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TRT World started broadcasting in Armenian

Gaziantep Kanal 5 TV, September 20th, 2008

Adnan Oktar:
Moreover there are the statements of the Armenian President. He says that they are ready to give Nagorno-Karabakh as well. “Just so we can unite.  Armenians are our brothers as well. They are very dear to us. We would not leave them in hunger and poverty at those lands.  They are our legacy from the Ottomans. They are our brothers…  Freemasons came up with a strife of racism during the times Darwinism was first put forward.  They have come up with the strife of Darwinism and thus created discord.  We were living in love and affection with our Armenian brothers.  The Armenian masters were building perfect furniture, they were painting pictures, constructing buildings, they were beautifying the lands of the Ottomans. There were politicians amongst them, there were doctors.  Where are those people at the moment? A dissension, a clamor broke out and shattered everywhere. Why should Armenia be separated from us? Why should they hive off?

Ekin TV, January 1st-2009

Adnan Oktar: There is nothing to apologize, I mean there is not an issue that would require us to ask for their pardon, nor them to ask for ours. There is not an issue to apologize reciprocally.  Leaving things hanging on the air, making things complicated are all plots of the satan.  Armenians are, true to their name, Loyal Nation and they are our dear brothers with whom we have been living together for centuries.  They have rendered service to us with their hearts and souls, with love and compassion. We have had lots of Armenian Generals, lots of scientists and artists. They are our brothers. The origins of many of our people are coming from the Armenians anyway. At the moment there are lots of Armenian brothers who came to work here. 

Bugun Daily , October 16th-2009

TRT World Started Broadcasting in Armenian 

The internet broadcasting of the TRT World included Armenian to the languages it broadcast in. The website started broadcasting in East Armenian as well.  The Armenians had given a positive reaction for the Armenian expansion of the TRT. The Armenian news sites had announced this expansion as “flash” news. 

2009-12-02 18:05:05

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