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Ten Islamic countries are uniting around business

Kusadasi TV, July 14-2008

Adnan Oktar: We share the same faith, we speak the same language and we come from the same race. Everything about us is the same. Our culture, customs, traditions, there is no reason for us to be divided. That is why the passport requirement must be lifted between these countries, between the Turkic states and Islamic countries. THE VISA REGIME MUST BE ABOLISHED. Let people go wherever they want. PEOPLE MUST BE FREE TO DO BUSINESS AND ESTABLISH CONTACTS AS THEY PLEASE. That happens in the European Union, so why not in Turkish-Islamic Union? In the EU, people go to whatever country they like and settle there. No passports or visas are used. So why can’t we do that as brothers? There is no reason. Of course it is possible. The Turkic and Islamic countries enjoy the finest outlooks and have the finest lands, and the world’s richest mineral resources are also found in these lands. We have flour, butter and sugar, and we now just have to bake the cake.

Bugün, November 6-2009

Caglayan said that 10 Islamic countries had said ‘Yes” to a Preferential Trade System (PRETAS) to be established with the aim of increasing economic relations and trade among Islamic countries, with their population of 1.5 billion. Caglayan went on to say that 8 countries, including Turkey, had already approved the system, and concluded: “I learned on this trip that Bahrain and Bangladesh had also decided to participate in the preferential trade system. This is a very pleasant progress.”
2009-12-10 23:43:41

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