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A powerful Turkish Islamic world

Baskent TV, April 4-2009

Adnan Oktar: World admires Turkey’s morality. Obama admires too. So they understood that Turkey will be a model and it is a mature, qualified nation... So the entire world knows that Turkey is preparing for a big mission. This is amazing. I mean, a materialist is instinctively feeling it and a  religious person is feeling too. Look, everybody is coming to Istanbul in crowds, coming to Ankara in crowds. They say that there is something in Turkey, something is going to happen. So they understood it. That thing is Turkey is the leader of the Turkish Islamic Union. It will bring a new civilization, a new era to the world, will open up new vistas in the world, will bring temporary tranquility to this world which is on the verge of disaster. So Turkey will make the world which is falling away fast, live in tranquility for a while, approximately for 60 to 70 years. Said Nursi says that doomsday process will take place in the year 1545, Hegira style. But there will be a great improvement. The wondrous part is this. It isn’t like that they imagine. Every 5 years, every 3 years, every 2 years will make the world quite different form. Every year the world will get into another form. I mean, there will be a fantastic improvement and fantastic civilization.

Hilal TV, December 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: But it seems to me like these incidents arise a little from reason that our Muslim brothers and sisters don’t heed our Prophet Muhammad (saas)’s explanation of the End of times. Because both Allah described the End of times in Qur’an, told Muslims how to behave and our Prophet Muhammad (saas) described the End of times detailed in the hadiths. First of all Muslims have to unite. They have to unite in one place. Turkish Islamic Union should be established. It is inevitable that the separate, broken Muslims would be oppressed by the will of Allah. Because it is a counteraction to Allah’s commandment. Allah wants Muslims be together. Allah says that Muslims should be sincerely, spiritually, together in union of love. Our Prophet (saas) stated that these kind of incidents would happen in the End of times. There would be discords, massacres and turmoil. Our era is the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as), era of the second coming of the Prophet Jesus (as). The people, who don’t mind the second coming of the Prophet Jesus (as) and appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as), who evaluate the events according to their own minds, come to dead end enforcedly. They enforcedly get into difficulties. The solution is that the Muslims to learn all the details of End of times. Our Prophet (saas) didn’t tell these for nothing. He didn’t tell the events for nothing which would happen in the End of times. So the one who doesn’t mind Prophet, doesn’t mind religion too. Thus if we observe and see the End Times well, Prophet (saas) told the solutions very well. If we act according to that solutions, we will have very fine consequences.

Daily Cumhuriyet, January 4-2010

A meeting was arranged which titled “Now let Josephs get out of the well for a united, powerful Turkish Islamic world from Adriatic to Great Wall of China” by BBP.

2010-06-04 12:48:21

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