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The Importance of the Muslim Way of Speaking

With regard to people in general, one of the most important issues in life is speech. Through it they express their views, their beliefs, their ideas and thoughts. Ultimately, much of that which they feel in their hearts, the thoughts they aim to hide, their desires, their ideals or fears, are also reflected in their speech. Therefore, whether or not someone's spiritual state is sound, or whatever level of intelligence or conscientiousness they possess, it will make itself evident through the words they use. From their language may be understood whether they are honest, sincere, and trustworthy, or dishonest, ill-willed and potentially a liar.

It is a well-recognized truth that one of the defining characteristics of a person is his or her way of speaking. When someone is being judged, for whatever matter, generally, it is what they say which is most often taken into account to determine their level of innocence or culpability. The job interview is a good example of this. Because employers often do not find the written material provided by the applicant sufficient, they opt to talk to them people face to face, to obtain information on them about various subjects in person. Such discussions help the employer form a better impression of the applicants' true character and personality.

The Qur'an, the Book that provides us with the most apt information on all matters, informs us that speech is one of the most important characteristics to bring to light a person's character. In a verse, Allah informs us that one's manner of speaking is an important factor in discerning those who are insincere: "If We wished, We would show them to you and you would know them by their mark and know them by their ambivalent speech. Allah knows your actions." (Surah Muhammad: 30) Just as the manner of their speech reveals mean-spirited, ill-intentioned or hypocritical people for who they are, so, too, does the rule apply in reverse for people of faith, morality and who are good at heart. Consequently, a person who has sincere faith in his heart speaks in a way that is particular to the faithful, that is, in the way of the Muslims. The Muslim way of speaking is one of the most telling attributes of believers that evinces their love of Allah, their attachment to Him, and their respect and awareness of Him. Because of this difference, manner of speech is one of the primary characteristics that demark the faithful from unbelievers.

As recompense for their sincere belief, Allah assists believers to speak in the noblest, most appropriate and sensible manner. A believer, through knowledge of this truth, is more easily submissive to and trusting of Allah. People who do not live fully by faith are more concerned of the evil they hide in their hearts being revealed through their speech. But, no matter what care they take, they cannot prevent their speech from exposing them for who they really are. The Muslim way of speaking is a trait acquired not from a technical study of language or of especial attention to one's word use, but from sincere faith. This is a law of Allah, and an ability granted by Him to believers.

Another important aspect of the Muslim way of speaking is the following; Allah has imposed on believers the duty of communicating to others His religion and the moral values which it prescribes. When believers, who live by the values of religion, and who are cognizant of Allah's greatness, sincerely relate their feelings and thoughts to those who are ignorant of religion, and who lead a life far removed from it, this may help many to turn to Islam and their hearts to be filled with awareness of Allah. It is also an important act of worship for believers. Because of this, true believers always ask of Allah the ability to speak intelligently, wisely and appropriately. When they talk with others, they make reference to Allah through the best of words, and tell them about the morality expounded in Islam, enjoining what is the right and forbidding what is wrong. Hence, for believers, speech becomes a form of worship, which can earn them reward throughout their lives.

As we are told by the following verse, "Who speaks anything better than the one who summons to Allah, acts righteously, and says, 'I am among those who submit to Allah'?" (Surah Fussilat: 33), those who speak most nobly are those who call on others to obey the morality prescribed in the Qur'an, in other words, those who speak in the way of the Muslims. By employing this manner of speaking, believers hope to earn the pleasure of Allah, His mercy and Paradise. For this reason, all believers whose sincerely turn to our Lord must fulfill all that is required in speaking in the way of the Muslims, and show determination in that endeavor until the end of their days.


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