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Armenia is opening up the Lachin corridor

Erzincan TV, 14 July 2008

Adnan Oktar: The Armenians are our brothers. They are very dear to us, insha’Allah. Armenia will also take its place inside the Turkish-Islamic Union,
insha’Allah. They are distressing themselves for nothing. We regard them as friends and brothers. Insha’Allah, they will also take their place within the loving arms of the Turkish-Islamic Union. They will live in peace. Their security will be ensured... They will withdraw from Nagorno-Karabagh, but they will come to Turkey and Azerbaijan in return and do business and settle where they please there. If they wish they will be able to worship freely there. But this is a running sore. The closure of the Lachin corridor and occupation of Nagorno-Karabagh, these things are so unnecessary... There is no hatred toward Armenia in Turkey. Our Armenian brothers occupied the best and most key positions in the Ottoman period. The most famous artists and doctors were Armenian. They are the people of the Book. They are our immaculate brothers. There is absolutely no need for them to feel such unease. There may perhaps have been a twisting in their hearts in the past, but there was war then, and Armenians also annihilated Muslims en masse. But we forgive them... They must move on. We forgive them, and now let them move on. We need mutual reconciliation. There is forgiveness in both Islam and Christianity. Let us love one another.

Azerbaijan Halk Newspaper, 6 October 2008

Adnan Oktar:
As you know, our president went to watch a match in Armenia. That was a great show of love and friendship. The Armenian people are normally innocent, warm and pleasant-natured. The masons pushed them in the wrong direction and involved them in wrong actions. We will again adopt this innocent nation and embrace them. We will show them our warmth and friendship. THEY WILL WITHDRAW FROM NAGORNO-KARABAGH. They will right all those wrongs from the past. In other words, all the problems will be resolved. This is not the problem, the whole problem lies in love, brotherhood and friendship. These are artificially created things. They have the revenge monument, as you know, and other things. These will all disappear. They will withdraw from everywhere they have occupied. Just so long as they see that love and friendship. They are not after land. What they want is to live in love, peace, brotherhood, calm and plenty, economic strength and material and psychological peace. The Turkish-Islamic Union will provide that for them. Once that is provided, they will have no need for such feelings. THEY WILL MAKE NO ALLEGATIONS OF GENOCIDE. THESE THINGS WILL ALL VANISH AND ALL BE RESOLVED, INSHA’ALLAH.

Timetürk, 6 June 2009

The First Expansion of Armenia in Karabagh

An important step toward the resolution of the Karabagh problem outside the Turkey-Armenia protocol... Yerevan will open the Lachin corridor in Karabagh up to the world by demilitarizing it.
The Lachin corridor is noteworthy as a strategic region in terms of establishing a link between Turkey and Armenia. It is being said that within the resolution process the withdrawal of Armenian units from five of the seven occupied zones around Karabagh is of great importance, as well as the Lachin corridor itself. 

Yenişafak, 5 September 2009

Armenia is opening up the Lachin Corridor

2009-10-05 14:38:16

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