The Secret Beyond Matter

A call to union from the leaders of Islamic countries

Press conference dated 8 March 2008

You have spoken of a political system based on Islamic union. Could you expand on that a little? How will present-day countries be integrated into the system. Could you expand a bit?

Adnan Oktar:
Let me lay the system out. In this system, every state will be an independent state. In other words, Turkey will still be Turkey, Azerbaijan will still be Azerbaijan and Turkistan will be Turkistan. Everyone will be separate. This is a union of hearts, of love. It is a union of love, based on human love and collaborating against terror and violence, THAT COLLABORATES ON ECONOMIC REGENERATION, that puts its belief in self-sacrifice and generosity to the fore and holds the love of Allah above all else.

Arabnews, 9 November 2008

Adnan Oktar:  Islamic Union is a system that embraces all the countries of the world, that loves them all and regards none as an enemy, but that forgives those hostile to it and makes them also its friend. The system will therefore have no enemies. Because no countries will be hostile to it. Since it has no enemies the system will be inimical to none. The Turkish-Islamic Union will be established with the aim of bringing peace, love and brotherhood to the world. The infrastructure is now ready. Because all Islamic countries right now want an Islamic Union. If an opinion poll were staged in Islamic countries, we would see that 95% or 99% want an Islamic Union. We see the same thing in the Turkish states. If we asked people in the Turkish states whether they want a Turkish-Islamic Union we would and do see that they all want it. I have witnessed this personally myself. That is why the public all want it. All that is needed is for the senior administrators to be convinced and encouraged. This may happen at any moment. These ideas have been proposed in the current climate of economic collapse. Let us set up a Customs Union. Let us establish a common currency. Let us establish a Common Market. Ideas like those have quickly entered the picture. This means that the infrastructure for the Islamic Union is ready. And these ideas, views, will soon be adopted. It will all work out very well. Because the system regards no countries as its enemy.

Timetürk, November 9-2009

Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad said: "The world is changing. Capitalism has come to an end at the economic level. The reason is the interest-based system. The Islamic world must move to a new system. The financial and Customs systems among Islamic countries need to be re-arranged.”

Syrian head of state Bashar Assad emphasized that importance needs to be attached to the development of science and technology if a solution is to be produced.  "The commercial obstacles between us must be lifted, there must be co-operation among regional organizations and we must ensure free movement. Only then can we bring about regeneration.” 

2009-12-02 18:42:51

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