The Secret Beyond Matter

DHKP-C Working Through High School Students

What He Said?What Happened?


A9 TV,  October 31st, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: I am saying look -  I am saying that scientific struggle is required. He says, “Ignorant youngsters”. Alright. Those on the mountains are ignorant but are these ignorant as well? There are many PKK members in universities. Not only here but also in France, Germany and many places. There are professors and associates who are members of the PKK. Communist thought is the greatest philosophical and secular religious movement   in modern world history. It is the greatest deviant philosophy. It is the greatest movement of the dajjal. You are brushing it aside. Of course, when a person looks at the surface, and asks, “What is wrong with communism?” It is about “brotherhood and peace”, this and that. Communism killed one billion people. One billion. It harmed one billion people. It destroyed entire cities. Where is the social justice? Where is peace? Where is brotherhood? Look at the Southeast. They are martyring our people. They are destroying buildings. They are killing children. Intellectual struggle is a must. These men have gone to college and university. This can be solved with knowledge, philosophy, love and compassion. For example, most communists do not even know that they are inside the dajjal’s movement. They think of themselves as doing a very good thing.


A9 TV,  June 18th, 2012

(It was found that half of the PKK was comprised of youngsters and children all under the age of 18. The PKK does not attempt the hide this. Even though this is well-known by the entire world, other countries do not criticize the PKK about this issue.)

ADNAN OKTAR: So when someone is 18 years old, it is normal to join the PKK. Is that so? What do they do right? The whole thing is fatal. Of course, they work when they are young for them to join the PKK. The state teaches Darwinism and materialism to children of 8 to 10 years of age. Darwinsm and materialism are taught at universities. Darwinism and materialism are taught at the Department of Politics as all. They teach Darwinism and materialism on the mountain. That is the thing.


A9 TV,  September 20th, 2012

ADNAN OKTAR: The government opened Imam Hatip Schools and arranged Koran lessons as a suppressant  to the attacks of  Marxist-Leninist thought and because they know that religious activities will be useful. The government knows that communism can be stopped with faith, but now the government does not have the necessary means.




2 February 2013, Milliyet


The secret file in the flash memory hidden in the picture

In   files obtained through the simultaneous operations organized against the terrorist organization DHKP-C in different cities two weeks ago, it was discovered that the organization was working through  high school students. In this work, which was aimed at students being diverted from the concept of the family , it was also noted that a special unit for this was established for the Religious Vocational High Schools. It was reported that Imam Hatip students must be alienated from religion, that it would be easy to draw these youngsters to the organization with the use of proper programs and policies, and that the High School branch of the Dev-Genc organization was given instructions especially for this subject.

2013-02-18 21:45:56

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