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A bridge between Islam and the West: Turkey


Erzincan Can TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: The European Union is a very good union, and a very necessary one.  Turkey must enter, but not like this; as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. TURKEY SHOULD ENTER AS A SUPER STATE ACTING AS A BRIDGE TO EUROPE. THEN THE EUROPEAN UNION BECOMES A THOUSAND WHEN ONE. AMERICA BECOMES TWO THOUSAND WHEN ONE THOUSAND. THEY WOULD DEVELOP IMMENSELY. Russia would feel relieved, China would feel relieved. The neighbors would feel relieved. Israel would become all joyful. The Middle East would be like Heaven for them. They would be very comfortable. The best country to deliver peace, comfort and love is Turkey. This was like this in the Ottoman period, and in this period also. Allah has appointed this nation insha’Allah.

Gaziantep Kanal 5, September 22-2008

Adnan Oktar: Let’s enter the European Union with glory and honor. Let’s enter as the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Otherwise, entering the European Union and asking them for funds and job, is not something appropriate for the Turkish Nation. An attitude as in we need to be saved, is not fit for us.  We go to save them. We give them funds, we offer them economic means, and we enter as a leader. WE OFFER THEM THE RICHNESS AND POWER OF THE WHOLE OF ASIA AND ISLAMIC COUNTRIES. WE OFFER THEM THEIR OWN TECHNICAL MEANS ALSO. WE ACT AS A BRIDGE. Just like I said, I appreciate the art, science and culture of Europe. I appreciate their positive culture and art. I like their architecture. I have great respect for them in that sense. I appreciate their democracy and understanding of freedom. They should even be more democratic and free. And I would like Turkey to accept European democracy and even to better them. I want us to enter the European Union in that sense.

Yeni Asya, March 13-2010

John Esposito, a member of the High Level Group of the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations, denoted that Turkey has an important role in relations with Islam and the West, and this is because of the geopolitical condition and historical roots of Turkey. John Esposito also said: “Turkey’s role is with what it does, not with what it says. Turkey can be a bridge between the West and Islam. Obama also came to Turkey with this understanding. He gave his message to the Islam world from here.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan gained an award in Saudi Arabia. This is also very important in showing the role of Turkey in the region.

2010-06-07 15:08:03

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