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The Liar's Dark Spiritual State

The spiritual state of liars is extremely confused, for their minds and consciences are not clean and healthy. Habitual liars make countless calculations in their minds, and are far from thinking and behaving sincerely and honestly. In the coming pages, we will discuss their spiritual state.

Liars try to persuade themselves that their lies are true

One of the liars' strangest aspects is their attempt to persuade themselves, even while they are lying, to believe their own lies. For instance, a person who tells a pack of lies about his family, his job, and his social life is gradually affected by these lies and starts living in a world of his own invention. He behaves as if the lies told are true, thinking that doing so will make them more persuasive.

When a person tries her hardest to persuade others that she is telling the truth, it means that she is trying to cover up certain deficiencies or a bad conscience. For example, a person who says that she cannot do something persuades herself that her lie is true. Although she can do it, she gives many reasons why she cannot. Or, if a friend wants to borrow an article of clothing from her, she lies about why she cannot lend it and tries to convince herself that she is telling the truth. No matter how insistent the request may be, she continues to assert the truth of her words, even though she is well aware that she is lying. All liars, regardless of their level of self-persuasion, know that they are lying. The Qur'an confirms this fact in the verses given below:

In fact, man will be clear proof against himself in spite of any excuses he might offer. (Surat al-Qiyama, 75:14-15)

Despite all of his stupidity, a liar believes himself to be clever

All liars consider themselves to be very clever, for they believe that they have deceived others and, as a result, have gained some benefit. Satan continually incites them to lie and to take pride in their lies, even though doing so will deprive them of other people's affection and respect. By exalting themselves, they are in reality only demeaning themselves, for they are gradually revealing themselves as the liars that they really are.

Habitual liars seek to benefit from the fact that others do not know what they are thinking. However, they soon begin to experience great problems, among them having to live in fear that their lies will be discovered and that people will no longer pay any attention to them. They can never achieve the internal tranquility of an honest person. In addition, they will feel great regret in the afterlife, just as they do in this worldly life, for each one of their lies. At that time, they will understand better who is intelligent and who is not, and they will see that their lies have brought them no benefit.

In one verse, Allah tells us about the deception in which such people find themselves, as follows:

Do you not see those who claim to be purified? No, Allah purifies whoever He wills. They will not be wronged by so much as the smallest speck. (Surat an-Nisa’, 4:49)

Habitual liars feel no shame

When some of their lies are uncovered, habitual liars feel no shame. On such occasions, they actually tell even more lies to save face. However, believers have a feeling of decency. They feel ashamed of following Satan and lying even if they have done so by mistake, blush, repent immediately, ask Allah for forgiveness, and tell the truth.

Liars feel no trust, affection, or respect for others

People do not lie to those whom they trust, love, and respect, whatever the circumstances may be. In true sincerity, believers share their opinions in the most open fashion by expressing only their true thoughts. For example, sincere people are not afraid to say that they dislike something if that is their true opinion, because even the slightest lie or insincere behavior makes their conscience uncomfortable. If they find themselves in this situation, they immediately try to compensate for it.

In contrast, those who do not follow the Qur'anic morality frequently lie to their spouses, children, friends, relatives, partners, and each other. They even lie to those people whom they consider to be the closest to them. This is one indication that people who do not conform to the Qur'an's morality do not feel genuine affection and sincerity.

Liars think only of this moment

The most important thing that prevents believers from lying to others is what will happen to them after they die, when they have to face their eternal life. To lie one's way out of a difficult position may be seen as the most simple and beneficial solution at that moment. However, no situation in this world can compare to the situation waiting for liars in the Hereafter. Given this, those who have wisdom and a conscience should think about the reward that they will receive in the Hereafter whenever they find themselves in difficult situations and behave accordingly. They should always remember that they may be disgraced and live in torment in this world and the next for the sake of a momentary comfort or benefit. In one verse, Allah states those who abandon the Hereafter for the sake of this worldly life will face a severe punishment:

Those are the people who trade the Hereafter for this world. The punishment will not be lightened for them. They will not be helped. (Surat al-Baqara, 2:86)


6 / total 17
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