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The visa regime between Turkey and Syria has been lifted

Under the agreement reached between Turkey and Syria, the visa regime between the two countries has been lifted. Citizens of the two countries will be able to visit and do business with one another.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that it had been decided to do away with all visa formalities between Turkey and Syria. 

Haberturk, 16 September 2009

The Gulf Today, 2 November 2008

Adnan Oktar:  A Turkish-Islamic Union under Turkish leadership will come into being, insha’Allah, with the unification of the Turkic states and the assistance of the Turkish Union. THIS WILL BE UNDER TURKISH LEADERSHIP, and we are already moving in that direction. The ideal state of affairs is for Turkey to be its leader. Each nation state will remain separate, but there will be a spiritual union, insha’Allah, rather like the European Union. PASSPORT AND VISA REQUIREMENTS WILL BE LIFTED, and countries will easily be able to do business with one another, trade and be brothers. The first foundation for this to come about, insha’Allah, will be Azerbaijan. And Syria is among Islamic countries. Azerbaijan is a country that is both Turkish and Muslim. Syria is also our Muslim brother. WE WILL AMALGAMATE WITH SYRIA, INSHA’ALLAH. THESE WILL BE THE FIRST STEPS... This has long been a duty incumbent upon Turkey. Turkey has always assumed the effective leadership of the Turkish-Islamic world. IT MAKES THIS FELT EVERYWHERE. IT ACTS AS AN OLDER BROTHER EVERYWHERE, EITHER DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY. For example, Turkey became involved in the establishment of the Caucasian Alliance. Turkey acts as intermediary when there is a disagreement among other countries. Turkish leadership can clearly be seen, whether it be in the natural gas pipeline project, the oil pipeline project or others. Turkey is already serving in this role without making any official announcement to that effect, and this is continuing and growing.

Trabzon TV, 4 September 2008

Reporter: Yes. What do you think of our recent rapprochement with Syria?

Adnan Oktar: Super. It is most important. Syria’s amalgamation with Turkey is now a matter of moments. Syria desires this very strongly, Turkey to act as older brother. They want Syria and Turkey to remain as separate states but to be in complete union. This is excellent. Of course there will be no division between us within the brotherhood of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Syria and Turkey will amalgamate insha’Allah. This is a sign of that. We will be able to go to Syria with no passport or visa. And Syrians will be able to come and stay with us as they wish. We will be brothers, insha’Allah. These things are signs of a delightful union.

2009-09-28 16:58:34

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