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Mr Erdogan: We Want A World Where Compassion Prevails

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Akhaberler Site: November 2nd, 2008

Adnan Oktar: A THOUGHT THAT LOVES ALL NATIONS, THAT WATCHES ALL OF THEM, EMBRACES CHRISTIANS, JEWS, AND MAKES EFFORT TO INCLUDE THEM IN  TURKISH ISLAMIC UNITY. This was not the case before. There was a claim for  Turkish Unity. There is the thought of racist nationalism in it. It leads its opponents to a kind of thinking that the greatest, the strongest race was theirs and thus the others were not valuable. However this was not the case. ALLAH CREATES ALL RACES AND THEY ARE ALL OUR BROTHERS. In the Islamic Union, Russia will revive. We want Armenia to enter the Turkish Islamic Unity. We want also Georgia to enter the Turkish Islamic Union. Indeed we also want Israel within the Turkish Islamic Union.

Mersin TV: September 5th, 2008

Adnan Oktar: By God’s leave, Turkey will be a big country. The Turkish Islamic Union will be established. IT WILL EMBRACE THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST, THE BALKANS, ASIA, TURKEY WITH THE SPIRIT OF AN ELDER BROTHER, INSHA’ALLAH. And a beautiful system will come into existence. The Caucasian Pact is being established and there is the railway project, as you know. There is the oil pipeline, the natural gas pipeline projects.  Islamic Unity meetings are being held. There are activities that are being carried out to improve the Turkish Union. These are all very auspicious, insha’Allah. Anatolia has always harbored civilizations, as you know. Anatolia is such a place. Also you know the situation in the Ottoman Empire. THEY ADMINISTERED THE ENTIRE MIDDLE EAST, THE BALKANS, THE THREE CONTINENTS FROM HERE. INSHA’ALLAH, IT WILL BE THE SAME AGAIN BUT THROUGH THE SPIRIT OF LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, BROTHERHOOD.


Adnan Oktar: In the Unity of Islam, all countries preserve their  integrity. Pakistan will remain as Pakistan, Turkey will remain as Turkey, and Iran as Iran. That is, there is no claim over changing the regime. Exuberance, love, compassion and brotherhood will spread all over the grassroot and it will be implemented as the national politics. IT IS A UNITY THAT WILL COME INTO EXISTENCE WITH THE UNITY OF HEARTS AND UNION OF LOVE. This is the real Islamic Unity.There is love, compassion, peace and ease of mind, relief and joy in the essence of Islam. There is a feeling of relief . There is friendship. Establishing this among Muslim  countries, ESTABLISHING THEM AMONG TURKISH STATES, ESTABLISHING A TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNITY WITH THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY. We want the removal of passports and visas for the prevalence of sincerity and good intentions and for new investments to be made in industry, science, technology and in all other sectors. We want the removal of this obligation, so that they can make trade and investments easily. They can show their love and affection better. 



June 16th, 2013: Radikal

Prime Minister Erdoğan delivered a historical speech in the Turkish Olympic Stadium in which there were 250,000  people present.

“This struggle for peace that has been continuing for thousands of years is a great cause with a solid root that extends to the Ottomans and the Sakarya. Our cause is to embrace the Danube and Volga river, the Euphrates and the Tigris. We are the soldiers of the same cause of heart. We are the chidren of Prophet Adam and Eve. We want a world where there is no discrimination, where there is no difference between a Christian, Muslim or a Buddhist. We dream of a world where the dignitiy of human beings becomes prominent. We want a world where there is love, and no conflict.

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