The Secret Beyond Matter

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Chapter 2: The Eventual Aim in Southeast Turkey Is the Foundation of an Independent Communist State

The Ideology of The PKK is Identical to That of Bloody Communist Ideologies of The 20th Century -Surely God is beyond this-

It is of great importance to provide evidence from the words of those communist leaders who drowned the world in blood in the 20th century if their perverse ideologies and perspectives are to be fully understood. This is because the terrorist movement in Southeast Turkey is also rooted in communism. It is far easier to understand the perverse ideological system of the separatist PKK terrorist organization when one sees the scale of the barbarity that the terrifying attitudes of bloody communist leaders have inflicted on millions of people. The general strategy and policies of the terrorist PKK and the words of Abdullah Öcalan, the child killer who led it, provide a very good idea on the subject:

1. The PKK is Darwinist

All the bloody communist leaders of the 20th century were Darwinists and, as we have already seen in some detail, each one openly expressed his admiration of Darwin and Darwinism.

In the same way, Abdullah Öcalan, the child-killer and leader of the PKK terrorist organization, also frequently expresses his admiration for Charles Darwin and his false theory. Examples are as follows:

"In this rule of dialectics, thesis and antithesis persist in a richer form in a synthesis. THE ENTIRE EVOLUTION CONFIRMS THIS RULE." (Extract from the chapter "Natural Society" from the book "Bir Halkı Savunmak" ["Defending a People"] by the separatist leader Abdullah Öcalan, published in 2004)

"In general, the natural process of evolution in all living things apart from man, also continues in human societies in a conscious manner with his own comprehension and expression. The great advance in the conceptual process that led to today's speech in the human race, Homo sapiens, made a great advance in the development of conscious societies possible. During the primitive stage of society, human groups lived at the level of groups of some developed animals..."

"Being entirely with nature is a transition from a divided nature to an integrated one. And that leads to the creation of democratic and socialist society. There is a great inter-relation. It is respect for THE EVOLUTIONARY CHAIN that creates man." (Extract from the chapter "The Present Situation and Likely Developments in the Middle East" from Abdullah Öcalan's book "Bir Halkı Savunmak" ["Defending a People."])

"As the discoveries of tools and fire increase, products will also increase, and as they increase the species will develop more rapidly and the distance between [man] and primates will grow. THE NATURAL LAWS OF EVOLUTION determine progress." (From the chapter "Natural Society" from Abdullah Öcalan's book "Bir Halkı Savunmak" ["Defending a People."])

"Sociality is a precondition for the existence of human species. It is a fact of social science that he split away from the PRIMATE species (the family closest to man) and humanized, and advanced at the social level." (Extract from the chapter "Social Realism and the Individual" from Abdullah Öcalan's book "Bir Halkı Savunmak" ["Defending a People."])

Darwin, Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Engels, Marks, Apo

Like all communist groupings, the PKK is Darwinist and irreligious. Abdullah Öcalan, the bloody leader of the PKK, also explicitly states his atheistic and Darwinist views. The terror in Southeast Turkey and some people's demands for autonomy are all intended to be able to set up a Darwinist communist and atheist state.

2. The PKK Is Irreligious

All the bloody communist leaders of the 20th century were atheists and encouraged irreligion by indoctrinating people with the idea that religion has no place in communist society.

Abdullah Öcalan, the bloody leader of the PKK, is also an atheist, and the entire PKK, which also shares the Darwinist perspective, adheres to the same ideological system. One can see the kind of attitude to religion held by members of the PKK terror organization from Öcalan's statements:

[Surely God and His Prophet (saas) are beyond this]

"God is a kind of medieval feudal manifesto, basic law and declaration." (Abdullah Öcalan, "Sümer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarlığa" [From the Priestly Sumerian State to Democratic Civilization], Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 313)

"We have nothing to do with religion. Our people must break away from God and that ideology. I strove hard, and eventually broke away from God.

I went past God. And I was thus able to become Abdullah Öcalan. Islam has given our women nothing. We will replace it with socialist morality."

