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Turkey will be the leader of the Islamic world

Hilal TV, December 27-2008

Adnan Oktar: I have not seen one Islamic country to date that does not accept Turkish leadership. And neither have I seen one Turkic country to date that does not accept Turkish leadership. They have just recently said in Kazakhstan once again that Turkey should be the leader. All the Turkic states want Turkey to be the leader. Azerbaijan is desperately keen, and even Armenia wants to unite with Turkey. They say let us open the borders and be one. Of course, they found this courage and embarked on the matter in the wake of my writings on the subject. Armenia, Georgia and even Lithuania and Russia will be included in the Turkish Union, in the Turkish-Islamic Union, insha’Allah.

Ekin TV, February 12-2009

Adnan Oktar: Everything has its expert, doesn’t it? A bakery has its master baker. You have a master ironsmith. You also have master leaders. That is the Turkish nation. Turkey is the leading country in the Turkish-Islamic world. The leader should always be clear in everything it does... The leader is obvious and plain for all to see, and it is Turkey’s right. We have the sacred relics. We have the experience. Thanks be to Allah, we have a well-educated intellectual class full ofpious people. We are a highly rational nation. We are a modest, compassionate and loving nation, one inured to hardship and that enjoys serving and rejoices in the happiness of others. Note how wherever we go we strive for peace and reconciliation. They call us wherever we go. To come and act as intermediaries. For example, Israel calls us. Syria comes and calls us. Algeria comes and calls us. Why? Because they know we are the natural leader. Of course we will say that Turkey should assume the leadership.

8sutun, October 31-2009

The OTTOMAN Empire may be dead, but Turkey has now once again assumed the leadership in the Middle East and the Muslim world.

Turkey’s volume of trade with the Middle East and North Africa has risen by 7 times over the last 7 years to stand at $31 billion. Turkish goods, from dried figs to televisions, have begun being seen in a huge expanse of territory, from Algeria to Tehran, where they never used to be seen before. Foreign Minister
Ahmet Davutoğlu  enthusiastically pursuing this pragmatic policy, but this change cannot be considered in isolation from major changes in Turkey. Most Arabs warmly welcome Turkey as they regard it as a moderating influence on Iran and a window onto the West.Turkish officials propose Turkey as a functional bridge, a regional force for peace and as a model in which democracy and Islam can live side by side. Western countries generally share this view and are not opposed to Turkey’s moving toward the East.

2010-01-08 16:03:21

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