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The ‘hypocrite threat’ is one of the most vital and important matters in the Islamic world. Because the main threat the Islamic world faces is ‘hypocrisy.’ Hypocrisy is an evil system which has been ‘secretly corroding and trying to destroy the Muslim world’ for centuries. However, most Muslims are not even aware of this fact. Most people think that ‘unbelievers’ are the main threat against Islam. But, in fact, ‘hypocrites’ are the biggest enemy of Muslims. The grudge, anger, jealousy and hatred hypocrites feel against the Muslims is much stronger than of unbelievers. Just like a drug addict's addiction to drugs, hypocrites have an addiction to carry out sordidness, vileness and hostility againts Muslims, to cast aspersions on them and to set traps agains them. Unbelievers do not like Islam or Muslims; however, their anger or hatred is not as strong as hypocrites'.

It is hypocrites who are responsible for the situation the Islamic world is in today. One of the main reasons for the suffering and cruelty that we witness in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Sudan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Arakan and many other places, is the hypocrites of the Islamic world. In the Islamic world, the despicable group that ‘organizes the mass oppression and massacre of Muslims’ are the hypocrites. The power of deep states and irreligious ideologies of the world possess expanded due to the support they receive from the hypocrites. The schemes hypocrites have in Muslim communities by cooperating with the deep states of the world has caused ‘an immense amount of bloodshed in the Islamic world and brought about the martyrdom of thousands of Muslims.’ Still, a new one is added to these schemes every passing day and Muslim communities are dragged into a new era of suffering and cruelty.

Therefore, in order to expose and prevent these schemes and tricks, hypocrisy should be completely fended off by the Islamic world. For this, first of all, Muslims should be aware of ‘the threat hypocrites pose’ and then ‘all the Muslims of the world should be informed on how to identify hypocrites perfectly.’

One thing has to be clearly understood: ‘The defeat of the hypocrites means victory for Islam.’ Without the defeat of hypocrites, it would not be possible for Islam to attain victory. For this reason, all Muslims who long for Islamic morality to prevail over the world and who endeavor day and night for this purpose should not forget that hypocrites have to first be made intellectually ineffective. If the sedition of hypocrisy is dealt with from within the Islamic world, there will be great peace, prosperity and relief, which has never before been achieved in the Muslim world.

For 1400 years, there has been a variety of works written about hypocrites for this purpose and information about the hypocrites in history has been collected in these books. However, for 1400 years, there hasn't been a work which completely exposed the despicable character, evil schemes and treacherous methods of the hypocrites, and revealed the hypocrites’ immorality by giving out details from daily life. Most Muslims have not paid enough attention to this subject, and not realized the importance of ‘disclosing the immorality of hypocrites to the entire Islamic world.’ Yet, for centuries, in every era, all the seditions and turmoil in the Muslim world were caused by hypocrites, and their activities have led to the division of the Islamic world and therefore, to the suffering of Muslims.

Therefore, this book meant to ‘expose the hypocrites’, which will ensure the end of this terrible mischief in the Islamic world.The treacherous methods, psychological pressure and attrition tactics’ of these sinister, deceitful and hypocritical people, about which God informed Muslims through the verses, will be analyzed in great detail in this work. The sordidness of the hypocrites who plan scheme after scheme, fraud after fraud, and who are as sinister and perfidious as satan itself, will be completely exposed. This book also contains detailed information on how to ‘struggle against this evil group with the help of the Qur’an,’, and how to ‘render the schemes and tricks of hypocrites who secretly plan traitorous acts behind the scenes against Muslims ineffective.’

As important as knowing the ‘notorious hypocrites in history’ that are presented in the Qur’an and the hadiths, it is also vital for Muslims to be made aware of the ‘sneaky tactics that the hypocrites of our time employ today.’ For this reason, ‘the way the hypocrites fight against Muslims by utilizing all the technological and sociological means and psychological warfare methods of the 21st Century’ is also elucidated in this book, giving detailed examples from everyday life.

With God's permission, this book will pave the way for a worldwide victory against this menacing body, which aims to destroy Muslims from the inside. The group of hypocrites, who are currently not exposed and can thus act freely, will lose all of their power with the help of this book. By revealing the secrets of hypocrisy, the evil system of hypocrites will be eliminated. As a result, ‘the system of hypocrisy, which currently puts up an outrageous fight against the Islamic world, will completely collapse, and the reign of hypocrites over the world will completely disappear.’

By the means of this book, Muslims will be able to easily ‘recognize and identify these heinous people who have infiltrated into the Islamic world,’ and thus they will be able to prevent those hypocrites from attaining positions that have power over Muslims. With the necessary precautions they will take, Muslims will be able to preemptively prevent the damage and destruction that hypocrites may cause.

Also, systems of the antichrist and the deep states of the world, which hatch their plots against the Islamic world through hypocrites, will be defeated in their totality by weakening their allies.

Once the dirty alliance between the system of the antichrist, the unbelievers and the hypocrites is eliminated, the currently divided Islamic communities will be able to unite and ‘found an Islamic Union’, and together they will ‘make the moral values of Islam prevail around the world.’

However, while evaluating all this information, it is important to remember a very important fact. In the following verse, God informs us that “satan’s scheming is always feeble" (Surat an-Nisa’, 76) and reminds us how feeble satan is in reality. In another verse, God reveals: "He (satan) has no authority over those who have faith and put their trust in their Lord. He only has authority over those who take him as a friend and associate others with God.”(Surat an-Nahl, 99-100) ‘A hypocrite is basically satan in the form of a human being.’ Therefore, ‘it should never be forgotten that, hypocrites are weak and helpless before the endless power of God.’ At first glance, it may appear that hypocrites are a mighty body, backed by the systems of the antichrist and evil organizations around the world, but they are in fact ‘helpless creatures, ultimately under the control of God and destined to be defeated.’

Therefore, Muslims should never forget that hypocrites have no power independent of God. As God says in the following verse, "... That is easy for God" (Surat al-Ahzab, 19), Muslims should never forget that ‘it is very easy for God to render this evil lot ineffective.’

madde, new scientist

ADNAN OKTAR:Our books on hypocrisy will be released as leaflets. We will explain hypocrisy to the whole world, in the best way possible. And thus, we will eliminate the system of hypocrisy from the face of the earth by the will of God. Because it is hypocrisy that brings ruin to the Islamic world. Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Iraq, Syria... Hypocrites have always caused trouble for Muslims everywhere . Hypocrites are at work in 80-90% of the Islamic world. And they are either oppressing Muslims or in some way facilitating their persecution. Until now, Muslims knew about the characteristics of the hypocrites only superficially, but now they are gaining extensive information about them. And when we collect all of this knowledge in a book and explain hypocrisy with CDs and videos, hypocrites will be completely exposed to the light of day so that Muslims will be able to recognize hypocrites with great ease, and act accordingly. ( A9 TV, June 6th, 2016)


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