"When we look at progress in history, we see quite clearly that they sought unity and power through the worship of GOD. Concepts such as the beloved servant going to paradise are the fantastical elements of the matter, the literary bits."

"Monotheistic religious ideologies are political ideologies from beginning to end. Religious accounts, concepts such as GOD, the prophets and the angels are the political literature of the time." (Abdullah Öcalan, "Sümer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarlığa" ["From the Priestly Sumerian State to Democratic Civilization"], Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 204)

"I experienced a great philosophical depression in my high school days. I waged war on God, after emerging victorious from that war I became a semi-God myself." (Abdullah Öcalan, "Özgür Yaşamla Diyaloglar" ["Dialogues with Free Living"], October 2002, p. 257)

"In general terms, the [salat] prayer is also a piece of theater." (Abdullah Ocalan, "Sümer Rahip Devletinden Demokratik Uygarlığa" ["From the Priestly Sumerian State to Democratic Civilization"], Vol. 1, December 2001, p. 354)

"The God of Muhammad expresses the need for the main tribes to unite and become strong. It is the common conception of the Bedouin tribes, the power of a united Arab tribes. No community had any compunction about redesigning its own God to the extent they strengthened themselves. That is the historic and social reality. Today's God is the essence of science."

The Noble Qur'an: "Is a transition of Sumerian mythology carried out at the level of ideological identity, its third great version."

3. The PKK Is Opposed to the Family and the State

All the bloodthirsty leaders of communism have been against the family and the state. During their dictatorships they made strenuous efforts to eliminate the concepts of the family and the state.

In the same way, the child-killer Öcalan also maintains that the family is a concept that needs to be done away with. The terrorist Öcalan says this on the subject:

In his 81-page defense presented to the Imrali Court, the terrorist Ocalan describes his childhood as follows:

"My reaction was against feudal family ties. One might say that my first rebellion developed against the structure of the family and the village which was a far cry from responding to a child's expectations... I broke away from the family … with a major conflict at an early age.


Communist ideology is opposed to the family, the state and, most importantly of all, the existence of religion. Statements against religion, the state and the family by the child-killer Öcalan are of such a nature as to confirm that the PKK terror organization is a communist group.

From the book Kürdistan'da Kadin ve Aile (Woman and the Family in Kurdistan):

"In the same way, all of Western Europe is suffering a profound trauma on this subject. The institution of the family has literally become a scourge for them." (pp. 27-28)

"Like military wars, a concentrated political expression, peace policies and cultural wars, wars waged in the field of the family also represent a significant part of that general warfare. If we are not to think of war solely as clashes between armies, then it is clear that one of the greatest battles in human society is mental warfare, that warfare within the body of the family must not be ignored." (p. 30)

"They are debating whether the dangers of the institution of the family can be consigned to history. An unsteady nuclear family has emerged.

That conception itself will disappear spontaneously with the disappearance of capitalism." (p. 44)

"(The family) is a hugely enslaving relationship that by itself will cause a person to cease to exist... We reject and are terrified by stale familial relationships in every village and town in Kurdistan." (p. 47)

"It will be of use to regard confusion in the body of the family and that the problems are at the highest level objectively. We need to adopt a political approach to the institution of the family, that had not advanced of its own accord in hundreds of years. The family is a most dangerous institution that imposes a very dangerous, ideological, political, moral, cultural and economic backwardness, that some forces are seeking to reinforce by settling crutches to left and right." (p. 48)

"The family is the institution we have the most difficulty with. Instead of regarding the family as an institution with immunity and always deserving of respect, it is an institution within close binds of colonialism and is the firm foundation of its ideological policy within the country, and it leaves our people in a state of despair and deprived of a future, living by the height of irresponsibility, and it must be exposed to a revolutionary criticism and revolutionary process. We must see all aspects of the obstacle posed by the family in the process of our national liberation. This is a sharp obstacle they are trying to erect, like Mount Ağrı." (p. 50)

"With us, the family, in a state of disorder, is like a Bermuda Triangle in which thought is buried and free will is turned into a jigsaw puzzle and scattered. That is why we put the family at the top of those institutions needing to be exposed to the revolutionary process. A revolutionary must carefully consider his duty on this subject. We cannot consider this intangible and reactionary family relationship as a simple matter of pride. We are not responsible for this relationship, but we have a duty to make it revolutionary." (p. 52-53)

"We are trying to transform our people, who have been brought down by the enemy and trapped within the narrow bounds of the family, into powerful revolutionists. Were you all within the ranks of the family today, you could not avoid being crippled men and women.

