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The lifting of visas is grounds for celebration

Kuşadası TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: In the same way, there is no logic to us being divided from the Turkic states. We share the same religion and the same language and are descended from the same race. Everything about us is the same. Our culture, customs, traditions … In other words, there is no reason for us to be divided. That is why the passport requirement must be lifted between these countries, between the Turkic states and Islamic countries. THE VISA REGIME MUST BE ABOLISHED. PEOPLE MUST BE FREE TO DO BUSINESS AND ESTABLISH CONTACTS AS THEY PLEASE. That happens in the European Union, so why not in this Turkish-Islamic Union? In the EU, people go to whatever country they like and settle there. No passports or visas are used. So why can’t we do that? There is no reason. Of course it is possible. The Turkic and Islamic countries enjoy the finest views and have the finest lands, and the world’s richest mineral resources are also found in these lands. We have flour, butter and sugar, and we now just have to bake a halva. That is what the whole Turkish people want. I speak to Azeris and they are desperate to amalgamate with Turkey. If Turkey were to propose that they would accept within 24 hours. If Turkey were to propose an amalgamation with Syria, they would accept right away, too. That is why the matter can be resolved if the Turkish people want it very strongly and if the proposal is put to the government, especially by being raised by non-governmental organizations.

Trabzon TV, September 4-2008

Reporter: Yes. What do you think of the recent developments in Syria?

Adnan Oktar: Superb. This is really important. Syria and Turkey amalgamating is just a matter of time. Syria is desperate for it, for Turkey to act as older brother; they want Syria and Turkey to amalgamate, but to remain as two separate states. This is excellent, within the Turkish-Islamic Union. There is nothing separate about us, and of course Turkey and Syria will unite, insha’Allah. This is an omen of that. We will be able to go to Syria with no passport or visa, and they will be free to come and stay with us. We will be brothers, insha’Allah. These things are the signs of a great union.

Yenişafak,October 27-2009

The Lifting of Visas Is Grounds for Celebration

The abolition of visas between Syria and Turkey has delighted retailers most of all. Artug Cetin, general manager of the German investment company Prime Development (PD), which is operating two major AVM projects in Iskenderun and Antakya, said that there had been an unbelievable increase in interest from retailers following the lifting of the visa regime, even though 5 years still remained until opening.

Vatan, October 22-2009

Syrian Minister of Tourism: “The lifting of the visa is grounds for celebration”

Syria, which has abolished the visa requirement for Turkey, has now launched a tourism offensive Syrian Minister of Tourism Sadullah Aga Al Kalah said: “We regard Turkey in first place as a friendly and brother country. The lifting of the visa is a huge cause for celebration for us. The lifting of the visa regime with Turkey will permit relations to move forward on a sectoral and also cultural basis.”

Bugün, October 27-2009

Visa productivity

The number of people travelling from Syria to Turkey has tripled in the 15 days since that country abolished the visa requirement. The head of the Gaziantep Chamber of Trade, Mehmet Aslan, said: “We are going to Aleppo next month with a 100-member delegation, and they will then come to us. These meetings will be stepped up. Investment and cooperation opportunities will grow as crossing the border is made easier.”

2009-12-09 01:54:07

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