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Turkey is also active in the UN

TASCA, Turk-Arab Science, Culture and Art Association - November 21, 2009 

Adnan Oktar: It’s ready. And also historical circumstances urge that. Now all the Islamic countries and Turkey are uncomfortable. Turkey is also uncomfortable inside. For instance; there is a PKK problem, and there is the high cost of living. There is the cheerlessness on our nation, they felt of colour. The Islamic countries are like that, but if Turkey is the leader; this would happen in any system without a leader. A body without a head cannot stay alive. If there is a system with a leader, Turkey is a country that would lead very nicely. Turkey has an experience that comes from the Ottoman. They’ve got a mature and grown up staff. There is a great administrative class in Turkey who are rational. That means a very successful power, a great power. And there is nobody to object to this. If people are happy by the brotherhood of Turkey, if they get great service and get great benefit by the leadership of Turkey, why would they object to Turkey? That would be the benefit for Turkey; terror would stop immediately and Turkey would get wealthy. However; all the cruelty would stop in the Islamic countries. The agony that Israil have right now may not be in any country in the world. The agony that Hebrews will have is stated in Torah (the old testament). I mean; there are many Torah definitions about their having extreme fear, agony.

Vakit Newspaper - May 18, 2010

While Turkey is carrying out the chairmanship of the two important committee, Turkey is the pioneer country in the issue of Afghanistan. It is expected to be given important political messages in the Somalia Conference which will be arranged in Istanbul. In 2011 Turkey will do the honours to host The Least Developed Countries Summit.

2010-06-17 23:52:34

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