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Turkish prime minister: Unity is the remedy for all troubles

Başkent TV, February 13-2009

Adnan Oktar: If a person can not lift something by using his two fingers, he uses both of his hands to clench it and lift it up. However people insist on using their little fingers here. They say; send Palestinian people adhesive bandage, medicine that will stop the bleeding, also send blood and serum… Isn’t there any possibility to prevent the bloodshed in the beginning, so that there will be no need to send blood over there? Can’t you just prevent the wounding at first so that you will have no need to send the sticking plaster? Let’s form the Turkish Islamic Union so that people do not face such a massacre, suffer cruel persecutions and consequently do not need to have emergency medical care. Some people have a weird understanding of heroism. They speak of sending many doctors over there. Why do you send doctors? Let’s send people who stand for Turkish Islamic Union and let’s establish Turkish Islamic Union. Of course we must send doctors if such a massacre has already happened. Of course we will send medicine and everything else which is necessary to cure them. However, if you have an opportunity to prevent this but do not make any preparations in this respect and only focus on how to cure part…

There are many foundations, associations as well as individuals who speak of these all the time. They say “these people are in a miserable position. Therefore we need to send them compression bandages, medicine, painkillers and some other drugs to stop the pain.” So I ask; Isn’t it possible to prevent them from feeling the pain at the beginning? Let the system change and establish the Turkish Islamic Union so that we can rescue Israel, the religious people over there, Muslims, Christians. Isn’t that possible?...Turkish Islamic Union is a must. It should be formed as soon as possible. This can be expressed in many ways. Allah will create it. This is our fate. Only, we need to resort to causes. For example, if I do not intend to reach out my hand, I cannot touch the glass. Allah gives if it is intended. To intend to do something means to pray for something to happen. At first, we intend it so that Allah will create it for us, Insha’Allah. We need to intend it widely. Besides, I am also saying that surely the Turkish Islamic Union will be established even if everybody keeps sleeping. 

Abu Dhabi TV, February 19-2009 

Interpreter: Mr. Oktar, as you already know Muslims suffer cruel persecutions all through the world such as the war regions, settling areas of Muslims, Palestine, Afghanistan, Somalia, all these are Muslim people… Who is the cause of these incidents? I mean; are these all happening because of the Muslims themselves or are there any other reasons?

Adnan Oktar: I can tell the solution of this. All these incidents go on because the Muslims do not draw into a solution. This solution is the unity of all Muslims. This is a religious duty. This is Allah’s command to us just like performing prayer, fasting. If a person does not perform prayer, he is in deviance. If a person does not want the Islamic world to unite and act all together again he commits a sin. So, the most agreeable solution is establishing a Turkish Islamic Union under the leadership of Turkey. The reason of seeing the Turkish nation as a leader is because they have a strong combatant spirit as well as having high moral values. A metaphysical nation who has a special duty in this respect. Allah created them accordingly … In such a structuring, everybody - Christians, Jews, even Buddhists as well as atheists- will feel comfortable. It will cause whole Islamic world to live in peace. Everybody can perform their own religious duties. The Jews can freely go to synagogues. The Jews will never face any problem in fulfilling their religious duties. On the contrary, they enjoy the feelings of love and affection towards them. Similarly, the Christians can freely go to the churches and perform their religious duties in peace. They will receive material and moral support and all the time enjoy the compassion and guardianship. This will be a wonderful system.  As there is no such system at the moment and rather there is disunion and break up, it causes the Christians, the Jews and still more the Muslims to suffer. Therefore, the solution is Turkish Islamic Union and postponing it all the time is a rebellious behavior to Allah’s commands. Allah commands to “unite” but the present approach means disobedience to that order of Allah (surely Allah is beyond that). As Allah commands to perform prayer, Muslims obey it and perform prayer. Allah commands not to eat pork meat, the Muslims obey it and do not eat it. Now this is the case. Allah commands to “unite” but they disunite. Allah orders “get together” but they do not get together. Insisting on not uniting is forbidden by religion. All the Muslims must unite as soon as possible. Then everybody will see the disorder is going to calm down and everywhere will turn to a feast ground. This miracle will come true and all the Muslims enjoy the peace.

Çay TV - Maraş Aksu TV,  07 January-2010

Adnan Oktar: This spiritual break up is supposed to be removed. Hamas and Palestine Liberation Organization should become one body. We believe in One Allah, one book, we are brothers. Moreover, all of these people are coming from the same race. They are all descendants of Prophet Ishmael (pbuh). So that separation will need to be removed. But, becoming one body on a local basis in not enough. The main solution is Turkish Islamic Union. This union is ought to be established. Despite the fact that Palestine unites in itself, the disorder in the region will never cease and the peace will never appear without Turkish Islamic Union. Besides, this may cause much more incidents to happen and no abundance will be gained. THE ONLY SOLUTION IS ESTABLISHING THE TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION. Under the leadership of Turkey, such a great structuring in the region will come into being and then with all these beauties we will enter the European Union…

Milliyet, March 27-2010

Herewith some parts from the speech of Mr. Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Turkish Republic. 

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan mentioned that Turks and Arabs share a common land, a common history, a common culture, a common civilization and a common belief and added: " I would like to say with all my heart that the fate of Istanbul is not apart from the fate of Sirt, Tripoli, Cairo, Damascus, Baghdad, Sana, Mecca, Medina and of course Jerusalem. I need to highlight that sharing the same history and belief makes us not just friends but brothers. We wrote the great and prosperous history of this region all together. And now, nobody should doubt that; all together we will write the bright future of this region. Yes, we have a tough geography to live on. Especially, in the present Century we live on a geography which is oppressed with blood, tears, grief, conflict and occupation. However this situation never causes us to lose our hope. Unity is the remedy for all troubles. Being one body means being great and alive… In this respect, the unity and integrity of Palestinians and of course all Islamic countries is prior and vital. We support with all our hearts the immediate steps of our Palestinian brothers’ acting hand in hand – beginning with Al-Fatah and Hamas – in order to provide the national unity of Palestine. Today it is not the time to cry and watch what’s happening as if sitting on the tribunes… Today is the day of getting united, acting all together and providing peace urgently. I need to remind once more that as Turkey, we see the solution of the Palestine problem as a key leading towards the peace and composure of the region and we support Palestine in his rightful action and we closely follow it up.

2010-06-08 12:17:12

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