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The first step toward unification

Indonesia’s Antara News Agency, 16 September 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Indonesia, Turkey, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt and all of them will soon unite, insha’Allah and a great Turkish-Islamic Union and union of brothers will result. This will come about within 10 years at the most, insha’Allah. Once that happens, anarchy, terror, high costs of living and everything will all cease. People will live in peace and happiness for the first time; we call this the Golden Age. All the portents of this have come about. All the hadith of our Prophet (saas) have come about. History is following exactly the course that Allah said it would.

Azerbaijan’s Apa News Agency, August 2008

Adnan Oktar: if we ask who should be the leader of the Islamic world, everyone will say Turkey, and everyone is saying Turkey. This is not a racial superiority. It is a superiority of ability, and for that reason it is a blessing and we must establish it at once. We must first immediately establish a Turkic Union. In fact, there is no need even to set out a waiting list. Syrian and Azerbaijan, for instance, could amalgamate with Turkey at the same time. At the same time, there is no need for a queue. We must set up this union right away, under Turkish leadership. Once that has happened, nobody will have any problems. Why should Georgia get involved in anything like this? Why should Russia undertake such suffering? Look at the suffering that has been going on for days. You see those women weeping and lamenting on the television.

This is exceedingly reasonable. There is a European Union, and a Mediterranean Union, and the most disparate countries all come together. So why should not people from the same line, and sharing the same religion and customs and traditions not come together? We are brothers in religion and in blood. There is nothing to wait for. We must amalgamate at once. That will bring great wealth, plenty, peace and quality to the region. A civilization will emerge the like of which has never been seen before. A hitherto unseen civilization. A civilization never before seen in Turkish history will arise, insha’Allah. And it also means economic leap forward for America, Russia and China. America is currently having economic difficulties, for instance. China is on a knife edge; in other words, if it loses the American market, the Turkish and global markets, if it loses anything, China will collapse disastrously. Russia is in any case a poor country, but once the Turkish-Islamic Union is set up, intense plenty and abundance and peace  will come to them all.

Türkiye, November 10-2009

First Step To The Union

The Permanent Economic and Trade Committee of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (ISEDAK) decided at its 25th meeting, attended by the leaders, to adopt a common policy in the face of problems. Speaking at the summit, Turkish president Abdullah Gül said, "It is essential we act together on such questions as food and the economic crisis.”  Iranian leader Mahmut Ahmadinejad said, "Let us construct the future together,” while Syrian head of state Assad stated that, “Islamic countries must trust one another.”

Türkiye, November 10-2009

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