. The more power these organizations have and the bigger influence they have over the world, the more the hypocrites overestimate them. But what the hypocrites look for is not ‘a legal and honest’ structure. They believe that, ultimately, the unbelievers will rule the world and therefore think it absolutely necessary to be on their side. Therefore, hypocrites want to take sides with a ‘treacherous and evil organization’ that knows no bounds to evil and that consorts its goals deceivingly through sly tactics, tricks, schemes and plots. As a result of this two-sided demand, ‘an evil and perfidious alliance’, which has left an evil impact on every period of time, in history is born.

Deep states have always used hypocrites in every step of their evil schemes against the Islamic world, and utilized their evil support in creating systems specifically designed against Muslims. In the destruction, partition and invasion of other countries, such evil structures have always relied on the internal support they received from the hypocrites. Throughout history, it has always been the hypocrites, who provided the needed and critical support in plotting against heads of states, oppressing and directing politicians, and removing unwanted individuals from office only to replace them with their own men.

ADNAN OKTAR: The world's deep states handpick hypocrites from among Muslims, one by one. Just as we specifically select Muslims around us, right? How we look for pious, conscientious people with good morality. Similar to that, the world deep state says, "Who are those evil, psychopathic ones with a maniac character and the soul of satan in this community with the most immoral, the most dishonorable, the most dishonest, the most vile, the shadiest, the most arrogant, egoist, selfish ones who are inclined to all kinds of villainy?"

madde, new scientist

Their men then search for such people. Such people always stand out in the crowd anyway and cry out, "I am evil" as hypocrites tend to be prominent. They behave as if to say, "Beware, for I am satan incarnate" and give themselves away. In a hadith, it is stated, "The antichrist calls for demons." If the antichrist can call for the followers of satan, it means that they already exist. It is also said that the "antichrist orders them to go and tell people that he is their lord. Thus, they scatter all over the world, spreading and telling people of vileness, malice and evil of all kinds." In other words, they try to become a thorn in Muslims' sides, butter up the blasphemers and work hard to establish the reign of the system of the antichrist throughout the world. But of course, the system of the antichrist also existed in the time of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh), in the Pharaoh's era, in the era of the Prophet Noah (pbuh) and in all other eras. Notice that these demons are also the ones who seek and find the antichrist and butter him up by saying, "Your wish is our command." It is not only the antichrist who seeks out hypocrites. hypocrites seek out the antichrist as well. So the antichrist will order them to "go and tell people that I am their lord" and send them to every corner of the earth and assign them with various duties. So they become his agents and spies of the deep state structure from then on. Who says this? Al-Sayyid Muhammad ibn al-Rasūl al-Husayni al-Barzanji of Medina. He was a great scholar of Kurdish origin. He was the greatest mujaddid (reviver) and mujtahid (a scholar who derives legal rulings) of his era. He wrote about this in his well-known work called "Signs of the Last Day", pages 212-213. (A9 TV, January 9th, 2016)

"... Satans will say to him: "Tell us what you want, and we will do it!" And he will say, "Go, and tell people that I am their Lord," and will disperse them in all directions…" (Surely God is beyond this.) [Al-Barzanji, Al-Isha'ah li-ashrat al-sa'ah, (Signs of the Last Hour), pp. 212-213]

Deep states are dexterous at spotting hypocrites

While deep states use hypocrites ’just as stooges’ in implementing their evil schemes, they themselves always stood hidden, pulled the strings behind the scenes, and ultimately caused some events to pass into history differently.

The deep states of the world that reside at the top of the system of the antichrist today have thoroughly examined this ‘historic and evil tradition’. They realized that the best way to get evil results was to mimic the methods of the Pharaohs and Nimrod, and thus they have followed in their steps. And they have started utilizing hypocrites for all kinds of insidious work.

The treacherous alliance between the hypocrites and the system of the antichrist is the main reason why the Islamic world is faced with a life full of suffering and persecution today. While thinking about "how to control the Islamic world" and "how to make the Muslims ineffective", the forces of the system of the antichrist realized that the most efficient way is to ‘control hypocrites by promising them opportunities to their own personal benefit, and direct and command them as they see fit’. They understood that they could easily put their sinister plans into motion in the Islamic world -except God's will- as long as they controlled the hypocrites.

