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Mr. Egemen Bağış: What would be the difference if the weapons they use are chemical or conventional

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A9 TV: May 1st , 2013

Obama stated that they have evidence proving that chemical weapons were used in Syria. Obama stated that they have no information about by whom and how these weapons were used. He said that America’s Syrian politics can therefore change, and in case the use of chemical weapons is repeated, they will act together with the international community.

ADNAN OKTAR: But isn’t it a bit weird? They [the Syrian regime] is chopping up  people there. They execute them by firing squad, by bombing. They pour down bombs upon them. They destroy them by howitzers. They consider all these to be normal. When it comes to killing with chemical weapons, they say, “No way. This is not humane.” Is it so humane to kill people by bombing? Firing bullets into a person; the bones of that person are broken, he loses his limbs. Is this humane? Do they not like the form of killing? Is it a better way of killing? So there is no need to intervene because it is a better form of killing and they simply win. But if they use an unbecoming form of killing, then they do not let it. Is this an acceptable mindset? This is very illogical. Surely Syria must abandon this attitude but the way to solve this problem is not an intervention that will be committed by Obama. No matter what form it may have, savagery is very bad. Whether they kill by chemical weapons or employ another form of killing, this is ultimately  murder and as a necessity of humanity it must be immediately intervened.

But this issue, and all the problems in the Middle East and the world can only be solved with  Turkish Islamic Unity. For this reason,  Islamic Unity must be established immediately. Apart from that, the Syrian State must abandon this attitude. If the entire world imposes an embargo the Syrian administration will become paralyzed; it can no longer resist. This aside, flights can be banned, transportation of weapons can come to a halt. That is, a multi-dimensional embargo must be imposed to stop the Syrian state. 



May 12th, 2013: Star 

Egemen Bağış, EU Minister for European Union and Chief Negotiator, made an assesment about the incidents in Reyhanlı and said the following:

"What would be the difference if the weapons they use were chemical or conventional? 100-150 die in a day in Syria. Mothers are crying and the bloody regime in Syria subjects its people to a great oppression. The world does not have the luxury to watch these silently. Neither America, nor Russia, nor France, nor Algeria  nor Qatar have the luxury to remain silent to it. The United Nations Security Council must make the necessary pressure upon its members and ensure that this dictator with bloody hands must leave this nation as soon as possible and put an end to these massacres.”

2013-07-03 01:40:36

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