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A union is forming between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria

Al Baghdadi TV, 29 June 2008

Adnan Oktar: 
It is a sin for Muslims not to be united, for them not to act in concert. It is sinful behavior. IN OTHER WORDS, IN THE EYES OF THE QUR’AN MUSLIMS HAVE A RELIGIOUS OBLIGATION TO ACT IN UNISON, BE ONE ANOTHER’S BROTHERS, ALL TO BE ONE ANOTHER’S BROTHERS, AND TO COALESCE AROUND A SINGLE LEADER. Muslims are not doing this. This opens the way to all kinds of scourges so long as they do not. Muslims should fulfill this fardh (religious obligation). That is why I am saying this. A Turkish-Islamic Union must be formed, under Turkish leadership, under the leadership of the Turkish nation. Every country can remain a separate nation state. Every state can act freely inside its own borders, but they need a spiritual leader at their head. Because Christians have a leader, the Pope. Muslims must also have a spiritual leader. If this spiritual union has a leader, ALL THIS STRIFE AND CORRUPTION CAN EASILY COME TO AN END. In that event, if the hair on Muslims’ heads is harmed anywhere in the world this will be halted at once since all Muslim societies will act in unison. But if they are totally fragmented, if they act in a way that leaves them open to a policy of divide and rule, then it is of course easy for small components to be swallowed up. But it is impossible to swallow the whole Muslim world as a single block. Muslims must immediately make this religious obligation a reality.

Baskent TV, 13 January 2009

Adnan Oktar: 
For one thing, the Turkish-Islamic Union espouses peace, love, brotherhood, mutual aid, courage and self-sacrifice. The Turkish nation is one inured to hardship and that asks to serve. It has shaped three continents and has experience of empire. We want to administer the whole region by bringing this experience out again and as leader of the Turkish-Islamic world, AND EVERYONE WANTS THIS. THE SYRIANS WANT IT, THE IRAQIS WANT IT, EGYPT WANTS IT, IRAN WANTS IT AND EVEN ARMENIA WANTS IT, TURKISTAN WANTS IT, EAST TURKESTAN WANTS IT AND EVERYONE WANTS IT. In other words, everyone trusts Turkish justice, Turkish rationality and altruism, and Turkish troops are popular all over the world. The irreligious, nonbelievers, Muslims, and everyone love them.

Rasthaber, 20 August 2009

“Positive approach to a union between Turkey, Iraq and Syria”

The Islamic Revolutionary Council also welcomed Bashar Assad’s proposal regarding the formation of a four-part union between Iran, Turkey, Syria and Iraq, and said that the current relations between Syria and Iraq were at a relatively low level and that they wanted to help the Iraqi government resolve its problems.

Assad said that under existing conditions the establishment of a four-part union and cooperation between Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq would benefit the region. He announced that Syria was ready to cooperate with Iraq during the visit to Damascus by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliqi and said: “Foreigners and some regional powers want to incite conflict and disputes between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq. In that context, we need to help the Iraqi administration in order to overcome existing problems."
2009-10-04 00:23:34

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