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The mission of wiping the shedding tears in the world belongs to Turkey

Cay TV – July 23, 2008

Adnan Oktar: Everybody can believe in this sincerely; Turkey is really getting better and we will really be a superpower. Turkey will be such a great country as that hasn’t happaned before through history. Turkey will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union InshaAllah. We are in the begining of that mission. And the Turkish nation is a nation that will save the whole world from anarchy, terror, adversity, pain and from any kind of pain. The Turkish nation is really noble, it is kind of a nation which was kneaded with grief and pain and they posess a soul which is meant to lead the world and be useful. It seems that Allah has given that mission to this nation (Turkish nation) InshaAllah. We will witness it soon InshaAllah.


Azerbaijan State News Agent - August 14, 2008

Adnan Oktar: To tell the truth; Turkey is the greatest state of the world. I mean; I am not exaggerating, Turkey is the greatest state of the world. It will be like that; Turkey will join the Turkish-Islamic Union as the leader of the great Turkish-Islamic Union. Then; Turkey will both foster Europe, and also strengthen Europe, Russia will also move on higher grounds  and Armenia will be relieved too. Israel will also be relieved, the Palestine affair will be solved. TURKEY IS A COUNTRY THAT WILL SAVE THE WORLD. Turkey is like an insurance of the whole world. It is a very vital country. THE WHOLE WORLD WILL START TO SEE IT IN 10-20 YEARS TIME and Turkey will make the whole world brothers. It is the law of Allah InshaAllah, the destiny of Allah is like that InshaAllah.

Yeni Asya Newspaper - May 09, 2010

Özkara said, “ We visit many countries of the world. The people there are really pleased by the help of the people in Turkey. The mission of ceasing the bleeding wound and wiping the shedding tears of the world will belong to Turkey again. If the world receive a message for the sake of humanity, it will receive the message from Turkey again. We see this whereever we go”.

2010-06-30 21:51:33

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