The Secret Beyond Matter

We see Turkey as the big partner

Kütahya Destan TV, August 5-2008

Adnan Oktar: Turkish nation is returning back to their origins, Insha’Allah. There will be a superb State. Turkish-Islamic Union will be established Insha’Allah. TURKEY WILL PERFORM A DUTY OF AN ELDERLY BROTHER IN THE REGION. WITH THE SPIRITUAL LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY, THE WHOLE REGION WILL MEET PROSPERITY AND TRANQUILITY. There will be very serious developments in terms of economics; materiality and morals as well as cultural aspects, there will be marvelous developments which will establish a tremendous civilization. These pains are the signs of that. After all, every pain leads to a big progress at all times. Look at the Turkish history that has always been the case as well. The establishments of great Turkish states have always progressed under pain. And now, the same thing is happening.

Yenisafak, January 12-2010


2010-03-15 11:49:52

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