Although it inflicts nothing but chaos on the individual – men, women and children – the family is still the institution that most occupies people's minds. So much so that this is a fact not just in society as a whole, but also in terms of the individuals in our party ranks. Many comrades cannot improve themselves since their thoughts are mainly centered on familyism. Bearing all this in mind, the struggle against familyism and the resolution thereof is as important among us as the resolution of colonialism. The inconsistencies of that institution must be exposed and combatted at least as much as those of colonialism." (p. 57)

"Engels' analysis and criticism of the origin and structure of the family is well-known. This is a definition and theoretical framework we need to consider with great care. It is a fact that this problem is the source of deep-rooted sicknesses among us." (p. 67)

"If every family could transform the existing relations that cannot be escaped into revolutionary relations, then the Turkish Republic could not survive for even two days, and would at once collapse. If families combined and imposed such an education among themselves, the Turkish Republic could not survive. Among us, since the family is closed to the outside it can work like a secret force in the revolution. The issue of why we cannot use this secret force is another matter." (p. 74)

"We have nothing to learn from the family. One cannot learn politics from the family. Our fathers at the head of this deceived institution are in a wretched position; and the position of the mothers is even worse." (p. 75)

komünist terör

The bloody communist leaders of the 20th century spread communism through armed struggle and terror. As a requirement of communism, the PKK terror organization uses the same methods of armed struggle and engages in the same sly and treacherous kinds of attack.

4. The PKK Relies on Communist Terror

All the bloody communists of the 20th century have said that the armed struggle and terror are essential if communism is to survive and have consequently translated these ideas into action.

Abdullah Öcalan, the leader of the communist organization the PKK, also states that armed struggle and terror are essential for its survival and makes it clear that communism requires that this be put into action:


"... We state that in order to raise the national liberation struggle to the level of an advanced war IT IS NECESSARY TO BEGIN WITH ARMED PROPAGANDA, and ARMED PROPAGANDA WILL BE the main vehicle for the success of the tasks of agitation, propaganda and organization, and ARMED PROPAGANDA WİLL SERVE as the basic pier in the creation of a revolutionary structure..." (Abdullah Öcalan, Selected Writings, Vol. 1. p. 213)

"... Ho Chi Minh says this on the subject, under the conditions facing Vietnam before 1944; '... We can initiate neither a guerrilla war nor a popular uprising. But WE NEED TO APPLY ARMED PROPAGANDA to prepare these.' And this is an even clearer and more obligatory fact under the conditions of Kurdistan..." (Abdullah Öcalan, Selected Writings, Vol. 1. p. 213)

PKK terörü

The PKK has adopted terror because it is a communist organization. And like all communist organizations, its sole method is shedding blood, spreading terror and inflicting fear and tragedy on society.


PKK Abdullah Öcalan

The hammer and sickle symbols on the PKK terror organization flag, other prominent communist symbols at PKK party meetings and portraits of Marx, Lenin and other communist leaders all explicitly document that the PKK is.


PKK parti kongresi

Pictures of the separatist terror organization leader, the child-murderer Abdullah Öcalan, from the PKK Party Congress. Those who claim that the PKK terror organization is not communist need to take a long, hard look at these pictures. They will see pictures of Lenin and Engels alongside the red PKK flag with its hammer and sickle emblem.

In order to understand that the separatist terror organization is a communist grouping, one needs to look at the Darwinist and communist statements in the PKK party manifesto on its official web site:

Sociality is a form of existence of the human species. The human race breaking away from its animal-like forebears and becoming human takes place at the same rate as the level of socialization. There is no individual life outside social life.

