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''Turkey and Azerbaijan are two inseparable brothers''


Azerbaycan Edalet Newspaper – November  5, 2008

Adnan Oktar: For instance, the separation of Turkey and Azerbaijan is like the separation of Konya and Istanbul. I mean, our language is the same, our religion is the same, our tradition is the same, our ancestors are the same, we are the children of the same ancestry; but they put us into a room, also they put the other side into another room, they put a barrier between us. Thanks to Allah, the Azerbaijani youth is awaken now, the Turkish is also awaken. Now, I haven’t met anyone in Turkey who does not want the unity of Turkey and Azerbaijan. After having this substructure, the rest of it is very easy. After those, the only thing is a couple of official meetings and a couple of official decisions.The fact that the common ground decide this is significantly important; the common ground decided that; thanks to Allah we have enabled that, Allah conduced to that. Kazakhistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan are all in line if  Allah pleases. The unity of those means; the Turkish nation’s unity as a nation, this is the most reasonable thing… The unity of Turkey and Azerbaijan is only activates the soul and the heart, there is no problem. Azerbaijan constitutes of highly cultured and educated people. Even if they were not we would enlighten them; even if they were poor, we would make them rich if Allah pleases, there is not such a thing that. For instance; imagine they separated father and son and the son is very uncultivated and the father is very wise, very rich and his son is very poor, what’s the difference? When the father and the son met, the assets of the father would obivously belong to the son, the father’s knowledge would already belong to the son; the father immediately conveys his knowledge immediately , he would immediately give his asset, his possesion to his son. I mean; we see Azerbaijan as a part of our lives. What’s the difference? No matter how many differences there are, we would immediately revive, it would immediately be solved with love and affection. On the other hand; in every respect Azerbaijan is already a rich country with it’s mines and petrol, namely; they do not need such a thing like that. But of course; the technical data, the experience, the labor force of Turkey would obviously rear up Azerbaijan. But although we would be starved;firstly we want to be brothers, I mean; we will have meal on the same table first, may be we will have cheese or bread, we consent to that. We certainly would like to experience the brotherhood. We underscore the spiritual sense. In other words; we are not interested in what would Azerbaijan bring us or take away from us. There is the issue of rejoining father to his son in here. We are seeking for it. What’s the difference? We will immediately have meal from the same table together.

Vakit Newspaper – May 18, 2010


Erdogan met with Aliev, the President of Azerbaijan. While Erdogan is saying that ;” Turkey and Azerbaijan are the two inseparable brothers and we are the members of the family”; on the other hand Aliev said; “ we act with Turkey”.

2010-06-17 23:11:17

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