Since the hypocrites don't fear God and are psychopathic creatures that merely are after position, power, money and selfish gains, the members of the deep states easily manage to make hypocrites a problem for the Muslims. In almost every country, with thousands of hypocrites under their command, they manage to form very large, worldwide evil organizations. Some of those caused problems by ‘driving Muslims to desperation’, some by ‘pitting Muslim communities against each other’, and others by ‘infiltrating Muslim communities and providing intelligence for the deep states.’ And some of them ‘destroyed the assets of Muslims to drive them into poverty’, or ‘provoked societies to incite war and massacres’, ‘organized bombings with weapons of mass destruction to cause immense bloodshed’ and thus brought a terrible destruction and harm to the Islamic world.

The important thing is that Muslims should not consider the events and schemes mentioned here as distant incidents that originate somewhere far away from them. Because the members of the deep states specifically choose the hypocrites they want to control from among ‘ordinary people’; people you can easily see and meet while walking down the street, or going to work or school. A successful doctor working in some country, a well-known writer whose articles are followed by thousands daily, a singer with a big fan base, an ordinary civil servant working in a government office, or any person who has followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might be one of the pawns of the deeps states of the world. While seemingly average people in society, these persons, as being a spy necessitates, might introduce themselves as religious people and try to carve out a place for themselves among the Muslim community. And sometimes these people are already a member of the Muslim community, but later the members of the deep states discover them due to their evil skills. This way they are gradually trained as agents whose job is to plot sinister ruses against Muslims.

All Muslims should be vigilantly careful towards the alliance of hypocrites with satan, the antichrists and the deep states, as well as about their schemes and plots, which they have employed against the Islamic world for centuries. However, believers should never forget that even though antichrists or deep states are hatching schemes and playing tricks, Almighty God, Who is All-Powerful, has a plan, too. Since the beginning of time, God has directed destiny according to this plan. For this reason, the course of destiny is already determined with clarity. Therefore, it is also groundless to worry about such ruses and schemes of unbelievers.

Satan is an extremely weak being created by God. In the same manner, unbelievers have no independent power of their own. God creates the unbelievers and puts them up to the road they follow. Hypocrites are also helpless and powerless subjects of God. Every one of them is specifically created for the world of trials, with the purpose of testing Muslims so that they will be rewarded in Heaven. There is no reason or evidence to overestimate them. God is the only One Who is Almighty and Most High. And this world of trials is perfectly working as intended under the control of God. God informs us that it will be Muslims who will stand victorious in the end.

ADNAN OKTAR: It is the global deep state that organizes hypocrites worldwide. Since hypocrites possess evil intelligence, they find and pick out hypocrites easily and use them against Muslims.

madde, new scientist

They can be utilized to cause mischief or to gather intelligence. Now, they have established an evil, diabolical system. They promote evil. Who are they going to fall back on? They cannot approach Muslims; nor the dimwitted. They need evil, diabolical men. Therefore, the deep states specialize in seeking out such people. They are experts in sniffing out hypocrites. However, hypocrites already have the ability to find each other; this is a great miracle. A hypocrite can easily identify another hypocrite…

Therefore, the British deep state assembles the hypocrites of, for example, Pakistan, or India successively. This ability is a skill they are inspired with by satan. It is normally difficult to identify a hypocrite. But they can find those two-faced ones quite easily in any country, such as Bangladesh. All the hypocrites of Egypt are at the behest of the British deep state. They put up a seamless organization, then they withdraw to their seats and observe while sipping their whiskeys, continuing to poison themselves. And being the vicious, slavish henchmen they are, the hypocrites serve them. They are quite lazy when it comes to serving the good of Islam but they are fiery, energetic and enthusiastic about serving hypocrisy. (A9 TV, May 28th , 2016)

Hypocrites are soldiers of the antichrist and the deep states

As mentioned in the previous lines, deep states employ hypocrites in 'all kinds of vile, illegal and foul deeds'. In that sense 'hypocrites are the soldiers that comprise the army of the deep state'. 'And deep states are the commander-in-chief of the hypocrites'. And at the helm of them is 'satan'. Deep states are obligated to command the hypocrites in accordance with the orders they receive from satan.