In social change and development, dialectical dilemmas, the language of the universal system, flow by constantly growing richer or poorer. References:

PKK kongresi

It is important for people to know that the PKK terror organization is a communist separatist organization because people who are unaware of the true face of the PKK cannot grasp how truly dangerous its objectives are. They fail to understand that they will never renounce terror so long as their communist mindsets survive, that if they are given land they will start an even more intensive armed struggle aimed at taking over the whole country, that they will grow stronger and move toward the foundation of a communist world state. That is why it is essential for this terror organization's true aim to be well known and for efforts to be made to eliminate its fundamental logic. Communism, which makes a necessity of terror, draws its main ideas from Darwinism, and it is essential for the fraud of Darwinism to be eliminated from people's brains through intellectual activity.


PKK, komünist eğitim

Since the PKK terror organization is a communist grouping, it starts its training by describing the intellectual foundation of communism. Every young person who goes up to the mountains to join it has received a Darwinist, materialist education from an early age. They are taught the false scientific logic of terror as an ideology. Following that education, generations of people who regard man as a species of animal, who believe there is no reason for their existence and that they have to kill to live and who regard conflict as essential begin appearing. The one and only way of halting terrorism is for the fraudulent nature of Darwinism to be exposed. A terrorist who sees he has placed his faith in a false religion will lose all his belief, enthusiasm and false aims.


PKK, komünizm

To the side can be seen an award given by the South African Communist Party to the leader of the separatist terror organization, Abdullah Öcalan. In giving him the award, the general-secretary of the South African Communist Party, Blade Nzimande, praised Öcalan for his terrorist campaign against imperialism and colonialism, and described him as a beacon of the communist and socialist movement.

As this shows, the communist movement draws support from communists all over the world. Since the movement in Southeast Turkey is a communist one, and since it perpetrates terror in its most ferocious form as a requirement of that communism, it enjoys constant support from communist countries and groupings until their dream of a communist world state is achieved.

The PKK Terror Organization Applies The Requirement of The Communist System of Thought-Terror and Violence

The communist, Stalinist, Leninist and Darwinist mindset that led to the barbaric slaughter of scores of millions of innocent people in the 20th century is identical to the separatist ideology being attempted to be translated into reality now in Southeast Turkey. In trying to portray the situation there as a local problem, some people are unaware of the stratagems being implemented in Southeast Turkey, while others are pretending to be unaware. These people interpret the treacherous traps set for Turkish troops with a most astonishing naiveté, and imagine they can achieve results by calling on the terrorists up in the mountains to behave in accordance with good conscience, issuing calls for peace or else condemning them outright. The fact is that the dominant mentality there is a materialist, communist and Darwinist one. To put it another way, it is the mindset of Pol Pot as he murdered 3.5 million people.

By claiming that the Pol Pot regime and the terror going on in Turkey have different foundations, those people who try to give the impression that this separatist terror in Turkey is a question of regional nationalism are preventing the realization that we are facing a communist threat. This is a blatant deception. The communist mindset is the same wherever and whenever it may exist. It is based on the same perverse ideology – Darwinism – and serves the same aim. Therefore, the savagery that took place in Russia, China and Cambodia in the 20th century is the only way for the separatist PKK terrorist organization to achieve its own aims.

Since someone raised with a Darwinist-communist mindset will imagine he has brought about the elimination of the weak required by nature when he kills another person, he will think that his own death will serve that same aim of elimination. Therefore, for a PKK terrorist with a Darwinist mindset, killing or dying is a natural outcome of the laws of nature, and must absolutely be made to happen as a requirement of Darwinist ideology. Under this perverse mindset, which regards human beings as equivalent to animals, the elimination of the weak is essential and benefits "those who achieve an advantage," in other words, "the survivors." The idea that Darwin emphasized in his book The Descent of Man, devoid of any scientific foundations, of "the preservation of favored races and the survival of superior races," can only be brought about in this way.

