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Adnan Oktar's remarks concerning refugees on A9 TV

12 May 2013, A9 TV

What is being said about the Syrian refugees is very wrong. One should not speak to guests in this way. Do you know how these people got here?

They flee with their children. They say, "They are raping our children and daughters, and they will kill us." "Save us for God's sake," they say. They are at your door, and you shut it in their faces. Can you imagine the state you would be in, may God forbid? You will be complicit in that rape and murder.

If someone tries to kill a child, you will grab his arm and stop him. If you do not, then you are complicit, may God forbid.

Stop it. We will allow our Syrian brothers into Turkey, even if millions of them come.

They are engaging in acts of provocation and finding provocateurs. It will have no effect on us, even if a hundred bombs go off, we will never turn away people from Syria who seek our shelter. They can be given Turkish citizenship, or dual nationality. Laws can be passed so we do not send them back to Syria. Let us give them Turkish citizenship. Let us build houses and settle them in Hatay.

May God forbid, how can such reluctance occur? That may be a responsibility to face in the Presence of God. People remain as observers to that murder by doing this.

I wonder if those ones were in Syria and some were trying to kill them or rape their children or wives, how they would feel if people shut their doors in their faces.

Of course nobody would want to be subjected to that.

Helping refugees bestows depth of faith and maturity

Helping refugees purges the human soul of parsimony and selfishness. Therefore, as in the time of our Prophet (saas), those who assist refugees and place material means at their disposal today, by God's leave enjoy a strengthening of faith and maturity of moral values. Because by using all the means at their disposal for God's sake, those who help refugees show that they attach no value to any material things in the life of this world. By making all kinds of sacrifice for the comfort and ease of their brothers in faith, they free themselves of all selfish feelings in their lower selves.

Therefore, helping refugees is a means of deepening in and achieving purity and perfection of faith. God reveals this superior virtue as follows in the Qur'an:

Those who believe and have emigrated and striven with their wealth and themselves in the way of God, and those who have given refuge and help, they are the friends and protectors of one another. (Surat al-Anfal, 72)

It is time to exhibit the superior values and self-sacrifice of the Ansar. To embrace the needy, to go hungry but to feed the migrants if necessary or to go without sleep but provide a place for them to sleep is how to resemble the Ansar in their virtues. To act like the Ansar is to hold the needy in dear, irrespective of their race, religion or color. What is most becoming of us is to be like the Ansar, no matter what the circumstances.

The noble Turkish Nation with its police and military forces has always reached out to refugees and will continue to do so. They are not a burden for the Turkish people; on the contrary, they are the guests sent by God.


3 / total 48
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