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CEO of Stratfor: 'Establish the Islamic Union'

Al Baghdadia TV, April 30-2008

Adnan Oktar: Sure we must directly look at the solution. The solution is all the Islamic world should get together, A GREAT TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION MUST BE ESTABLISHED UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF TURKEY.  Turkey should put its weight in the region as a superpower and it should very well protect  the entire Islamic world as an elder brother, as a real brother. It should ensure that they strengthen both in the economic and political sense.  It must protect the entire Turkish world, which is nearly all Muslims, and put an end to terror and anarchy in the area as a superpower. The solution is to take  a big civilization step and be in an effort striving to be like the Prophet Solomon’s (as) era.


Usak ART TV (Usak), August 19-2008

Adnan Oktar: The scourge of racism, the scourge of race supremacy, why is there a need for these? If Turkey steps in as a big brother, all happenings will be ceased. So the Turkish-Islamic Union is a very very very urgent duty. Elderly people, thousands of people died in Georgia. Isn’t this a sin? Isn’t it a crime? Even a day’s delay will leave Turkey under responsibility. An immediate action is needed. Once Turkey offers this, if anyone objects it, they should come and tell me. I mean go and offer to unite Turkey to Syria, Syria won’t think about it even for two days. Offer to Azerbaijan, they themselves want it. Azerbaijan wants it himself. They have several times told told to unite with Turkey. They said let’s unite as two states, one nation. Therefore this needs to be told officially. But in order to be told officially, there should be a request from the floor to the government. I mean they should tell that they want it. But this must be told persistently so that the government can take heart and come into action. This is very important. I mean as foundations, associations, people, all our Muslim brothers and sisters, all Turkish nation, we must insist on this. IN ANY CASE WE SHALL ENTER THE EUROPEAN UNION AS TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION, THE LEADER OF TURKISH ISLAMIC UNION.  It is unbecoming for us to enter as a little country like this. It is suitable for us to enter as a leader. And we both develop  Europe  and America, Russia too. Let’s make the whole world rich. I mean the mission of Turkey is to enrich, to strengthen, to ensure the peace, to bring tranquility.  As Turkish nation  we don’t have a claim for racism. I mean Turkish nation hates it. In real terms, we don’t have any racist in our nation.

Ensonhaber, March 5-2009

George Friedman, founder of Stratfor which settles strategies for Pentagon and nicknamed as Shadow CIA DRAW ROADMAP FOR TURKEY AS THE LEADER OF ISLAMIC COUNTRIES while the Greater Middle East Initiative is being debated recently.  Friedman, who stated that in the earthquake Turkey will be the fault line of the Islamic world, said: ”IF A COUNTRY WILL MANAGE THE ISLAMIC WORLD, IT MUST DEFINATELY BE TURKEY. It is not just economic. Turkey is the only country that both provides an environment of peace and becomes a friend for America. That’s why there isn’t any precaution for USA army to take.”

George Friedman is preparing to publish his book ‘The Next  100 Years’ also in Turkey which he claims that 100 years later Turkey will be one of the four biggest superpower  in the world.  In his book Friedman stated: ‘Countries like China and Russia yield to new superpowers like Turkey, Japan, Mexico and Poland by deteriorating.” Leave aside Russian and Chinese, try to learn Turkish, Japanese, Polish and Mexican languages.

Friedman who came to join Business Investment’s Wide Angle meetings stated that in the economical crisis we are in, there is no longer such a union like European Union, and continued: “Turkey is in far more better situation than many European Countries. That’s why somehow I can’t understand why Turkish people want to be a member of EU. I think 20 years ago EU membership was symbolizing modernism in Turkey. Today Turkey is already in a very good situation. THE PROBLEM IS, UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, EU SHOULD WANT TURKEY…”

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