Therefore, telling a terrorist with such a perverse perspective to "heed the voice of your conscience and do not kill people," or to threaten him with death, will do no good whatsoever, and is most certainly not doing any good now.

So for all these reasons, asking PKK terrorists who martyr Turkish troops in the Southeast of the country, "Have you no compassion?" or "Do you feel no pangs of conscience?" is pointless; they are merely empty words. Telling a community that has adopted killing as an ideology and way of life that "You are on the wrong road," "You are behaving disgracefully," "You are behaving like barbarians" or "This is inhuman behavior" is merely to say that, "We are distracting ourselves by saying this instead of embarking on an intellectual struggle." This is an utterly feeble approach that will do absolutely no good. Newspaper headlines over the last 30 years wholly refute this perspective. In the same way that headlines such as "Have you no compassion?" from 30 years ago achieved no results then, so they are likewise achieving no results now, and it is impossible for them to ever do so. But these headlines, a statement of weakness and despair, still appear in the newspapers of today. The aim is not to put an end to the evil of the PKK, but rather to give an impression that "We are not remaining silent in the face of this evil."

In the same way, telling a PKK terrorist indoctrinated under the communist ideology, "You are very cruel and ruthless" is an expression of that very same naiveté. This is just what a communist wants to hear. Perpetrating an effective action as required by communism is a most important objective for him. Cruelty, oppression, terrifying the enemy, causing terror among the enemy and spreading panic are not words of criticism, but rather words of praise for him. It is only through the employment of such words that he can realize he is achieving his aim.

kızıl komünist poster

People in communist posters holding guns with cold and hate-filled faces represent the essential logic of communist ideology. Communism consists solely of blood, savagery and slaughter.

Lenin gave this answer to those who criticized him for his ruthlessness:

"... WHEN PEOPLE CHARGE US WITH HARSHNESS we wonder how they can forget the rudiments of Marxism." 55

The PKK acts according to the same Marxist principles mentioned by Lenin in this quotation. Criticizing the communist PKK for its terror and ruthlessness will therefore do nothing but perhaps amuse these terrorists. Those who do not apply ruthlessness, terror and barbarity are accused of not being Marxists, of flying in the face of science and of denying the fundamental claim of Darwinism, that of "...the strong eliminating the weak and the conflict of opposites." Terrorists up in the mountains are told, "It is essential for the oppressed class to fight the exploiter class and for it to win that struggle, and for them to adapt to the [imaginary] natural course of history, the dialectic." By brainwashing terrorists it becomes possible to make them commit savagery and barbarity. Yet the fact remains that Darwinism is not scientific, the conflict of opposites and the strong eliminating the weak is not a fact of life and the dialectic does not actually operate in nature. These claims are lies that have been imposed on people for many years by materialists and Darwinists. But minds that have been thoroughly indoctrinated by Darwinist ideology cannot think along any other lines. And that is the greatest danger of the communist mindset.

PKK militanı eğitim

PKK terror organization militants are trained with communist ideology. Therefore, it is the bloodthirsty communist mindset that makes the PKK dangerous. The communist red book next to the weapon of a PKK militant up in the mountains in the picture to the side, and the communist flag hung up in a PKK shelter in the picture above are striking.

Some people say that if a democratic environment is established, if PKK terrorists are promised families, warm homes and hot food, and told, "Your mothers are missing you," this will somehow have an effect on the terrorists. They think they will repent and come down from the mountains, and frequently say as much. But the truth of the matter is that the Darwinist ideology and the communist mentality it gives rise to reject democracy. They know nothing of human rights. They know nothing of sympathy, affection, love or compassion. They reject the family. They do not want brotherhood, peace and friendship. The only thing that Darwinist and communist ideologies want is savagery, terror and barbarity. Terrorists do what they are told to do by the Marxist, Leninist, Darwinist and materialist education given to them in schools, academies and on the radio and television from a very early age. Because of that education, they regard themselves as being in the right and on the right path. That is why propaganda in Southeast Turkey aimed at encouraging love and brotherhood and the family and stirring people's consciences has never borne any fruit at all. So long as the Darwinist mindset persists within the separatist PKK terrorist organization it is impossible for this empty propaganda to produce any results.

komünizmde terörist eylemler

Shedding blood and taking part in terrorist actions is a matter of superiority and pride in communism. It is therefore totally futile to criticize or condemn a communist for shedding blood or try to get him to heed his conscience. What needs to be done is to eliminate the communist mindset.

