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Visas are lifting with Denmark as well

Azerbaycan State News Agent, August 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Actually, Turkey is the greatest state of the world. I am no exaggerating, it is the greatest country. It will be like this; as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union, Turkey will join the European Union. By this way; Turkey will both back up Europe, and will strengthen Europe. Also Russia will be recovered, Armenia and Israel will be relieved, the Palestine affair will be solved. TURKEY IS A COUNTRY THAT WILL SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD. TURKEY IS LIKE AN INSURANCE OF THE WHOLE WORLD.IT IS A VERY VITAL COUNTRY.ALL OF THE WILL START TO SEE THIS IN 10 TO 20 YEARS AND TURKEY WILL MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD AS BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO EACH OTHER. It is the law of Allah InshaAllah, the destiny is like that InshaAllah.


Konya TV - February 28, 2008

Adnan Oktar:Turkey’s mission is to be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic World. There is a great mission falls to the Turkish nation. The leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world is one of the greatest mission in the world history. This is one of Turkey’s most important mission. In other words; we are not only responsible for saving Turkey, but also we are responsible for saving the whole Turkish-Islamic world. Turkey doesn’t really resemble to the other nations. This is not racism. Turkish nation is very faithful. Turkish people are very good-tempered, they are humanistic, very compassionate and they are very self-sacrificed. For instance; go to a village as a guest. The most beautiful part of the house is reserved for the guest. The nicest food is served for the guest, the nicest beds is prepared for the guest, with the nicest glasses beverages are offered. What does that mean? It means that; our nation is not egoist, not self-centered; they are affectionate, self-sacrificed, a very ardent nation. They are willing to die for the sake of Allah, they are a very excited nation.

Haberform - March 20, 2010

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