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Putin says that Assad must step down

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A9 TV /  June 26th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: Russia supports them. WE NEED TO WARN RUSSIA. People feel sympathetic toward Russia. Russia is known as a friend of Muslims, and Putin is generally regarded like that man. MY REQUEST OF PUTIN IS THAT HE SHOULD NOT SUPPORT THESE IMMORAL TYPES. Russia is a country that we will embrace once we have Islamic Unity. There will be no more need for bases. The Russians are very dear to us. They must not support these sadists purely for their own military advantage; that will put Russia in a very ugly position. It will make them unpopular instead of popular as they are now. WE NEED TO INSIST THAT PUTIN ACT AS AN INTERMEDIARY. PUTIN CAN RESOLVE THIS ISSUE, INSHA’ALLAH.



Haber Vaktim /  July 23rd, 2012


Speaking at a joint press conference with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Syrian leader Bashar Assad must step down, otherwise the civil war in Syria will never end.

The Russian leader said that they did not want the current change in Syria to occur in the worst possible way, and continued, “In our view, a solution can be brought about in this way: there must be an end to the violence. Talks must begin. There must be a search for solutions, and the constitutional basis for the future society must be set out. Essential changes (Assad’s departure) can take place after that. Doing it the other way will lead to chaos in the country." 

2013-02-19 20:45:47

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