Like All Communist Groups, The PKK Employs Guerrilla Tactics

The separatist, terrorist PKK, a ruthless group that constantly lies in ambush for Turkish troops, shoots them in the back, that attacks them in the barracks or in police stations during ceasefires and that perpetrates various and sundry attacks against the civilian population in city centers, is simply employing the most cunning tactic of the communist mentality – guerrilla warfare. Some writers or state officials from time to time criticize the terror organization for "behaving disgracefully" by committing these treacherous attacks, or "breaking the rules." But these messages of condemnation will produce no results, and are in fact just what communist PKK militants want to hear because communism is an ideology that draws its strength from savagery, bloodshed and terror and grows by means of treacherous guerrilla tactics. A communist militant has no feelings of compassion, love, affection or sympathy, and such people certainly recognize no bounds, rules or legal standards. Communists' greatest objectives are to attack, in whatever way possible, to carry out acts of violence, using whatever method is available, and to kill as many people as possible. In order to achieve these aims, faced by an army with military rules and the laws of war, the most effective and productive thing for them to do is to ignore the rules of war and use cunning and treacherous techniques, in other words, guerrilla warfare. Obtaining intelligence, food and drink by inspiring terror in the people and ensuring artificial support by sowing fear amongst the population brings about the requisite framework for guerrilla methods. Telling a communist, terrorist group that is proud of employing cowardly techniques and regards it as essential to shoot people in the back that "You are committing treason" and imagining that results can possibly come of this is, to put it mildly, the height of naiveté.

As we have already said, changes of time and place have absolutely no effect on communist principles because the basis of communist thinking is Darwinism, which never changes as the years pass by or from country to country. Therefore, the guerrilla techniques used during the Vietnam War in the 1960s are largely the same as that applied in the southeast of Turkey today. People who maintain that, "There is no resemblance between communist terror in the Southeast and Vietnam" are totally mistaken. These people are either unaware of what the communist mindset actually is, or else they are trying to misrepresent the danger here as something simple and different from what it really is. It will be of use to remind these people that the child killer and leader of the PKK terrorist organization, Abdullah Öcalan, said that the communist uprising in the Southeast needed to adopt Vietnam as a role model:

"... Ho Chi Minh says this on the subject, under the conditions facing Vietnam before 1944; '... We can initiate neither a guerrilla war nor a popular uprising. But WE NEED TO APPLY ARMED PROPAGANDA to prepare these.' And this is an even clearer and more obligatory fact under the conditions of Kurdistan..." (Abdullah Öcalan, Selected Writings, Vol. 1. p. 213)

komünist Kuzey Vietnam

Despite being in a seemingly highly disadvantageous position, communist North Vietnam won the war using cunning guerrilla tactics.

The child killer thus says that terror needs to be applied in the same way as in Vietnam. We need to return to the example of Vietnam here: the war in Vietnam, the alliance between the anti-communist South Vietnam, the United States of America and various militia forces against the communist North Vietnam, lasted for many years. An army of around 1.5 million, consisting of 900,000 South Vietnamese, 580,000 Americans and 1,480 militia, faced a much smaller North Vietnamese army of just 320,000. In the course of just three years, 500,000 tons of bombs were dropped on North Vietnam.

Yet despite all of these significant disadvantages, communist North Vietnam won the war by employing very cunning guerrilla tactics. The North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong guerrillas initiated a guerrilla attack against 36 provincial centers in 1968; this was the Tet Offensive.