In a verse of the Qur’an, saying, "Do you not see those who have turned to people with whom God is angry?..." (Surat al-Mujadala, 14), God informs of the ‘alliance of the hypocrites with satan and unbelievers’. As mentioned in the verse, hypocrites establish ‘friendship and alliance’ with people that are enemies against the religion of God and endeavor in hostility to completely annihilate Islam and Muslims from the face of the earth.

In another verse of the Qur’an, God reveals, "And they will say: ‘Our Lord, we obeyed our masters and great men.’” (Surat al-Ahzab, 67) and informs believers that the hypocrites will 'confess to their alliance and collaboration with the deep states in Hell as well'. Hypocrites state that they regard these deep power groups as their 'masters and great men' and that 'they obeyed them'; in other words, they 'obeyed all the orders and instructions they received from this clan of satan'. And later on in the verse, God informs that they say, ‘and they misguided us from the Way", that following their orders, the hypocrites deviated from the true path of God. Thus, the organizations of the antichrist, which the hypocrites regard as their masters, employ the hypocrites in all sorts of treacherous, immoral and espionage activities.

Again, in another verse of the Qur’an, God reveals, "Conferring in secret is from satan, to cause grief to those who have faith..." (Surat al-Mujadala, 10). God points out the fact that hypocrites hold 'secret meetings' with the intention of harming the Muslims and carrying out activities against Islam. Moreover, in the verse, God also refers to their 'conferring in secret'. So following the orders of satan, the antichrists and the members of the deep states convene with the hypocrites, whom they employ in all their foul activities, in these secret meetings. And by conferring in secret, they give the hypocrites the instructions for the evil deeds they want the hypocrites to carry out against the Islamic world and the Muslims.

So, every Muslim around the world should be well aware of these facts and this evil alliance. Because hypocrites never act on their own. Some Muslims, who are not aware of these facts, might think of the hypocrites as ‘a handful of independent individuals who can harm no one but themselves'. But if they become familiar with the plans of the deep states regarding the hypocrites and the conspiracies they carry out against the world of Islam and the Muslims through the hypocrites, this perspective of the Muslims will change accordingly. They should be well aware of the fact that, led by satan, this insidious organization has amassed tremendous power in total by rallying the evil capacity of hypocrites from all around the world.

Furthermore, they should never forget that 'hypocrites are not ordinary people, but beings who are members of a dark organization that is backed by the collective power of satan, the antichrist and the deep states of the world’. Thus, by means of this alliance, the collective power of the deep states also turns out to empower the hypocrites individually. For that reason, taking full account of this fact, believers should be very careful and rational in their ideological struggle against the hypocrites when trying to eliminate the influence of satan over the hypocrites or inviting them to the true path.

Under the leadership of satan, the deep states are putting up a ruthless struggle against Islam by employing the unbelievers and hypocrites, and leading a terrible oppression upon the Muslim world. However, it should never be forgotten that without an army, a deep state is powerless. If an effective ideological struggle that is based on the good morals of the Qur’an is put up against the hypocrites throughout the Islamic world, satan and the shadow organizations under his command will lose all the soldiers and the power they have. And to be able to do that, Muslims should be thoroughly informed about 'what hypocrisy is' and 'how it occurs in daily life'. And every Muslim must 'become capable of identifying a hypocrite'. With this book, unmasking the hypocrisy with all its details and conveying this knowledge to the entire Islamic world will be conducive to this favorable outcome, by the will of God.

And in the hereafter, this ignoble alliance will ultimately end in retribution with hell, and both the unbelievers and the hypocrites with their masters will suffer in eternal torment for their evil deeds.

Hypocrites, satan and the deep states have formed a 'circle of evil' in unison

In a verse of the Qur’an, while informing about the torment hypocritical men and women will face in the hereafter, God makes mention of a 'circle of evil'.

