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Turkey has a powerful status in our country (Saudi Arabia)

Bağdat TV, March 2-2008

Reporter: Can I ask one more question? In the Middle Eastern geographical region where the general project of the Turkish-Islamic Union is being thought to come true, there are two center-lines one of which is Iran, and the other one is Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it seems that there is a block consisting with the support of Iran, Iraq, Syria, or well, Lebanon with  Hezbollah and Palestine with Hamas, and on the other side Saudi Arabia with Jordan and Egypt, and well at some point with the support of Western countries. Where should Turkey take place in such a scene, and how can Turkey lead such a geographical region?

Adnan Oktar: When Turkey takes the elderly brother role in the region, there is no one who would not accept the elderly brother role of Turkey. Including Shi'as, Jaferites, Saudis, Iranians, for example, When Mr. Ahmedi Nejat came to Turkey, he prayed in a Sunni mosque, and behind a Sunni Imam. What that means is that if you become the leader, I accept it. It is obvious. He meant that he sent a political message. He said that he sent a very important political message. What else should he say. There is no one in this geography who would not accept the leadership role of Turkey, Hezbollah would accept it, so would everyone. Because Turkey is an extremely moderate, loving and reasonable country. People of Turkey are respectable and dignified, and extremely well educated and cultivated people. And as you know it is a country that had the leadership role for many years. There is an experience from the time of Ottoman. Turkey will come forward as the elderly brother of the whole Turkish countries, and the whole Islamic countries. Everyone will see this. And I say this to clarify, I will also put my signature under my statements ten years from now. Insha'Allah.   

Yenisafak, January 4-2010


Yenisafak, January 4-2010


2010-03-15 11:13:54

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