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We want to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders

Azerbaycan Yeni Musavat Newspaper - February 11, 2009

Adnan Oktar: To begin with; there is nothing that love and sincerity cannot solve. There are two things to be needed; love and sincerity. We will moderate Armenia and Azerbaijan at the same time. On the same date; we will open both of the doors on the same date. If we start to travel from here, we could go until the Caspian sea coast. If we started to travel, we could go until Baku. We will go until Yerevan. This is the issue, that’s why there is a great advantage to open both of the borders , concurrently; at the same time. It is just opening the borders of the two sides on the same day, that’s all,  there is nothing more. We will embrace with eachother and we will say; “what have we done? what happaned? why did they drive a wedge between us?” We will say; “ thanks to Allah, the trouble got out of from us”. The conflict will end. You know Armenians have  revenge monuments, see; those people are kind; when our President went there they turned off the light of that monument. What does that mean? It means we do not want that monument. The implication is that; “there is no meaning; we will get rid of the monument but you can open the border, embrace us, cherish us. Let’s go back to the old days and drop the issue. That were the things that they explained. That’s why we need to open the borders of Armenia and Azerbaijan on the same day and at the same time. For example; on a Friday, after the Friday prayer (salaah) by saying O Allah, Bismillah we need to open the two doors (borders) all at once; that’s all. There would be no passport and visa. If they have an identity card or identification, that’s all. By saying Salam Aleykum you could pass the border gate, that’s all.

Zaman Newspaper – May 02, 2010

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Ahmet Davutoğlu gave a speech in the international themed conference : The Turkish Foreign Policy in the Changing World.The minister of Foreign affairs; Ahmed Davutoğlu who gave a speech that was arranged in Oxford University St. Anthony College themed about The Turkish Foreign Policy in the Changing World said that;” we want to open the borders of Turkey and Armenia and we want a complete integration with the neighbours.”  Davutoğlu also said that; “ to open Turkey-Armenia borders would not be enough, we also would like to open Armenia-Azerbaijan borders”.

2010-06-30 21:46:28

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