The U.S Army lost a total of almost 60,000 troops in that war over roughly a ten-year period. Eventually, when attacks from the air and sea by U.S. troops all came to nothing, America finally decided to abandon South Vietnam. The country was conquered by North Vietnamese troops in April 1975, forever remembered in the West as the Fall of Saigon.

The sole reason why communist North Vietnam, with its relatively few soldiers, emerged victorious from the war against an adversary with an overwhelming technological advantage was the way that they consistently struck from behind, set ambushes, failed to abide by agreements and ceasefires, attracted the populace to their own side by their skillful use of propaganda and the frequent slaughter of innocent people in the most horrible ways, making no distinction between military and non-military targets. To put it another way, they applied the communist tactics espoused and applied by the communist Chinese leader Mao.


The struggle of the regular Turkish Army against the communist terror organization the PKK that operates using the guerrilla tactics required by communism is of course a heroic one. But the terror organization's cunning tactics cause Turkey to constantly give up new martyrs. The Turkish Nation has no problem with giving up martyrs, but the one thing to be done, as a matter of urgency in order to put an end to terrorism, is the intellectual struggle against communism.

The terror perpetrated in Southeast Turkey is just that same communist terror. PKK terrorists set what Turkey calls "treacherous ambushes" with great ease as a requirement and tactic of communism. The mountainous region they inhabit is ideally suited to guerrilla warfare. They wage intensive Darwinist, materialist and communist propaganda at the local populace, indoctrinating them and frightening them, and thus try to bring large masses of people under their control. They are easily able to meet such needs as intelligence, arms, food and drink through this policy of intimidation.

A militant from this organization is not bound by conventional rules. He is highly mobile, and can strike when and where he likes. Because of these characteristics, the communist PKK is able to obtain almost all the advantages of guerrilla warfare. They can attack our Turkish troops who stand guard in police stations and are bound by laws and regulations from every direction. It therefore seems impossible to successfully oppose a terrorist group that employs such cowardly methods – even if their numbers are far fewer than those of the powerful Turkish Army – using conventional military tactics.

What needs to be done in order to eliminate such a cunning movement is to wage a multi-faceted intellectual campaign. Communist terror can only be defeated when its foundation, its intellectual system, is annihilated. What one has to do is analogous to drying up the swamps where mosquitoes breed, rather than trying to swat them all one by one. In summary, what needs to be done as a matter of urgency is to eliminate the Darwinist, materialist mindset that lays the foundations for communism through intellectual activities.

The form that this intellectual activity needs to take is considered in detail in a later chapter. Before that, however, we need to look at the finer details and key points of the type of communist movement being aimed for in the Southeast.

sahte Kürdistan bayrağı

The sly aim of the Stalinist communist PKK terror organization is to establish a Kurdish state over a large swathe of territory. It is to bring in communist rule across that territory, intimidate and control innocent people and surrounding countries by means of terror and then to found a communist world state, by first expanding from Turkey to Armenia. The only solution in the face of this huge threat is the elimination of communism from the roots. The communist threat can only be eradicated through an intellectual and scientific campaign.

Analyses By Mr. Adnan Oktar Broadcast on A9 TV – 3

All the Communists in the World Support the PKK

Adnan Oktar, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: All the communist organizations backed the PKK in the latest marches in France. The PKK has a communist structure. All the communists in the world support the terror organization. People need to see this danger. They describe the PKK's actions in a one-sided way. You must respond to the PKK's ideas with your own ideas; do work that will intellectually eradicate Darwinism, Marxism and Leninism.

Our state should engage in that kind of activity. Or it should support those engaged in anti-communist activity in the region. Many states are still unaware they have fallen under the control of the antichrist. Darwinism is still discussed in books in Turkey. They continue to tell people about Haeckel's drawings, even though all scientists agree that these are invalid. The state should talk about Darwinism. I will respond if they will let me have just three pages in school text books to repudiate Darwinism.

Southeastern businessmen came here the other day. They said, "The KCK is more of a danger in the region than the PKK. They are telling people about communism and Leninism. It is really they who are trying to mislead the public." The state needs to take precautions against that.

