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Muslim countries are doing away with their borders

Hilal TV, January 24-2009

Adnan Oktar:
Allah tells Muslims to be united. That is an obligation. Allah tells us not to be divided. And if Muslims are divided, then that is a sin... What needs to be done is very clear and evident. Muslims must love one another and avoid conflict with each other, regard sectarian differences as a blessing and treat one another with love and affection. And they must open the border crossings as soon as possible, as in the EU. When the EU unites, they say that this union is perfectly normal. Yet we share the same religion, the same language and the same everything, so how can you not be united? People ask if they would permit it. Why are you alive at all if you are so frightened? What meaning does life hold for you in that case? If you are too frightened even to suggest union, if you are as desolate as that, the there is in any case point to your being alive. It means you are prepared to permit your honor, character and good name to be trampled under foot.

ArabNews, November 9-2008

Adnan Oktar: … THE MOST PERFECT SOLUTION IS CLEARLY AN ISLAMIC UNION, AN ISLAMIC UNION UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP. I am not thinking of any highly complicated and detailed solution. The simple and straightforward solution is to be completely united, to resolve the border and customs issues, and to lift the passport requirement, for brothers to embrace one another, and for a climate of love and friendship to prevail. I do not think we can get anywhere with complex solutions.

Yenisafak, September 8-2009

Muslim Countries lift their borders

2009-12-10 23:57:32

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