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Çay TV, March 11th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: Our poor people, our souls, beloved ones; we sometimes see, for instance, they eat a very small piece of bread, they are in need. They are all skin and bone. This would be our shame as a nation. We are all responsible for such people. This is not something difficult for us. As you may notice, people suffer from problems related with being overweight. We have millions of people who experience problems because they overeat. If these people who have such problems, give away the excess food they have, then those people  will be more healthy  and they will have a normal body. There will be no need for them to go on a diet. This is one aspect of it; but the fact is, beyond any other thing, this is done to earn Allah’s good pleasure. That is why I said that a market chain can be established, and many thanks to Allah this was done in many cities. For instance we have rice in our home. We purchased 10 kgs of rice. Let’s take 1 kg. of it to that charity market and leave it on the related shelf. Alternatively, let’s say we have 10 loaves of bread, we can take one loaf of bread and leave it there. While our poor people, brothers come to these markets, they can receive a note from the state, from the village headman stating that these people are in need. This writing should be confidential, signed and sealed. AND FURTHERMORE A CARD SIMILAR TO A CREDIT CARD IS GIVEN TO THESE PEOPLE. When they enter the market, they can draw it from the machine, take whatever they need, as much as they need, and then go. Then we become happy and they become happy. In this respect, we can both earn rewards from Allah and they give thanks to Allah, thank Him, feel thankful and thus they also earn rewards. And this way our nation earns a nice attribute; a kind of gratification. Our people can give away their clothes they do not need. It may be anything they don’t need; goods, furniture. For instance, a person may have four armchairs and it may be more than he needs. He takes two of them and leaves them at the market. And people who are in need, our brothers may take them from the market and take them home. And thus a very beautiful environment comes into existence.  


Hilal TV, December 27th, 2008

Adnan Oktar:These are my recommendations; first of all, hospitals which would be free of charge should be founded. High-quality and agreeable hospitals should be founded. The places where people get free food should be founded. I MEAN, OPEN MARKETS, namely the places where people can get as much as they need, should be founded. Food should be stocked in advance and agriculture should be given great importance. Government intervention in agriculture is necessary and also  farmers should be supported intensively as well. 


Çay TV, March 4th, 2009

Adnan Oktar: And also, it is necessary to found markets for  poverty-stricken people, I mean such people could go and get  documents from concerned places like mukhtar (the chief), it is not something to be ashamed of. It is something honorable  for them. It would prosper them  in  Heaven, in the Hereafter, InshaAllah. They would put their list in their pocket and say, “I need that much cheese, that many olives, that much bread, this is my daily need” and then they would sign for them and say “I got those things”. Actually that is a great relief. For example, that is a great remedy and a solution to the economic crisis.



Bugün, December 28th, 2012, 



The Bursa Chamber of Manufacturers of Bakery Products will provide bakery products to the Charity Market founded for people in need by the Yıldırım Municipality.

Accordingly, every Thursday the Chamber will provide bakery products like Turkish bagels and pastry and flour. Erdal Pınar, the Chairman of The Bursa Chamber of Manufacturers of Bakery Products said that they initiated this process to provide aid to the Charity Market and it is pleasing to provide aid to the citizens who are in need. 

2013-02-22 22:49:18

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