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‘Putin will convince Assad to leave’

What He Said?What Happened?

A9 TV, December 2nd,  2012

Putin is a person who should be well appreciated. His love for Islam, for Muslims is fine. That is why our Prime Minister must present this side of Putin to him boldly and easily, and talk to him. I think that our Prime Minister will make good use of this opportunity during Putin’s visit to Turkey. Syria does not pose a problem for Putin. The fact is, everything is up to him. If he wants it , with one word the regime there is immediately toppled; and Assad must be able to withdraw from the regime without being offended or humiliated. If they dwell on this formula, that is, if Russia insistently and with a confident style expresses a formula that will not make Syria aggrieved, the issue will be settled.

July 28th, 2012, A9 TV

Russia can give an ultimatum to Syria, and the issue will come to an end. If Russia says, “End the government,” then it will end. It is up to the words  of Russia. If Lavrow wants to do any good, something auspicious, then he must ask for the withdrawal of the Syrian government and  for democratic elections to be held.

Russia must engage in a good, auspicious deed; Putin must say on the radio and television: “We want the government in Syria to withdraw; let  elections be held and a legitimate government come to power.” Putin will say this, that is it. The Syrian crisis will immediately come to an end. It is between the two lips of Putin. If Putin assumes this brave manner, if he does this goodness, he will be  much loved and appreciated by the Islamic world.

A9 TV, November 2nd, 2012

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov repeated his support to the Syrian PM Bashar Assad. Lavrov underscored that distancing Assad from  power is not a solution and said, “ The future of Assad must be determined by his nation. If distancing Assad from  power becomes the priority of some people, this means the continuance of the bloodshed for a longer time. In case Assad leaves  power, violence surges.”

ADNAN OKTAR: Assad can leave but it has to be accomplished in a moderate, easy and reasonable manner that will not agitate or  humiliate him. Doing it by trying to frighten him, teasing him and putting his life on the line would not be acceptable. A solution has to be devised for that. Therefore Assad, the Iranian authorities, for instance the Iranian Prime Minister, and our Prime Minister can come together in Jordan. They can convene with Assad and say, “The system here does not work. This structure is not working, let’s change it. Take your family, come to Jordan and stay there. You can also come to Turkey. A democratic election can be held under our guarantee. Let it be a vigorous, good election and everyone can and will agree.” That is, everything can be handled with love and humanity. They need to approach matters with love and compassion. A very official, distant style will be frightening. There is a need to abandon that old, classical model of diplomacy.




Haber 7, December 6th, 2012

It is said that during the meeting held in Istanbul, Turkish PM Erdogan and Russian PM Putin agreed on Syrian Bashar al-Assad’s leaving Syria. 

2013-02-08 01:36:31

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