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Harunyahya.TV, November 12th , 2010

Adnan Oktar : True religion in Allah’s sight is Islam alone. The Qur'an makes it very clear. The alliance of religions doesn’t mean that you should go and convert to other religions. Muslims don’t say that those who embrace Christianity will be saved. Think about the time of Prophet Mohammed (saas). Islam was the true religion and was prevailing and still the Muslims were in alliance with the Christians. They would visit Christians’ homes and have dinners together, and marry Christian women. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said that it is preferable to be like the People of the Book rather than being like the pagans or the unbelievers. Indeed, that’s what we are doing exactly. We are joining our forces with those who say  "Allah  is one" against the disbelievers, the idolaters. Allah tells us in the  Qur'an that we should have this union based on " LA ILAHA ILLALLAH”. Allah says call the Christians to a union based on the ‘Oneness of Allah'. It is a necessity to stand united with the Jews who say ‘Allah is one’, against those who say there is no Allah. That’s what we see in the Qur'an, in the hadiths and that’s what Bediüzzaman says. However, the armies of  satan, the atheist Masons that developed the Great Middle East Project, made sure that some ignorant Muslims miss the fact that atheism now has 99% of the world population under its control. Furthermore, instead of saying ‘Allah is one’ and supporting the intellectual struggle against the anti-Christ all around the world, they try to slaughter those who say ‘Allah is one’, divide the Muslims and plan to destroy the Islamic world from within. Our brothers and sisters should watch out for this danger. They should be cautious so that they don’t become a toy in the hands of the anti-Christ. 


Vatan, April 02nd, 2012



Azadil Agil, the Advisor to Libyan President Mustafa Abdulcelil, said that ”Turkey is our role model”. He said that there is a transformation in Libya and added: ”Now it’s time to look ahead. Turkey has always lent its support to Libya. Took care of the martyrs, the wounded.” Agil said that Prime Minister  Erdoğan has made Turkey a world player and continued, ”We enjoy very good relations with Turkey. Turkey is our role model. The Turkish people helped the Libyans for six centuries and shared their experiences. We want change, however, we don’t know how to do it and Turkey is a great example for us.” 

2013-03-24 15:55:36

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