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Turkey will be the world's first modern Muslim super power

James Canton, the well-known US futurologist, pointed to Turkey as one of the countries that would emerge early from the crisis and said it was a model country that would undertake strategic missions in the near future.

Canton went on to say: “"As long as it adopts advanced technology and innovation, Turkey will keep up with the global system, and so become an important model international country in the years to come." Stating that Turkey has long been evaluated in terms of its geostrategic location between the East and West, Canton added the time has come for it to go beyond this. “With the advances it makes, it will assume an important historic role as the first modern Muslim super power.”

Canton said that crisis would also bring with them lucrative opportunities and that developing countries such as Turkey would play a key role in infrastructure, logistical and  telecommunications investments.  

Sabah, 9 September 2009

Cay TV, 23 July 2008

Adnan Oktar: Everyone must genuinely believe that Turkey is heading in the right direction and that we really will be a super state. TURKEY WILL BE AN EVEN GREATER STATE THAN EVER IN ITS PAST. It will be the leader of the Turkish-Islamic world, insha’Allah. We are at the initial stages of this mission. And the Turkish nation is the one that will free the world from the torment of terror and anarchy and from suffering of all kinds. It is a very noble nation, honed by hardship and suffering, with a spirit ideally formed to govern and be useful to the world. Allah seems to have given that duty to this nation, insha’Allah. We will soon see this, insha’Allah.
2009-09-28 16:52:33

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