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Syrians sees Turkey as the only hope

The Gulf Today, 2 November 2008

Adnan Oktar: Under the leadership of Turkey,Insha’Allah a Turkish Islamic Union will be established with the aid of the Turkish Union that will come into existence with the unison of the Turkish states. This will happen under the leadership of Turkey; we are actually proceeding towards this step by step. The leadership of Turkey is the most ideal. Every country will exist on its own as a state but there will be a spiritual union Insha’Allah as in the case of the European Union. The passports will be removed, the requirement for visa will be eliminated, the countries will make trade readily and they will become brothers. In order to accomplish this, the first basis will Insha’Allah be laid with Azerbaijan. And also with Syria, one of the Islamic countries. Azerbaijan is a country which is both Turkish and Muslim.Syria is also our Muslim brother. We will insha’Allah unite with Syria, too. These will be the first steps. This is a process that will come true step by step. Turkish-Islamic Union will be formed in 10-15 years Insha’Allah.

Trabzon TV, 4 September 2008

Adnan Oktar: SYRIA’S AMALGAMATION WITH TURKEY IS NOW A MATTER OF MOMENTS. Syria desires this very strongly, Turkey to act as older brother... They want Syria and Turkey to remain as separate states but to be in complete union. This is excellent. Of course there will be no division between us within the brotherhood of the Turkish-Islamic Union. Syria and Turkey will amalgamate Insha’Allah. This is a sign of that. We will be able to go to Syria with no passport or visa. And Syrians will be able to come and stay with us as they wish. We will be brothers, Insha’Allah. These things are signs of a delightful union.

Zaman, 29 June 2011


Khaled Sid Mohand, correspondent of Le Monde and one of the journalists who had to leave Damascus, said that the Syrians consider Turkey as the only hope.

Sid Mohand explained that because of the examples of Iraq and Lebanon, the word of "democracy" evokes negative notions for Syrian people and continued; "For them, Turkey, is not a Western power like France and the United States who applies pressure on them but a state party to be listened to.”

2011-11-19 22:29:40

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