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We share the same faith and path

Iraqi Member of Parliament Fevzi Ekrem Terzi called on Turkish companies to invest in Iraq, saying, “We and Turkey share the same faith, path and geographical location,” and concluding that this was one of the reasons they were keen to work with Turkish companies.  

Yeniasya, 11 August 2009

Kuşadası TV, 14 July 2008

Presenter: What can you tell us about the Turkish-Islamic Union, Many regard this as utopian. That is how many people look at it. Do you really believe it will happen?

Adnan Oktar: ... We share the same faith and speak the same language and come from the same race. Everything about us is the same. We share the same culture, forebears and customs. There is no reason for us to be separated. That is why the passport and visa regime between these countries, between the Turkic states and Islamic countries, must be lifted. Let people come and go as they please. Trade must be as free as possible and ties as easy as possible. That happens in the European Union, so why not in the Turkish-Islamic Union? In the EU, people can go to whatever country they want and settle there. There are no passports or visas used. So why do we, as brothers, not do this? There is not reason. Of course it is possible. The countries of the Turkish-Islamic Union are those with the finest outlook and location, with the world’s richest mineral reserves.  The world’s richest oil reserves are in the region. We have the oil and flour and sugar, and we now just need to bake the cake. That is what the entire Turkish people want...
2009-09-28 16:55:01

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