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An aid campaign from Erdogan for Syrian refugees

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A9 TV, 06 February 2012

Adnan Oktar: Let our State open a bank account to allow our people transfer money easily to this account. We want to help our martyrs. How many martyrs are there? For example there are 100.000 families of martyrs, let each one equally share the money, let these people draw this money from the bank on a monthly basis. Let the bank calculate the money and inform the people about the amount they can draw on a monthly basis. For example if there be 100.000 TL collected in the account for 100.000 martyrs, one family can take 1000 TL of it or whatever amount fall to their share they can take it. Let there be a system like that.Our people have rich hearts. It is a pleasure for us to give the money all that we have. Let this account be in the public eye. Let the money that is transferred to the account be reviewed on the computer. So that we can easily see the names of the people who transfer their money when we open our computers and connect to Internet. Let this system be very easy that we can transfer the money by any bank. Let this banking transaction can be completed easily at any bank. Let this money be transferred to their account easily. Let a related Directorate or related Ministry gets and calculates how much money is collected there for families of martyrs. Their share may reach to 5 billion or 3 billion or 10 billion. Let the family take the money. Our nation gives money with pleasure. But the names of these martyrs need to be kept hidden. Let give them numbers instead. Let which family draw the money be seen when the account is reviewed. So we feel comfortable if we see this. Lets propose this. It will be a pleasure for me to give 10 billion, 5 billion to these people; even I need money I can cut down on expenses and transfer the money to them instead. I can find someway to give them the money. Because this is something delightful. This is a religious duty. This will be a knock on the heads of separatists. It will be clearly seen that we look after these people.  So let’s transfer plentiful money.



26 December 2012, Internet News

Aid campaign started by the government for Syrian refugees

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan put forth a public mandate regarding the aid campaign started for Syrian refugees. In this public mandate, the whole nation is invited to participate in this campaign for the Syrian refugees living in Turkey. So the aids collected by governorships, municipalities, state institutions and organizations will be transferred to the bank accounts that are stated as attached. Therefore natural and legal persons can directly donate to these bank accounts. If they prefer, the non-governmental organizations can also transfer the aids that they collected to these bank accounts to allow them to reach to the region. 

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