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A call from the Arab world: the border between Syria and Turkey must be lifted at once

Cay TV, July 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: It is perfectly natural. We have the same religion, the same language and the same everything. We share the same origins. We are brothers but we are separated. If we suggest to Azerbaijan that we amalgamate together, they would not hesitate and would agree within a day. All that is needed is for an official request to be made. We can easily unite as two states, one nation. There is no obstacle. And that goes for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, East Turkestan and all of them. They will all be at ease, as will the whole Islamic world as a result of this unification. Iraq and Syria are really keen to amalgamate with Turkey. All that needs is for Turkey to openly set it out, to give it a name. It just needs to make the request.

Kon TV, August 31-2008

Adnan Oktar:
My opinion is that the unification of Turkey and Syria could take place within a few years even. I mean, it is really imminent. But we need a bit of impetus from below. An impetus along the lines of telling the government inshaAllah, come on, what are you waiting for? Syria is really keen to amalgamate with Turkey. Iraq is very eager. For example, Ahmadinejad came, a Shiite, and prayed behind a Sunni imam. That had never happened before. It never happened in Ottoman times. He said that was highly significant, politically highly significant...

MPL, November 21-2008

Adnan Oktar:
The matter will be finished with once the masses adopt this belief. It is not that complicated. The lifting of passport and visa requirements depends on a Cabinet decision, and that means the Turkish-Islamic Union. Once the government says it has lifted the passport and visa requirement for the Turkic and Islamic states the matter will be over and done with. The Turkish-Islamic Union will have been established. The same decision needs to be taken for them, and it will all be over. But this is a union that will really be in people’s hearts.  This is not a union that needs official impositions or official pressure. You cannot get love through official pressure. It has to develop non-officially. There is a joyous love. You can go from here to Syria. There is no frontier or anything. It is open all the way. You can take goods and sell them in Damascus. They come and sell things in Istanbul. Money will flow like water under those conditions. Money will be set in motion again and there will be production again. But this wealth and these assets will be far greater than people can imagine.

Yeni Şafak, April 29-2009

Let us now forget the Israelis and consider what our Arab brothers think about the rapprochement between Turkey and Syria...
Adem Ozkose, who puts his fingers of the pulse of the Islamic community with his interviews in Gercek Hayat magazine, spoke this week with the famous writer Ayman Khalid from Kuds al-Arabi, one of the Arab world’s most prestigious newspapers.  

A passage from the interview:

OZKOSE- Certain Turkish activists and writers have said that the border between Turkey and Syria should be lifted and that such a move will constitute the kernel of an Islamic Union. What does the Arab world think of that idea?

KHALID- We support the idea with all  our hearts. The statesmen who make this idea a reality will go down in history. There are in any case no borders in the minds of the Turkish and Syrian peoples.  The Syrian people attach great worth to the Turks and love the Turks very much. The reason why Turkish soaps are so popular in the Islamic world is the love that the Arab peoples feel for the Turks. When the Turkish national squad play in the European Cup, all the Arabs support them. Because Turks and Arabs share the same religion and culture and are children of the same lands. In my opinion, together with Egypt, Syria is the most important country in the Arab world. In addition, the Syrian government wants to further improve relations with Turkey and wants these two nations to become brothers. If Turkey can win Syria’s heart, it can win that of the whole Arab world.  Because Syria is the gateway to the Arab world for Turkey. The Turkish government must open that door still further and the borders between Syria and Turkey must be lifted at once. (Gercek Hayat, 24-30 April 2009)

The journalist Mehmet Ali Birand asked Syrian President Bashar Assad:
"How do you describe the rapprochement in Turkish-Syrian relations? Can we speak of an alliance, a strategic partnership? Or should we not go as far as that? What do you say?”

Assad’s response:

"No, I would not say that. I think the further we go, the better."
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