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There can be no peace without Turkey

Kıbrıs Ada TV, August 1-2008

Adnan Oktar: For example, the attitude of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia toward Turkey has been very clear of late. Israel says, you managed the region with 10 privates and a sergeant, while we cannot manage it with all our troops. They long for the old Ottoman days. Syria openly wants to amalgamate with Turkey. If an official proposal were made today they would accept within the week. Iraq is drowning in blood, as you know. When Turkey assumes the leadership Iraq will become a place of milk and honey and the whole problem will be resolved. They can all see that. Palestinian delegations that come to Turkey always propose this. They all want it. Turkey playing the role of older brother is now of vital importance to the region. Because America cannot do it, not Europe, nor Russia. There is a vacuum. Only Turkey can fill that vacuum. This is a humane, moral and religious duty. And Turkey is asking for that duty. Everyone will see it do it as a continuation handed down from the Ottomans, insha’Allah.

Trabzon TV, September 4-2008

Adnan Oktar: Syria and Turkey may unite at any moment. Syria wants this desperately, for Turkey to act as older brother... They want Syria and Turkey to be separate states within a single whole. This is excellent. Within the Turkish-Islamic Union. Of course there is nothing different about us, and Turkey and Syria will unite, insha’Allah. This is a sign of that. We will be able to go to Syria without passports or visas, and Syrians will be able to come and stay here as they please. We will be brothers, insha’Allah, and these are the first signs of a great togetherness.

Türkiye, December 24-2009

Türkiye, December 24-2009

Yenişafak, December 24-2009


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