Some media commentators say, "The PKK will stop doing what they are doing with our methods." Of course, if you give the region to the PKK they will stop what they are doing for a time. Why not, if you give them what they want, if the country is split up? That is what they want. But they will never renounce terror until communism is defeated. (January 13th, 2013; A9 TV)

The PKK Will Not Bring Freedom for Believers. On the Contrary, It Will Prevent People Living by Religious Moral Values

DİDEM ÜRER: Star newspaper columnist Hakan Albayrak was asked this question on a program broadcast on the Habertürk channel: "If the BDP grass roots are secular grass roots, then is it right to emphasize the concepts of Islam and the Islamic Community in order to win those grass roots over?" Hakan Albayrak replied, "Ten million people voted for the BDP, but the grass roots are not like them. There is not a huge atheist, Marxist and Stalinist mass in Turkey. These are religious people. However, there is a racial, tribal element here. If you give the Kurds their rights, and not as if you are doing them a big favor, then the BDP will lose much of its grass roots." In addition, there may be some religious Kurds alongside the Marxist Öcalan, and that is interesting, of course," he said.

ADNAN OKTAR: We must emphasize the brotherhood of Islam more strongly. We must convince people that Islamic Unity will remove this scourge. Some Muslims may think, "At least we will be able to escape." We will be able to live as Muslims more easily, in other words. But there is such a thing as out of the frying pan and into the fire. They would lose all the benefits they enjoy if they fell into the hands of ruthless, savage Stalinism, may God forbid. They would burn mosques, rape young girls, eliminate the concept of the family and allow believers and religion no room to breathe. That is why our brothers may go along with PKK propaganda, since they are unaware of the scale of the tragedy awaiting. The PKK tells them. "You cannot live by your faith or tell people about Islam at the moment. But when we come to power you will be free to dress as you like, to pray as you like and to talk as you like, without interference." And that is quite attractive to some of our brothers. But this is just one of Marxism's ways of deceiving people. It is the start of a terrible disaster and tragedy. The attitude toward religion is now more positive in Turkey. It seems much more positive, and will be even more positive in the future. Since the system of the Mahdi will soon begin directly making its presence felt across the world. Muslims, Christians and Jews, not just in Turkey but everywhere in the world, will all be able to live at ease. People of other beliefs will also live at ease. There will be no despising of people, nor more wars or terror, no more social injustice, and wealth will be shared out equally. We will therefore enjoy very happy and fine days, insha'God. (January 19th, 2013; A9 TV)

The Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon Established the PKK.

Adnan Oktar, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: The PKK is not the only problem in Turkey. There is also the scourge of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon. It was these killers who founded the PKK, you know. Whenever they talk to one another, they talk only of blood and war.

These killers hate everyone. They perpetrated terrible persecution in the Southeast. They were so horrible to our Southeastern brothers because their aim was to make them hostile to the state and to break away. But out dear ones in the Southeast were not so easily deceived. These killers tried to portray the followers of Bediüzzaman as enemies of the state, too. They tried to portray our Süleymanlı brothers as enemies, they gave the state the impression that all religious communities were hostile. The important members [of Ergenekon] are overseas. In Russia and Kazakhstan in particular; the state there has fallen entirely into the hands of these killers. Members of the alleged terror organization Ergenekon go there and seize all the assets of a company and nobody says a thing in protest. These people are in complete control of the state. These killers are in Russia, Iraq and Syria now. The government should not allow these killers room to breathe.

Let me also say this. When I refer to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon, I am not speaking of those on trial now. They are on trial, and whatever the judicial process reveals, so be it.

The only way of putting an (intellectual) end to the alleged terror organization Ergenekon and the PKK is by establishing Islamic Unity; ideas such as getting them to lay down their weapons will be of no use. Let us open up the borders and unite Russia and Iran and all the Islamic countries. Everyone must at once sign up to this highly reasonable solution."



55. "Speech to the All-Russia Extraordinary Commission Staff," Collected Works, Vol. 28, pp. 169-170

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