And so that He might punish the men and women of the hypocrites and the men and women of the idolaters – those who think bad thoughts about God, a circle of evil is upon them. God is angry with them, and has cursed them and prepared Hell for them. What an evil destination! (Surat al-Fath, 6)

The expression 'a circle of evil' mentioned in the verse is highly significant in emphasizing 'the hypocrites' alliance with the antichrists under satan's command and the world’s deep states that are led by them'. The existence of such a circle of evil clearly demonstrates that 'the evil activities are coordinated from a single center' and that 'it is a large-scale organization'. In other words, there is a circle formed by the hypocrites working in collaboration with each other; and in the center of this circle lies the members of the deep state. However, later in the verse, God heralds that 'this circle of evil will surely collapse upon them'. Therefore, the chamber formed by the leading unbeliever figures and the hypocrites will, again, collapse on itself and the system they have built will lead to their destruction. God is angry with those who participate in this evil alliance, and has cursed them and prepared hell for them.

Hypocrites tell lies to Muslims, whereas they confide in their friends among the unbelievers and the members of the deep state

With the verse of the Qur’an "...those who take the unbelievers as protectors, rather than the believers..." (Surat an-Nisa, 139), God gives another crucial piece of information regarding the characteristics of hypocrites. Even though these people live among the Muslims and are treated with nothing but love, respect, benevolence, mercy and protection at every point in their lives, they still do not consider the Muslims to be their true friends. They always look for errors in believers, accuse and slander them, are discontented, ungrateful and complainant. The morality, attitudes and way of behavior of the hypocrites clearly display that 'they do not consider Muslims as their trusted friends’. They have completely mysterious and enigmatic personalities. And their exaggerated and artificial display of affection looks even more suspicious. Even though no one else might have done them the favors they received from the believers throughout their lives, they still conceal almost everything about their lives from the believers.

While their attitude toward the Muslims is in this way, they feel more intimate with individuals who do not have faith in or love for God, who are not concerned with the good of Islam, or furthermore who hold animosity towards Islam. And they easily confide in such people. Hypocritical people find it quite appealing to have mindless chatters with, form intimate friendships with, and secure a place and build a reputation among such people. Moreover, occasionally making remarks and having conversation against God, the Qur’an, faith or Muslims give these people an evil excitement.

Even when they are among believers, they secretly and insidiously look for ways to get in touch and spend some time with these unbelieving people. Even though Muslims treat them with unparalleled good morals, they still find their friendship with unbelievers more exciting. And to be able to earn the appreciation of these people and gain a place and a good reputation among them, once again, they seek to take advantage of Muslims. Without hesitation, they share all the information -significant or not- they have obtained from the believers, who provide them with all sorts of beauties, and a safe and loving atmosphere, with these people who consider Muslims their enemies. And while they do not confide in Muslims about their private lives, they see no harm in sharing all this information with these strangers whom they consider cherished friends.

In a verse of the Qur’an, God informs the Muslims about this immorality of the hypocrites saying, "…those who listen to lies, listening to other people who have not come to you...":

O Messenger! Do not be grieved by those who rush headlong into the unbelievers among those who say ‘We have faith’ with their tongues when their hearts contain no faith. And among the Jews are those who listen to lies, listening to other people who have not come to you... (Surat al-Ma'ida, 41)

In the verse, hypocritical people are defined as 'people who say they have faith with their tongues when their hearts contain no faith'. Furthermore, God informs the believers that these people 'secretly gather information, intelligence and news from among the believers in order to report these to the non-Muslims'. The hypocrites hope that when they convey this knowledge to the people who strive against the Muslims, with the information they have provided they will earn their friendship and trust. They believe that they will generate tremendous excitement and admiration in these people, thus securing a good place among them.

Yet their dreams are never realized because relationships that are not built upon faith and mutual interests are instead hollow and temporary. And as hypocrites are well aware of this, they constantly look for ways to keep this excitement alive. They ceaselessly strive to obtain new information and hidden secrets and share them with unbelievers, whom they consider their true friends.

It is a glaringly obvious fact that a person who bears sincere faith and love of God in his heart does not take genuine pleasure from being friends with and having long idle conversations with people who are devoid of faith. And in no way would they share any information that could endanger the lives of Muslims putting them in harm's way or jeopardizing their safety. On the contrary, a person who has faith never agrees to be in an environment where God is not remembered, where idle conversations take place, where people speak against Islam and the Muslims. And he devotedly strives to ensure the safety, ease, and comfort of the Muslims. He never behaves in a way that will cause harm in this regard. Thus, the sympathy, admiration and devotion that hypocritical people feel toward those who are devoid of faith provides considerable evidence of how untrustworthy and duplicitous they are.


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