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We will save Palestine

Seher TV – February 12, 2009

Adnan Oktar: If Muslims wouldn’t talk about unity insistently, then; they wouldn’t be in the righteous position. Because to unite is the divine obligation; to separate is the unlawful (haram), the Muslim are disintegrated, they have been separated ever after, they committed that sin. They will give up committing that sin. I mean, they will unite. See, they are saying that; “why don’t Arabs unite and help our Palestinian brothers?” Well dear brother; aren’t you a Muslim? For instance; a Turk, an Iranian, a Pakistani are all Muslims. Why do the Arabs have to unite and save the Palestinians? Actually; Muslims have to unite and save Palestine. The one that can do this is Turkey - Turkey’s leadership and the Turkish-Islamic Union. Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described the end times. To begin with, Mahdi (as) is needed to be sought after. All the manifestations are appeared. And our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described the end times in detail. You see, have they sought after Mahdi (as), they haven’t sought after that’s why they haven’t found. In short, they should spare some time to find Mahdi (as). Let’s see that they’ll seek for Mahdi (as) for ten-fifteen days. Whether they will find him or not? When they find him (Mahdi), they should pray to Allah, and they should follow and attach to Mahdi completely; they should make him a spiritual leader and that mischief-making will end. They need to wait for the return of the Jesus (as). They need to pray for this. They should say; “O Allah, attest Jesus (as) and Mahdi (as) to us”. The love of Mahdi (as) and Jesus (as) should be engraved on the hearts and we need to call for this deeply…  The Turkish nation is appropriate in this issue, namely; they are intensely determined, also they have the experience. Turkey is also the emergence place of Mahdi (as) InshaAllah. I know something that’s why I am telling these; if they seek for Mahdi (as), they will find and the Islamic Union will be established, the Turkish-Islamic Union will also be established and they will be victorious.

Bugün Newspaper - May 26, 2010

2010-06-30 21:41:57

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