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A common currency era will begin between Iran and Turkey

8 March 2008 press conference

Press: You talked about a political system based on Islamic Union, Would you open up the subject? How this system will be established? How the countries of today will be integrated?

Adnan Oktar: Let me explain the system. In this system, every country will be an independent state indeed. Turkey will remain as Turkey, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan  remain the same. Everyone will be free. This is a union of heart and  love. , It is a union of affection, based on humanly love, cooperating against violence and terrorism,  in economic devolopment, and foregrounding the belief of sacrifice and generosity. It is a thought that foregrounding the love of Allah.

Arabnews, November 9-2008

Adnan Oktar:  Turkish-Islamic Union is a system   will embrace all countries of the World, look at them with love, regard them  as friends, and be forgiving those which are hostile to it and will make them as friend. Consequently, there will be no hostility  to the system. Because the system has no enemy, it will have no single enemy. Turkish-Islamic union will be established  to bring peace, brotherhood, love and tranquility. The substructure of it, is ready. Because all Islamic countries want an Islamic Union. In other words, if a survey  is conducted in Islamic countries, we will see  95 to 99 percent of them will want an Islamic Union. We will see the same  enthusiasm in Turkic states too. If we  do a survey about “would you like an Turkish-Islamic Union’’, we will see and we are  noticing all of them  are  eager  to have it. I am a witness of it  myself. People want this. We have to persuade the politicians, encourage them, and solicit them for establishing the union. This is something close at hand. In the atmosphere of this economic crisis, countries come up with these ideas; let’s establish a custom’s union. Let’s use common currency. Let’s establish a common market. These ideas are already there . That is to say, the substructure of Islamic Union is ready. And this belief, these ideas will be accepted in a short period of time. And it will come to a conclusion prettily. Because there is no country who sees this system as an enemy.

Radikal, October 28-2009, October 28-2009, October 28-2009

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