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A9 TV,  January 10th, 2012

CHP has applied to the Constitutional Court for the cancellation of  the 4+4+4 law citing the following as the reason: “The law is damaging the secular, social legal order. It provides a relevant basis for the abuse of religion by degradation and polarization of public.”

ADNAN OKTAR: They are exaggerating too much, that’s not the case. General knowledge but only  Christianity and Judaism are also have to be integrated. What is Christianity? What is Judaism? These also have to be explained. Islam also needs to be explained.  A person ought to have the knowledge in terms of liberal education. They need to do this punctually.

October 16th,  2009, Dem TV

PRESENTER: What do you think about the obligation of the religioous lectures in schools?

ADNAN OKTAR: First of all, religion is the general culture. It is the main link that binds the community. In other words, the lack of knowledge of religion is an enormous gap in terms of culture. First of all, Judaism ought to be discussed. Christianity ought to be discussed very well. Sects and their culture needed to be discussed very well. The signs of the existence of God and the Oneness of God needed to be discussed very well. For example, regarding the invalidity of  Darwinism, the existence of 250 million fossils which invalidate Darwinism needs  to be mentioned.

And if a person doesn’t have a knowledge of religion this is a huge deficiency. But Marxism also should be discussed. For example, a person without the knowledge of Marxism and Fascism has an enormous deficiency in terms of general culture. Even all those perverse denominations, perverse ideas have to be taught, such as what  satanism is. Because a person who has knowledge of  general culture is of high quality. What can you talk about with a person who doesn’t have knowledge of the general culture? For example, an issue is being talked about regarding Christianity. He looks on with a blank stare. No way, people should know about everything generally. Also the High schools and Secondary schools and Universities should be the places where the general culture is being discussed the most. 



December 20th, 2012, Enson News

National Education Minister Omer Dincer mentioned on his visit to private Armenian Primary, Secondary and High Schools that the students may learn their own religion freely and he said, “We will make an effort in schools for students to learn about the belief systems of their own religion in the most correct way. This is our core duty and mission. We will do the same thing for Christian, Muslim and  Jewish students. We will enable everyone to learn their own religion from their own sources. Why should we do these things secretly and worry about these issues?”

2013-02-07 22:41:25

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