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The man in the street says, 'open the borders'

Azerbaijan Novoye Vremya, October 6-2008

Adnan Oktar:
They deliberately divided us from the Armenians, and deliberately separated them from us. They already were our blood brothers during the Ottoman period. We lived alongside them in love and friendship. The Armenians are an artistic nation, pleasant and well mannered, morally virtuous, respectful and hospitable. They have a very rich culture. But those who envied the strength of the Ottomans and Islam tried to divide us using Darwinism, materialism, communist ideas and selfishness. And they managed to deceive a number of our intellectuals, and major incidents took place. The Armenian nation do not want this. It is the Armenian Masons and the Masons in Turkey who want it. The Armenian people dislike such things.   THEY WANT TO UNITE WITH TURKEY, TO BE OUR BROTHERS. They are a poor nation. They are not a people who will engage in invasions, anarchy and terror. They are being forced to do this. We will put an end to that stratagem. We will demolish Darwinism, materialism and communism, we will spread the moral values of Islam and be brothers with them. The Armenians are the people of the Book. They love the Prophet Jesus. They love Ibrahim, Yakup and Ishak and all the prophets. They love and respect Allah. They believe in the Hereafter, so why have we been separated from them? We will open the border up, insha’Allah. They will be able to establish the links they desire with Turkey. WE will open schools and facilities in Armenia, and they will come and work here. We will clear the way for Azerbaijan. Armenians, Azeris and Turks will live side by side, at ease and as brothers. They will restore the Azeri territory that was occupied, insha’Allah. They will give those lands back to Azerbaijan. And we will put an end to this strife, insha’Allah.

Habertürk, April 26-2009

We put the same questions to Yerevan. The first question was “Should the border be opened?” The second was “Why?” According to the results of our mini-poll, AN OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF PEOPLE FROM YEREVAN SUPPORT THE OPENING OF THE BORDER WITH TURKEY.

Sofya Baghdasarian: It must absolutely be opened. That is what Armenia wants. It will benefit both countries.

Armanian Arpine: The borders must be opened up. Trade with Turkey must be increased. We need new markets, not enmity.  

Petrosian Galya: Let the borders be opened up. I had Azeri neighbors. I speak Azeri Turkish. What good is enmity? It is time to put the past behind us.

Rima Agabekian: I live in Moscow and have many Turkish friends there. I know the Turks are people of good conscience, so the borders must be opened.

2009-11-09 01:22:46

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