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We ask our Prime Minister what he meant by drinking hemlock poison

What He Said?What Happened?

March 09th, A9 TV

ADNAN OKTAR: There is no division. There is a union of Islam. There is love, affection, friendship and brotherhood. There is a system that embraces the whole Middle East, China and Russia. This system feels affection for the USA and loves the whole world. This is Islam. Islam is a system that loves everyone and does everything for the benefit of everyone.

We ask  our Prime Minister to explain what he really meant by ‘drinking hemlock poison’. The statement about drinking hemlock poison may cause some people think that he means removing the unitary system, establishing a federal body and obeying Abdullah Ocalan.

We love and appreciate our Prime Minister. We never doubt his faith in Allah. THAT’S WHY WE ASK  HIM TO EXPLAIN WHAT HE MEANT BY MENTIONING HEMLOCK POISON.

My understanding of hemlock poison brings about the rumors. It is a statement giving birth to disorder and anarchy. These are ugly words that may cause the government to collapse. SO WE REQUEST FROM OUR PRIME MINISTER TO EXPLAIN WHAT HE REALLY MEANT BY SAYING THAT HE WOULD DRINK HEMLOCK POISON. I hope he explains it soon  that will end the rumors and speculation in  public opinion. We love and support him and we always stand behind him.   



March 10th, 2013,


In the scope of the peace talks, the Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan said he was ready to even “drink hemlock poison” if it would pave the way for serenity in the country. What did he really mean by saying these words?

During the program Baskent Kulisi, broadcasting on Sunday nights, AK Party Deputy Chair and Spokesman Mr. Huseyin Celik explained the meaning behind these words:

 “When our Prime Minister Mr. Erdogan said he would drink hemlock poison, he would like to say that, “What we are doing is true. We believe we are doing the right thing.  If others doubt that, they need to know that we are not acting for the concerns of being elected again. We think of future generations. This is the standing of Mr. Prime Minister Erdogan, which is highly noble.”

March 10th, 2013,

2013-03-26 20:29:20

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